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Bad Weather Prompts Qantas To Swap A Boeing 737 For An Airbus A380
Severe weather in Sydney caused Qantas to consolidate multiple Boeing 737 flights onto an Airbus A380 for the Melbourne - Sydney route (More)
FAA Urges Pilots to Rely on Traditional Navigation Amid Rising GPS Spoofing Threats
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is cautioning pilots about the increasing threat of GPS spoofing, advising them to familiarize themselves with traditional navigationa (More)
Air Serbia Flight Survived Hitting Antennas on Takeoff
Flight data suggests the pilot took off from taxiway. (More)
Boeing ousts 737 MAX chief in shake-up as blowout fallout mounts
Boeing has ousted the leader of the 737 MAX program at its Renton plant and reshuffled its leadership team at the Commercial Airplanes division, effective immediately. (More)
Most Tracked Flight: Why Long-Haul Flights Reign Supreme
Have you ever wondered how we find the most tracked flights we feature on our social media platforms each week? In response to this growing interest, we aim to clarify the crit (More)
TSA Investigating Woman Who Boarded American Airlines Flight From Nashville to Los Angeles Without Ticket
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is investigating how a woman passed a security checkpoint and boarded a flight at Nashville International Airport (BNA) without (More)


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