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Written on 09/22/2023 by Shrey Vyas

Best photo of the week!

Written on 09/22/2023 by Doug Irvin

What's the deal? Two photo of the same aircraft on the same week - shameful!

Written on 09/22/2023 by Doug Irvin

Disgusting! Three photo of the same aircraft on the same week.

Written on 09/22/2023 by Doug Irvin

Disgusting! Three photo of the same aircraft on the same week.

Written on 09/22/2023 by Doug Irvin

Disgusting! Three photo of the same aircraft on the same week.

Written on 09/22/2023 by Doug Irvin

Thank you, the photo is not of great quality but it is rare for a private Transall.

Written on 09/21/2023 by Pascal Simon

and that is THE FINAL FLAG to be remembered

Written on 09/21/2023 by a mentor

@TOM GLASS. TOM - This is the Grissom Air Reserve Base in Peru Indiana, about 60 miles north of Indianapolis. It's a really great museum, although it is independent of the base/Air Force

Written on 09/21/2023 by John Giambone

Nice shots, what museum is this?

Written on 09/21/2023 by Tom Glass

Where do you get these shots?

Written on 09/21/2023 by Larry Toler

taking off with a feathered #1 prop????

Written on 09/21/2023 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

Steveo or Steven Hinton jr. [ The Kid ]

Written on 09/21/2023 by john cook

I used to fly in her when she was owned by Twin Disc inc. in the '80s and '90s. Tail was 125L then 7TD. Had some productive field and business trips with her help.

Written on 09/20/2023 by tjkuch

This is a good airplane which I share crew duty

Written on 09/20/2023 by Kent Magnuson

Nice shot Sam

Written on 09/20/2023 by John Giambone

Ceverett70 sorry I meant to say, "ICAO" codes are >used by the< website. The International Civil Aviation Organization coordinates these codes to promote safety and efficiency in global civil aviation.

Written on 09/20/2023 by skylab72

Ceverett70 ICAO codes are not US NAVY they are website. Actual "f18 variants" can best be cataloged with Navy codes. The basic layout is three positions. 1. Mission type(s) one or two 2. Airframe/Type Number & 3. Variant letter code.

Currently USN flies FA-18E, FA-18F, & ER-18G. The Navy flew the acceptance tests for the first FA-18 out of Lambert Field in St. Louis in the early 80s.

Written on 09/20/2023 by skylab72

Nice shot Mark. I just caught this bird at IND today. Pic's Posted. She is a beauty!

Written on 09/20/2023 by John Giambone

N3199 tail # was used in the movie series "Lioness" but not in this configuration and completely different paint scheme.

Written on 09/20/2023 by rocketman1967

Would love an original copy of this photo as I was the pilot flying that day, cheers.

Written on 09/20/2023 by Markus Hess

I have to laugh. The FAA calls this a "fixed wing" aircraft.

Written on 09/20/2023 by Paul Wisgerhof

What a rare photo Hayden

Nice Capture

Written on 09/20/2023 by ken kemper

Logged many hours with the family in this flying minivan. The 260HP version climbed like a wet dog but it eventually got there and made for a smooth ride without burning a lot of fuel.

Written on 09/20/2023 by Ryan Hodges

how can a small plane fly from aus to dxb

Written on 09/20/2023 by Kwame Afari

WOW!!! 5* isn't enough IMHO

Written on 09/19/2023 by Lonnie Penner

Será necessário uns 4 para reabastecer este mostro ! KKKK

Written on 09/19/2023 by Jose Flavio DE SOUZA

Love that great shot

Written on 09/19/2023 by Don Ridgeway

Yes, I agree with Ken, super shot in our Aussie twilight

Written on 09/19/2023 by Don Ridgeway


Written on 09/19/2023 by Greg Byington

Departing by dawn's very early light ...........

Written on 09/19/2023 by Gary Schenauer


Written on 09/19/2023 by david burmester

Yesss, reminds me of Capt. Cody of Saturday serials, years gone by. Cool!

Written on 09/19/2023 by Diana Rose

It's a Kodiak 100 with the optional cargo poď.They are the workhorses of the missionary pilots in many areas of the world. The places that Kodiak pilots plop these bird into are amazing. Anywhere from sandbars, beaches, grass and gravel...they will go anywhere and have stopped in 500ft and left the bounds of earth in less than 900. What a great aircraft. Check out the many videos on YouTube.

Written on 09/19/2023 by ed650p


Written on 09/18/2023 by Steve OBrien


Written on 09/18/2023 by Steve OBrien

Thanks All

Written on 09/18/2023 by William Gilson

Hey Doug Irvin - You posted twice on the same photo with the same text..

Written on 09/18/2023 by WoodsideSA

typo; it was Sep. 18, 2023

Written on 09/18/2023 by tom239

Love the paint scheme! She was born N2113S here in the US!

Written on 09/18/2023 by kelvind

@mccallk the editors choose what they consider to be the best photos posted in the past week for the newsletter. None are automatically included.

Written on 09/18/2023 by Colin Seftel

Great photo! But I've always felt that a good percentage of Russian aircraft are simply ugly. Their fighter aircraft are quite nice-looking but the bombers and transport aircraft are not. No matter the paint scheme, they are not attractive; like putting lipstick on a pig.

Written on 09/18/2023 by Jim Quinn

It's the coolest plane ever! Stellar Snap too!

Written on 09/18/2023 by Diana Rose

Cool Beans Shot!

Written on 09/18/2023 by Diana Rose

"Sam Chui Qatar Cargo 747-8 Freighter video"

Written on 09/18/2023 by mc dong

Rock out with your chalk out!

Love me some lift birds...

Written on 09/18/2023 by Darrell Parkhill

Thank you for flying...RYANAIR

Written on 09/18/2023 by mc dong

Hmm...Wrong aircraft type, it should be B789
P.S. I have been on this plane

Written on 09/18/2023 by mc dong

2023-09-18 C-GTBB -> Hughes 269c --> Base of Operations: : CYQB Quebec
Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: : --> 2018-02-28
Registered Owner Information Name: --> 9221-8908 Québec inc. St-Augustin QC Canada

Written on 09/18/2023 by Dominique Desilets

Needs a fourth wheel! Haha

Written on 09/17/2023 by kenneth miller

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