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Ex-Amazon drone leader teams up with aviation execs on AI startup that fights fires with drones

Data Blanket is a new startup out of the Seattle area developing small fleets of AI-powered drones that can perform self-guided missions to assess wildfires and automatically share that information with incident commanders and pilots battling forest blazes. The Bellevue, Wash.-based company launched in March 2022 and has been providing demos for firefighting agencies, showcasing the drones’ ability to share real-time images of a fire from a bird’s-eye view. Or as one fire chief told CEO Omer… ( More...

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Tflys1 3
Now that's a very good role for drones
sparkie624 3
I love that idea, and one of the best uses for DRONES that I have ever heard of... Keeps real firefighters fighting fires where they are needed...
patrick baker 2
drones will enable fires to be controlled sooner, and still require firefighters to be present. Drones will cost less to operate, and if you have more than enough of them and can refuel them quickly, real progress can be made to control fires.


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