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Video: 767-300 sunset takeoff at Heathrow

United 767-300ER sunset takeoff at London Heathrow ( More...

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Alan Glover 3
Before the insanity I had an opportunity and the privilege (employee space available) to fly in one of the two jump seats on board a 767 nonstop from YUL to YVR.

I chose the seat directly behind the Captain and to the left with my own section of the windscreen with the ability to look almost straight up and down. Best seat in the house.

At altitude midday it was the deepest blue overhead and Calgary at he end of rush hour appeared as a concise and detailed display of the ratrace.

The ballet of the pre-flight check was intriguing, the precision and protocol of the take-off roll was fascinating and quite dramatic
Doug Fehmel 2
My one and only flight over Greenland was in the early 90's on a Lufthansa flight from FRA-SFO. We flew over the southern coast, and that LH pilot made sure we all got to see the numerous icebergs drifting out to sea. Incredible sight.
Alan Glover 2
Premature posting. I apologize.

After the auto pilot was engaged and he had swiveled his chair I had an interesting and wide-ranging discussion with the Captain (a seasoned Senior on that equipment) that changed my view of the job and the operation.

I asked how one bore the responsibility and he said the only way to do so was not to think of the 300 or so souls on the aircraft but to consider the liability to the airline in the event of a total loss and he said (several decades ago now) that every flight that figure was roughly a billion dollars.

Awesome landing at Vancouver (the Rockies were mostly covered in clouds that day) and 5 and a half hours went by in what seemed like an hour.

What a gas.
Phil Nolden 5
I always thought about the fact that I would be the first one at the scene of a crash, and I had to make sure that that didn't happen. I never allowed the chit-chat and dinner, etc. to get in the way of my visual, tactile, and auditory inputs.
John E Durbin 2
Excellent video--likely the best airport takeoff video I've ever seen! And the views of Greenland were outstanding! Keep up the great work!
Bob Hallissy 1
View of the Pilot's Glory starting about 6:04
Bandrunner 1
At 3.33 there seemed to have been an unluck pigeon interface.
Tom Dunbar 1
Jack Morris 1
Anybody spot the Concorde?
Of course!
Bob Hallissy 1
Not until you mentioned it -- thanks!

Is that an actual Concord (in which case what is the story of it being there) or the model they used to have at the entry roundabout off the M25?
Eric Hillerton 1
Actual Concord, parked at east end of airfield, been there for years.


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