Privacy ICAO Address (PIA)

About PIA

Aircraft operating with a Mode-S transponder (most common transponder installed on aircraft) will emit an identifying ICAO address (most commonly known as a hex code) through an ADS-B message. This hex code is required to match, one-to-one, to your aircraft registration and can easily be used to identify an aircraft registrations.

To address privacy concerns, the FAA has created the Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) program, which allows operators to use alternate, temporary ICAO addresses that are not tied to an operator in the Civil Aviation Registry (CAR). With this alternate ICAO address, while operating your aircraft, it will be tracked using the tail number associated to the alternate ICAO address and not to your actual tail number.

Aircraft Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in the PIA program, your aircraft must meet all of the following requirements:

  • U.S. registered
  • 1090 MHz ADS-B equipped
  • Flying in domestic U.S. airspace
  • Authorized to use a third-party call sign (FlightAware is an authorized provider)

How to Enroll in PIA

Before requesting your PIA code



Request a FlightAware Call Sign

Aircraft owner/operator must request a FlightAware Call Sign by contacting us at 1-800-713-8570 or [email protected]

  • If you are not a current FlightAware Global subscriber, you must prove you are the verified owner of the aircraft by sending a copy of your aircraft registration. There will be a nominal setup fee for this service
  • If you are a FlightAware Global customer, then this service is complimentary with your subscription



    Obtain a Public ADS-B Performance Report

    Aircraft owner/operator must obtain a Public ADS-B Performance Report (PAPR) for a flight in the past 180 days from the FAA

    After obtaining your PAPR and FlightAware Call Sign



    Complete PIA Application

    With the requirements listed above, complete the PIA application on the FAA website .

    • For the "Third Party Flight Identification" section, select FlightAware and use the FlightAware Call Sign assigned, including both "FWR" and the number (ex. "FWR1234")



      Forward FAA Email with PIA code to FlightAware

      Once your new PIA code is received from the FAA, forward the FAA email with the PIA code to [email protected]



        FlightAware Confirmation

        FlightAware will follow up confirming receipt and program requirements



          Configure Code in Aircraft

          Configure your aircraft with alternate ICAO address



            Complete Enrollment

            Within 30 days of receiving your PIA, obtain a PAPR for a flight with the PIA code and complete the PIA Verification page


            What happens if I don't request a PIA?

            Your aircraft's data could be exposed to non-FAA, third party data sources. This program will allow you to fly with a mode-s hex code that is not publicly assigned to your tail number.

            What if my aircraft isn't on a FlightAware Global account?

            If your aircraft is not associated with a FlightAware Global account, FlightAware will need to verify the ownership of your aircraft before assigning you a FlightAware FlightID. This can be done by sending a copy of your aircraft's registration for FlightAware to verify.

            How frequently can I request a new PIA Code?

            During the initial phase of the program, you can request a new PIA code 60 days after assignment of your previous code.

            What if I fly outside domestic U.S. airspace?

            You will need to re-configure your previous mode-s code before flying outside of the U.S. FlightAware will map the mode-s hex code assigned to them by the FAA to their tail so that either hex would provide tracking for their tail number. This includes routes to/from Canada, Mexico, off of the east coast of the U.S. (AR routes), over the Gulf of Mexico, and CONUS/HI.

            Will FlightAware block my aircraft if it's not already on the LADD list?

            If the registration of the aircraft is not on the block list, FlightAware will submit the blocking request to LADD on your behalf.

            For more FAQ’s please visit the FAA’s PIA FAQ’s webpage .


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