FlightAware is a digital aviation company and operates the world's largest flight tracking and data platform. With global connectivity to every segment of aviation, FlightAware provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service providers as well as over 13,000,000 passengers with global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics, and decision-making tools.

FlightAware receives data from air traffic control systems in over 45 countries, FlightAware's network of ADS-B ground stations in 195 countries, Aireon global space-based ADS-B, and datalink (satellite/VHF) via every major provider, including ARINC, SITA, Satcom Direct, Garmin, and Honeywell GoDirect.

FlightAware's HyperFeed engine seamlessly fuses thousands of real-time, global data sources with FlightAware’s proprietary AI models and algorithms. Leveraging this data with FlightAware's powerful, intuitive, responsive, and reliable web-based interfaces and APIs yields the world’s most comprehensive, capable, and useful flight tracking and digital aviation data platform.

Founded in 2005, FlightAware was acquired by Collins Aerospace in 2021.

FlightAware Major Events and New Features

April Award-Winning Singapore Changi Airport Selects FlightAware Foresight Data
April Collins Aerospace and FlightAware Deliver Foresight ETAs to the Cockpit Via Datalink
January PiAware 7 ADS-B receiver with WiFi setup via Bluetooth
November FlightAware Firehose adds support for a unified data feed of airborne and surface movement flight data
November Collins Aerospace advances connected aviation strategy with FlightAware
October AeroAPI 4, the most sophisticated aviation data API, launched as FlightAware's easiest to integrate into aviation applications
October FlightAware Global Suite for Business Aircraft Adds New Flight Leg Share Option
August Collins Aerospace to acquire FlightAware
July FlightAware Aviator for General Aviation pilots launched at EAA Airventure 2021 in Oshkosh
April FlightAware Expands Presence in Europe and the Middle East
April Trials of Firehose flight data feed with real, historical flight data (including predictive and surface) now offered with online sign-up
April Super high-resolution zoom levels released on with terrain, airport surfaces, roads, and more.
April SkyAware Anywhere launched for PiAware or FlightFeeder ADS-B Feeders -- feeders can new view all their feeder site maps live via the FlightAware web site
April iOS App 5.8.5 released enabling ADS-B Feeders to receive notifications on feeder status via the FlightAware Flight Tracker App
March Central to Aviation Conversations: Daniel Baker, FlightAware CEO, and Eammon Brennan, Eurocontrol Director General
March Synoptic and FlightAware announce partnership to leverage aircraft Mode S data for imrpoved global weather forecasts
March PiAware 5 launched with new mapping and combined 978MHz and 1090MHz maps added to the most popular ADS-B platform
March FlightAware awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) contract from the United States Government
March Saab's Aerobahn Suite Grows with FlightAware Integration
January FlightXML, FlightAware's cutting edge query-based flight tracking API is renamed AeroAPI™
December FlightAware launches From the Flight Deck: The FlightAware Blog
October ADS-B Ground Station #30,000 goes live in Kuwait, one of 199 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
October Live, interactive on-airport surface movement on maps now available to all FlightAware Global customers
October FlightAware Global adds lower cost Silver subscription tier for domestic, non-blocked aircraft operators
September PiAware 4.0 ADS-B feeder software released including touch screen support and a new customized SkyAware interface
September FlightAware Predictive Technology Tools Added to the United Airlines Operational Toolset
September FlightAware Foresight machine learning flight time predictions now available in FlightXML flight data API for third party integration
August New FlightAware Home Page launched showcasing FlightAware's role as Central to Aviation
July Major Business Aviation Stakeholders to Establish "Clean Flying" Coalition
July FlightAware launches new flight data-driven homepage with live and historical statistics on the world's airspace and flight activity
July Metron Aviation and FlightAware partner to provide enhanced air traffic demand predictions to global Air Navigation Service Providers
July Microsoft and FlightAware announce that live FlightAware data will be integrated into the all-new Microsoft Flight Simulator
July FlightAware's Firehose flight data API achieves 100.0% service availability for the first half of 2020
June Innov’ATM Adds Predictive Flight Times Using FlightAware Foresight to AirportKeeper, their airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) tool
June iOS Mobile Flight Tracker App v5.7.8 adds additional support for the business aviation industry, including FBO ToolBox and FlightAware Global customers
June Business and Commercial licensing options added to FlightXML, FlightAware's query-based flight data API
May FlightAware live positional data now visible in ForeFlight Mobile, the leading mobile flight planning app
May All FlightAware web-based flight maps now include climb and descent indicators and higher position update rates
April FlightAware launches Angle of Attack, a blog by the engineers at FlightAware for sharing learnings and technology with the world
April Live flight tracker maps with all traffic (including helicopters, unscheduled flights, flight training, and more) available on home page
April Firestarter, an open source docker service and application freely released to help developers implement Firehose, FlightAware's Flight Data Feed
April Aireon and FlightAware celebrate the one year anniversary of global space-based ADS-B with hundreds of airlines using this data
March Live tracking of position-only (no flight plan) flight enabled on web and mobile for all user accounts, enabling tracking of far more global flights
February Version 20.0.0 of Firehose Flight Data Feed released including Ready to Taxi™ and Near-Surface Positions
January Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) support added to FlightAware Global for business aviation operator data security
October FlightAware Global Now Supports Dynamic Schedule Changes, Taxi and Turn Time Predictions, and more.
October FlightAware and FlightBridge Partner to Provide Seamless Flight Tracking
October All FlightAware Global subscriptions now includes premium features including Ready to Taxi™ surface movement, FlightAware TV, premium worldwide weather, and more.
October ADS-B Ground Station #25,000 goes live in Bosnia, one of 197 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
October FlightAware Foresight™ announced as cutting edge predictive technology to power the next generation of digital aviation solutions
July Embraer Executive Jets Joins FlightAware's Entry into Service Program
July Frankfurt Airport begins leveraging FlightAware Predictive Technology for flight arrival time predictions
June FlightAware Launches Entry into Service Program, Announces Textron Aviation as First Participant
June Ready to Taxi™ now available in FlightAware Global at over 750 FBOs at over 300 airports
May Ryanair Surpasses New Safety Standards For Flight Tracking With GlobalBeacon
April Aireon space-based ADS-B now available in global production in all FlightAware services including Firehose, GlobalBeacon, and FlightAware Global
March Azul becomes 1st in Americas for minute-by-minute aircraft flight tracking by adopting Aireon space-based ADS-B
January FlightAware Global customers can now pre-select destination FBOs, announced at NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers by launch partners Signature Flight Support and ARINCDirect
January SpaceX launches 75th Iridium NEXT satellite, completing Aireon's constellation of global space-based ADS-B coverage
November GlobalBeacon goes live ahead of ICAO flight tracking date for GADSS
November ADS-B Ground Station #20,000 goes live in Malawi, one of 189 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
October Origin/destination weather (including flight conditions and density alittude) and sunrise/sunset available on flight pages for Global customers as part of Cockpit Situational Insights
October Altitude and heading pre-select available for FlightAware Global customers as part of Cockpit Situational Insights
October Ready to Taxi™ now available in FlightAware Global at over 300 FBOs at over 150 airports
October ARINCDirect becomes first FlightAware partner to offer Aireon space-based ADS-B from FlightAware
September Altitude of aircraft positions upgraded from 100-foot increments to 1-foot or 25-foot increments for increased accuracy
July Extended Mode S data (e.g., true airspeed, wind, pressure, autopilot settings) now available in SkyAware and Firehose ADS-B data feeds
July FlightAware Member #10,000,000 registers
April ADS-B Ground Station #15,000 goes live in Kazakhstan, one of 182 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
April FlightAware Photos passes 1,000,000 photos of over 170,000 aircraft
March Airline Operational Testing of Space-Based ADS-B Begins after Successful Fifth SpaceX Launch of Iridium NEXT
March One week of Aireon space-based ADS-B data from the first 32 satellites added to ADS-B coverage map
February FlightAware releases animation of Singapore 479, one of the first flights tracked from takeoff to landing with space-based ADS-B
September Animated replay of flight tracking maps now available on flight tracking page maps
September ADS-B Ground Station #12,500 goes live in Malta, one of 165 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
September Aireon space-based ADS-B data from 20 satellites now available in FlightAware products and services in beta
August The Weather Company, an IBM Business, to Integrate Global Flight Tracking Data from FlightAware in WSI Fusion
August FlightAware Announces Plans for New Headquarters to Accommodate Growth
August Firehose (streaming ADS-B and flight data feed) now supports rate-limited settings, allowing customers to reduce feed rate
April Free Global Weather Now Available on FlightAware Flight Tracking Maps
April Malaysia Airlines Taps Aireon, FlightAware and SITAONAIR to Provide Space-Based ADS-B Real-Time Aircraft Tracking
February AirportAware® Firehose API released.
February Multilateration (MLAT) in FlightAware Firehose, a live position data feed, adds support for Mode C flight tracking
February New mobile web interface on leverages fully responsive web site for consistent experience across devices
February Aireon announces first space-based ADS-B receivers operational and tracking flights from space
February Interactive AirportAware® surface movement coverage map released showing coverage at over 200 airports
February ADS-B Ground Station #10,000 goes live in Malta, one of 155 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
January FlightAware launches AirportAware® for tracking aircraft on the ground at airports and FBOs.
January FlightAware Member #8,000,000 registers
January SpaceX launches the first 10 Iridium NEXT satellites, the first of 66 satellites that will provide global space-based ADS-B coverage to FlightAware and Aireon customers by 2018
December FlightAware releases all-new design for flight tracking page, available on web and mobile
December Flight tracking maps now feature animated weather radar and can display AIRMETs/SIGMETs
November Aireon and FlightAware Announce New Partnership with SITAONAIR to Provide Space-Based ADS-B Flight Tracking to Airlines
October FlightAware Pro Stick Plus released, a high-performance USB ADS-B/MLAT receiver available for sale for only $20.95
October Flight tracking maps now feature animated weather radar
October Business aircraft can now subscribe to receive Aireon satellite-based ADS-B in FlightAware Global
October MLAT flight tracking data now available in United States for all non-ADS-B aircraft
September Qatar Airways becomes world's first airline to use space-based ADS-B flight tracking in partnership with FlightAware and Aireon
September GlobalBeacon launched, a joint product of FlightAware and Aireon for global flight tracking and Global Aviation Distress and Safety System (GADSS) compliance
September Aireon and FlightAware announce global satellite-based ADS-B flight tracking constellation
September FlightAware opens Singapore office for Asia Pacific sales, support, partnerships, and API development/integration
September Airport surface movement data feed now available for over 100 airports worldwide
August ADS-B Ground Station #7,500 goes live in Sri Lanka, one of 132 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
August PiAware 3 launched with new maps, integrated WiFi support, and more.
May FlightAware Member #7,000,000 registers
April Improved map imagery release with updated worldwide data, enhanced details
April ADS-B feeder statistics now include ranking totals and per-country rankings
April United States FAA radar, departure, and arrival data is now real-time, removing five minute delay
March FlightFeeder hosts can now request a FlightFeeder, manage their application, and view feeder status using FeederAware
March FlightAware Pro Stick released, a high-performance USB ADS-B/MLAT receiver available for sale for only $16.95
February ADS-B coverage added across all of Australia including deserts and outback
February Radar coverage added across all of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica
February Tracking pages now support searching by ATC ident (e.g., BAW12G)
February Maps now show sunlit earth, visualizing day/night around the world
January ADS-B Ground Station #5,000 goes live in Tajikistan, one of 123 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
January New mapping framework deployed on for faster, more reliable, more accurate maps
January New, interactive coverage map released that shows actual data received via radar, ADS-B, MLAT, and transoceanic communication.
December HyperFeed, new flight tracking engine, deployed and capable of processing >100M positions/hour
December New iOS (iPhone/iPad) FlightAware Flight Tracker released with all-new user interface
November MLAT flight tracking positions now available to all FlightAware Global customers (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
October FlightAware makes high-performance ADS-B antenna and ADS-B filters available for sale at cost to PiAware users/a>
September ADS-B Ground Station #4,000 goes live in Russia, one of 111 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
September Two factor authentication (via text message) now available to secure user accounts
August Real-time Mode S Multilateration (MLAT) positions now available to non-ADS-B aircraft operators when operating throughout Europe
August FlightAware Member #6,000,000 registers
June PiAware 2.0 released with Mode S Multilateration (MLAT) for tracking of non-ADS-B equipped aircraft around the world
June ADS-B Ground Station #3,000 goes live in China, one of 101 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
May Premium global weather products (including interactive forecast imagery) available for FlightAware Global
April Live data for all tail numbers in Europe now available through FlightAware Global.
April FlightAware Firehose, a live position data feed, released to complement FlightXML with real-time radar, ADS-B, and status data.
March New web site design released with streamlined interface and larger, more interactive maps
March FlightAware celebrates 10 year anniversary
March ADS-B Ground Station #2,000 goes live in Bulgaria, one of 85 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
March FlightFeeder Android released - free, simple ADS-B ground station that runs on an Android phone or tablet
February QuickAds now offer targeting on flight pages, flight alerts, and 300x250 ads
February Aircraft operator tools released for free importing of call sign and schedule data
January FlightAware Member #5,000,000 registers
January ADS-B Ground Station #1,500 goes live in Armenia, one of 80 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
November Recipients of flight alerts now receive airport delay notifications
October ADS-B Ground Station #1,000 goes live in Malaysia, one of 71 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
October Build your own PiAware ADS-B receiver software and instructions released - ADS-B receiver for under $100.00
September Maps now show Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) in the United States
August PiAware released -- FlightAware ADS-B client for Raspberry Pi and dump1090
August All-new mobile apps released for both iOS Flight Tracker App (iPhone, iPad) and Android Flight Tracker app (phone, tablet)
August FlightAware Global users can now optionally track VFR and other flights without flight plans
August FlightAware Live released with live, high resolution airspace viewing
August Map layers for commercial users (Premium, Global) now include high resolution satellite, terrain, and street map imagery
July ADS-B Ground Station #500 goes live in Finland, one of 63 countries with FlightAware ADS-B ground stations
June Maps now optionally show nearby airplanes and zoom-based nearby airports around the world
June FlightAware Member #4,000,000 registers
May Online and automated downloads and subscriptions for many data feeds including airport database, FBO database, fuel prices, and airline and operator database
May FlightAware Global users can now pre-upload flight plans for datalink and ADS-B tracking outside flight plan coverage area
March FlightAware TV launched. Live maps and flight status for HDTV display
January Next generation FBO ToolBox released with new user interface and improved reports with additional data
January FlightFeeder - FlightAware ADS-B receivers begin shipping to over a dozen countries
December Worldwide delay statistics now published for airline operations; cancellation statistics now include percentages of flight operations.
November SITA and FlightAware partner for live flight data in SITA Aircom Server
October ForeFlight and FlightAware partner for route amendments, flight tracking and integration of FlightAware Global in ForeFlight Mobile
October FlightAware announces worldwide flight tracking for Garmin avionics
October New customers of FlightAware Global and Selective Unblocking can now sign up online
September Operators of ADS-B receivers can now connect to FlightAware's worldwide ADS-B flight tracking network
September FlightAware maps now can display IFR low and high en-route charts in the United States
September New photos interface with higher resolution photos, auto-resizing, infinite scrolling, and comments
September FlightAware Member #3,000,000 registers
September FlightAware MiseryMap® released -- animated view of weather, flight delays, and cancellations across the United States
July Worldwide flight tracking integration available for airline operators using ACARS via SITA. Simply contact FlightAware to enable
June Subscribers to FlightAware Global and Selective Unblocking can now self-manage users and delegate access
June FlightAware New Zealand launched. Free, live, nationwide live flight tracking for private and airline flights across New Zealand
June Live UVair contract fuel card prices now displayed on FBO pages for UVair customers (press release)
May All aircraft operators that are FlightAware commercial customers can now automatically access and view live European flight data for their aircraft
May Sporty's and FlightAware partner to offer printed and framed FlightAware maps showing a year or more of an aircraft's flight history
April Comprehensive coverage of flight positions across United Kingdom added for both airline and general aviation flights
April FlightAware flight tracking pages now automatically update without a page refresh.
March New Enterprise Account available by monthly subscription for professional users
March FBO listings now search and display lower prices at nearby airports
February Free FBO ToolBox US trials and online sign-up available for United States FBOs and airport businesses
January Airport and flight history data reports can now be purchased online at a discount on a subscription basis
January Worldwide flight tracking integration available for airline operators using ACARS via ARINC. Simply contact FlightAware to enable.
December FlightAware Member #2,000,000 registers
October FlightAware announces worldwide coverage for business aviation flight tracking at NBAA 2012 in Orlando
October FlightAware for Windows 8 app released for tablets and PCs
October ARINC announces that ARINC Direct business aircraft operators will now use FlightAware
September FlightAware adds datalink coverage from ARINC Direct, Honeywell GDC, Satcom Direct, Spidertracks, UVdatalink
August New home page with personalized flight searches
July New mobile web site for smartphones
July Airline flight "one-step alerts" and alerts sharing released
July Track log, flight profile graphs, and My FlightAware maps added to iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
June Significant improvement to coverage of live airline flight positions in Europe, Middle East, Japan, Brazil, and New Zealand
June Re-designed flight page released - first major enhancement in seven years
June New "ATC Mode" maps with unlimited number of flight data tags for airport, fleet, and My FlightAware maps
May Resolution of US weather radar increased 4x on site/mobile apps & European weather added to maps for commercial customers
May FBO ToolBox Europe and FlightAware Global (worldwide flight tracking product for aircraft operators) released
May European general aviation flight tracking coverage announced at EBACE 2012 in Geneva
March Worldwide owner/registration data (with history) now available on flight pages for private aircraft
March FlightAware API now offers worldwide airline gate and schedule data and also nationwide Australia data
March FlightAware Australia launched. Free, live, nationwide live flight tracking for private and airline flights across Australia
February FlightAware Live released -- automatic, live position updates automatically streamed to web page maps
February Historical flight data (US, UK, Canada) for commercial data products extended to include 1998 - present.
January FlightAware API adds JSON interface and push (callback) notifications for flight and airport alerts
January Pre-arrival (45 minute) flight notifications added to all flight and airport alerts
December FlightAware flight archives pass 250,000,000 flights
November FlightAware Photos passes 250,000 photos of over 100,000 aircraft
September FlightAware releases mobile flight tracker apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7
August Twitter integration announced that allows alerts to be auto-Tweeted
July Flight alerts now notify users of gate changes, flight delays
June FlightAware Member #1,000,000 registers
May Alerts sharing introduced - alerts can now can be setup for friends
February FlightXML 2 released - FlightAware's next-generation flight tracking API
January FlightAware offers an airline cancellations page to view the impact of major storms
November Meal service information added to airline flight tracking pages and flight alerts
August Codeshare support added for airline flights, maps and international positions for many airline flights
June Major improvements to airline flight tracking, international coverage, gates, and more
June FlightAware "Live Flight Tracker" 2.0 iPhone released
June Localized content and language formatting made available to over a dozen countries
May FlightAware launches re-designed web site design and home page
May Altitude/speed graphs added to flight track logs
April Free, embedded content made available to media and web site operators
February FlightAware adds user-contributed photos and reviews to FBO pages
January FlightAware releases US airport delay list, interactive delay map with animated weather
December FlightAware flight archives pass 100,000,000 flights
October Interactive airport maps with data tag cycling, hovering, zoom/pan
October Free Flight Tracking iPhone App released
September US VFR Sectional Viewer released
September Average Arrival Time (7-day average) added to all airline flight tracking pages
August FlightAware joins Twitter and Facebook
August Airliner photos displayed on flight tracking pages
August Google Earth support added
August Zooming, panning, map styles (Earth View, Sectionals) added to flight tracking maps
July United Kingdom added to service area
February Registered members can subscribe to daily/weekly/monthly aviation news and photo email.
January FlightAware Photos section passes 20,000 photos
July Endorsements, Flight Crew, and Remarks released
June FlightAware Photos released; photos embedded into flight tracking pages.
May FlightAware Member #250,000 registers
March FlightAware celebrates third birthday; has 15 employees with offices in Houston and New York
March FlightAware begins displaying airline schedules and delayed flight information
September Squawks released for sharing aviation links
September Maps available for flight finder, My FlightAware, aircraft type, and fleet maps
August FlightAware flight archives pass 50,000,000 flights
August Weather Maps now available with nationwide and regional views
June FlightAware registers 150,000th member; serves over 1,250,000 unique users in June
May Beta access to fleet maps, aircraft type maps, and route maps released
December Commercial user accounts available for Part 135 and 121 operators
November Flight Alerts (e-mail and instant message flight tracking notifications) launched
October FlightAware release commercial products, AirportAware and FlightXML
April Full archive of flight information, track logs, and maps available for all historical flights
March FlightAware registers 50,000th member; serves over 300,000 unique users in March
March "Pilot Resources" section launched with airport information, IFR terminal procedures
March FlightAware releases new logo and redesigned web site
January FlightAware registers 25,000th member; serves 100,000 unique users in one week
November FlightAware is released from beta status
October Next-generation maps with ATC-style airport area views released
September Over 1,000 new FlightAware account registrations in the first week of public beta
September FlightAware opens to public beta
August "My FlightAware" launched
July User registration is implemented
April FlightAware begins processing live flight data and opens to private beta
March FlightAware founded


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