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Boeing and the Dark Age of American Manufacturing

Somewhere along the line, the plane maker lost interest in making its own planes. Can it rediscover its engineering soul? (www.theatlantic.com) More...

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Nasa Veteran’s Propellantless Propulsion Drive That Physics Says Shouldn’t Work Just Produced Enough Thrust to Overcome Earth’s Gravity

Dr. Charles Buhler, a NASA engineer and the co-founder of Exodus Propulsion Technologies, has revealed that his company’s propellantless propulsion drive, which appears to defy the known laws of physics, has produced enough thrust to counteract Earth’s gravity. A veteran of such storied programs as NASA’s Space Shuttle, the International Space Station (ISS), The Hubble Telescope, and the current NASA Dust Program, Buhler and his colleagues believe their discovery of a fundamental new force… (thedebrief.org) More...

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FAA will require more rest for air traffic controllers

"There are 1,000 fewer certified air traffic controllers working today than a decade ago, according to NATCA. As a result, many air traffic facilities are short-staffed, union president Rich Santa told a Senate subcommittee in November. Mandatory overtime — including six-day workweeks and 10-hour shifts — are routine, he said." (www.npr.org) More...

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The Iron Dome: How Israel Was Able to Thwart 99% of Iran's Missile Attacks Thus Far

Since 2011, Israel's Iron Dome defense system has intercepted thousands of rockets and protected the country during times of conflict. It consists mainly of a three-part system that intercepts short-range rockets. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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New Data Suggests a Rise in Aircraft Near-Misses

While it is true that plane collisions occur quite frequently, recent events may be overstating just how often they may occur. Accidents themselves do not occur as often as many believe and it is incredibly rare for a plane to experience difficulties during the flight itself. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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US FAA to mandate use of safety tool by charter airlines, manufacturers

WASHINGTON, April 22 (Reuters) - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Monday said it is finalizing new rules requiring charter, commuter, air tour operators, and aircraft manufacturers to implement a key safety tool aimed at reducing accidents. The FAA is adopting a final rule mandating the use of Safety Management Systems (SMS), which are a set of policies and procedures to proactively identify and address potential operational hazards, after first proposing to do so in January 2023.… (www.reuters.com) More...


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