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Wow! I really like composition and post-production work. I think this would make a fine post card.

Written on 05/22/2024 by James Satterwhite

Gorgeous photo, but not an AC90. Fun fact about this particular plane, flown by Reed Prior in 1998, it successfully circumnavigated the globe.

Written on 05/22/2024 by jdogsome

Danke Greg!!

Written on 05/22/2024 by Uwe Zinke

Thank you Charles!

Written on 05/22/2024 by Uwe Zinke

Check the tail number on this photo, you can change it. It is for a Mooney

Written on 05/21/2024 by davewade

Sehr schön!

Written on 05/21/2024 by Greg Byington

Mr Bentley's fire machine!

Written on 05/21/2024 by C J

This shot made me check my library to see if I still had my cppy of “God is My Co-Pilot”. I do. Printed in April of 1956 with a forward by Claire Chennault, Major General, 14th Air Force. Ballantine Books. I paid $.35 cents for it.

Written on 05/21/2024 by M Bodkin

Amazing shot

Written on 05/21/2024 by anthony geinopolos

Love this one. I have followed this airplane since it was sold North to Canada some years ago and the restoration started. Daryl is a friend of a friend and has kept me in the loop the last couple years. He has done a remarkable job on what was a basket case airplane. Well Done my friend, Well Done !

Written on 05/21/2024 by Bill Bailey

Great Shot ! N71Q c/n 1441 is indeed a G-44A and was built in 1946. As to the Geared Lycoming engines, they are a perfect match for the airplane. I have flown in a number of Widgeons in different conversions and the McKinnon or Link/Lockheed 270hp conversions (which are for the most part the same) are the top of the heap. P&W R985s are far too large as are the PT-6s, both have been used on the larger Goose. Lee Mansdorf tried 300hp Lycoming R-680 radials on his Widgeon conversions and they made the airplane nose heavy and bulky looking (there are photos here of one of those, see N404Q). It also had some "interesting" handling characteristics at low speed according to some I've spoken too.

Written on 05/21/2024 by Bill Bailey

Great shot.

Written on 05/21/2024 by gtbissell

Looks composed and alert.

Written on 05/21/2024 by Ronald McDonald

Nice, awesome airplane and photo!

Written on 05/21/2024 by Charles Boyd

Nicely illustrates the generous wing area of the DC8

Written on 05/21/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

Hawaiian Airlines used to operate Dash 7’s from Honolulu into the Kapalua-West Maui Airport 30-plus years back. Now a rare bird indeed.

Written on 05/20/2024 by Peter Fuller

LOVE IT! The RETRO Cargolux B747-400F!

Written on 05/20/2024 by CalebsAviation

AWESOME! My new transplanted heart came on this jet!

Written on 05/20/2024 by CalebsAviation

Apparently a Turbo Goose is a goosed goose!

Written on 05/20/2024 by James Driskell

Sadly she retired last week. Great capture.

Written on 05/20/2024 by John Giambone

Sadly she retired last week. Great Capture.

Written on 05/20/2024 by John Giambone

Great Shot. Thanks for posting. Sadly she just retired. Glad you were able to capture her.

Written on 05/20/2024 by John Giambone

Love the photo!
unlike many of the folks who comment, i really don't know much about flying. Would someone have a link to something that explains what causes the vapor to appear like that? Is it when the plane reaches some critical velocity?

Written on 05/20/2024 by Joe Dempsey

P-61 vibes

Written on 05/20/2024 by Matt Lacey

First airplane that I ever flew on. From PBI to Walker Cay in the Bahamas in 1952. Landing in the water was a unique experience!

Written on 05/20/2024 by James R. Miles

A stunning photo

Super Calendar Shot.

Written on 05/20/2024 by ken kemper

A wonderful photo Ed.....
Action, lighting are perfect.

Written on 05/20/2024 by ken kemper

Picture was taken at Blue Grass Airport (LEX)

Written on 05/20/2024 by rsc66fly

OOPS this is B777-300 not B777-200

Written on 05/20/2024 by Dan Yin

MY favorite

Written on 05/19/2024 by john cook

I dont think they like your photo Tal?

Written on 05/19/2024 by john cook

Happy new years!

Written on 05/19/2024 by john cook

never seen tip tanks on a king air before.

Written on 05/19/2024 by rick ordiway

Thanks D !!

Written on 05/19/2024 by JM32

I know the Lancaster carried a larger bomb load than the B-17 my brother piloted in WWII, but I wonder where they put them ??

Written on 05/19/2024 by terry kelsey

There have been some really great photos here before, but this is one of the very best. SUPER!!!

Written on 05/19/2024 by terry kelsey

Nice angle and photo John!

Written on 05/19/2024 by Darryl Sarno

A Boeing 747-8 on the older Lufthansa’s livery

Written on 05/19/2024 by Sotiris Botis

Thanks guys! Hey Gunnar! How you doing buddy?

Written on 05/18/2024 by John Giambone

Beautiful shot!

Written on 05/18/2024 by Bob Papadakis

profil futuriste lignes pures jolie silhouette

Written on 05/18/2024 by Mabrouk Daghari

Thankyou John! Always appreciate your kind words.

Written on 05/18/2024 by Darryl Sarno

I Have always liked the Wart Hog!

Written on 05/18/2024 by Running Deer

Nice DD !! Saw this yesterday at the gate and missed a great click. Thanks for sharing :)

Written on 05/18/2024 by JM32

Three of the most classic liveries all in one! Great picture Dalton!

Written on 05/18/2024 by Grayson Kiesgen

Awesome pic! Love the Herc!

Written on 05/18/2024 by Gunnar Hanson

Thats a once in a lifetime photo Fantastic!!!

Written on 05/18/2024 by BIGDJB

On another site with same pic. the airport is listed as Frederick Municipal Airport. (FDK/KFDK) • Frederick, Maryland, USA

Written on 05/18/2024 by David Minter

Timeless aircraft.

Written on 05/18/2024 by Ryan Basile

Great shot!

Written on 05/18/2024 by Ryan Basile

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