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Climate Activists Spray-Paint Private Jet

German protestors belonging to the “Last Generation” climate change group spray-painted a private jet at Sylt Airport (GWT) over government inaction regarding climate change policies. ( More...

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Zack Jones 30
They are not protesters; they are criminals.

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Kerry Brandt 20
LOL, I wonder if they bothered to consider the environmental impact of repainting an aircraft?
On the upside, a long stint in jail might keep them from reproducing.
Also the amount of solvent needed to clean off the paint.
Ben Bosley 4
Paint almost certainly made its way into probes and static ports, so they will need to be serviced/replaced before aircraft can be put back into service. Damage is easily in the tens of thousands.
James Simms 3
Every time I see Oliver’s ‘Good Morning Starshine’ music video on YT, there’s a hippie spray painting a VW Bus (that’s criminal unto itself) w/flowers, etc. Can’t help but think of the fluorocarbons released spray painting a Peace & Environmental scene on the Microbus.
D Chambers 2
Jet Blue will paint their fleet.... See FlightAware this week.
royalbfh 28
"Lets all pose for a triumphant picture of our heroic deed so it will be extremely easy for the authorities to identify us all!"

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Bob Harrington 7
Make them into Soylent Green to Save the World!
John Taylor 3
In their own minds...
James Simms 2
Drill Baby, Drill; Frack Baby, Frack. Strip mine the earth until nothing is left but an empty shell
Karen McCullough 29
I agree. I just always say that in today’s world the term “climate activist” is a synonym for “criminal”.
Justthefacs 25
How about their real name, Climate Terrorists. I assume they got to the airport on foot barefooted with no modern devices of any kind. Oh wait, did they contaminate the atmosphere spraying all that toxic gas from the cans? Rather pathetic creaturers.
James Cox 6
I'm impressed they bothered to wear orange safety vests while on airport property, safety first!
rob strong 12
That's how they got to the aircraft without any suspicion. Too bad the fence wasn't electrified.
John Taylor 2
It was airport camouflage...
TWA55 2
Law probably required it. lol
sparkie624 25
Stupid Morons saving the World... Now they get to Pay for a new Paint Job, Aircraft Repair, probably a window and windshield replacement... Give them 20 years Hard Labor... It is obvious that they like to work...
Chris Kephart 5
No... Morons like this dont have any money or a job. Thats why they have a lot of time to protest and how they know they arent gonna pay for anything.
John Taylor 2
Trust fund babies...

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Carl Richter 25
You climate nitwits have been predicting all sorts of crap for the last 30 years. None of it has come true.
Ron Slater 13
More like about 80 years
Duane Mader 4
John Taylor 4
When I was a teenager in the 70's, it was the coming ice age. Boy that sure turned around fast. Straight from one big ice cap to a world burning up in fifty years.
Buell Hollister 3
Same organization said the eastern seacoast would be underwater in 10 years and that was in the 50's
Duane Mader 3
Exactly, how about that “sea level rise”. Go look at pics of Plymouth Rock
dump1090 0
Michael Dealey 11
Snopes? The "fact-check" site founded by a criminal adulterer and his wife turned porn star?
That Snopes?
John Taylor 2
And with known political bias...
John Overton 4
Spray paint is bad for the environment!
James Patterson 10
So these kids are worried about something that could, sometime after they die, make the planet too a few degrees hotter? When I was a kid we worried about getting vaporized by a nuclear attack. They have a pretty cushy life. Weenies.
Someone needs to take these idiots out in back of the hangar and beat with a master rod.
James Simms 1
Feel sorry for the abuse the Master Rod would endure. It would be scarred for life from the ordeal
Ralph Wigzell 3
Well according to a 2018 post from Greta the world should be ending in a few days.
Ken Lane 9
This wouldn't happen in Texas, particularly at a small airport.

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Gloria Johns 1
rob strong 5
I'd have them arrested and jailed for years. New laws on this vandalism in the name of the climate. But, it's Germany, so nothing will happen. Sorry for the new orange paint scheme dude... Actually, I'd ditch the orange from the windows and chrome, and work it into the next paint scheme.
James Simms 1
Auful Barn & U. Tennessee colors so I hate it already
linbb 12
And with what type of paint? Bet it was not environmentally friendly or will the removal and clean up of the AC be. Yup went to spray paint it also in gas powered vehicles wearing clothing thats not the same..........list goes on just like other items they use every day made from fossle oil products.

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termigrator 4
There are fewer than 400 aircraft in this weight class in Germany. Now there is one less. This does nothing for the climate. On the contrary: the 4.7 million motorcyclists are now lulled into the certainty that the climate activists are doing enough. You don't have to put your motorbike in the corner.
D Rotten 4
Riiiiiight!.....'climate activists' (*wink* *wink*) least they were wearing 'safety vests' (*wink* *wink*)!! This 'climate activist' PsyOp has gotten old, and needs TO END! ('they' REALLY think that people are stooopid!)
paul gilpin 5
naming your organization "last generation" pretty much sums it up.
in line with the DIE movement changing their name to DEI.
Ken Lane 9
There is no global warming. Or, perhaps you can explain the global warming scare in 1922. Or, the ice age scare in 1972. Neither came to pass. Now, we're back to global warming.

Yet, no one can provide us with this supposed data as CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE. It's ALL based on MODELS. The supposed scientists cannot show CONCLUSIVE evidence because all they have are models based on assumptions from observations that cannot be put into confirmed data. Measuring age by carbon dating is more accurate. And, climate cycle is a reality.

The earth has been around for some 4.5 billion years. Man has been on earth for some 300,000 years. Man's industrial age is not even two hundred years. And, you think that can wipe out what has been around for billions of years?

Never fear, you and a hundred generations down will be dead and gone by the time it gets too hot for humans. Then, God will be using your dead bodies to make more oil.

Man is an egotistical fool to think he can control the global climate. Don't believe me? Go spend six months at sea on an aircraft carrier.
Rosomak -7
Translation: I don’t understand climate change, therefore it’s fake.
dmedders 0
TRANSLATION: I am so fully captured in the mass that will attack anyone who questions the approved narrative and spew talking points with zero understanding of the topic.
D Chambers -2
Watched any glaciers lately? Or Greenland / Antarctic ice shelves?
gilgraham 1
I wonder why they call it Greenland?
Ken Jackson 2
That was an ancient Viking grift perpetrated on desperate colonizers. Original thinking by Erik the Red upon his expulsion from his homeland.
Ken Jackson 1
That was an ancient Viking grift perpetrated on desperate colonizers.
John Taylor 1
Because the Vikings wanted "Iceland" for themselves so they named the place they wanted "Iceland" and the place they wanted others to go they named "Greenland" to fool other explorers. You must be a not too distant product of the public school system.
D Chambers 2
Normally the fleet operator would have had to pay millions to consultants for the color change. (See article this week on Jet Blue's new paint). Oh well, they can paint it back with about 7 minutes of executive salary. [Sorry, I couldn't resist being snarky]
Michael Yentzer 11
Must always understand that man made climate changes does not exist and the Climate Change Crisis is a UN/WEF ruse to remove you from your property, Wealth, freedom and eventually your life.
Facts to know, 99/98% of the Earth's Climate is controlled by Solar cycles and Earth orbital mechanics. Even volcanic activities and Earthquakes are influenced by Earth orbital mechanics. CO2 is less then 00.01% of the make up of the Earth's Atmosphere, the larger green house gas is Water vapor by numerous times. Finally, the Earth's climate is not static and has never been static it is constantly changing, it is either getting warmer or getting cooler, man's influence is not measured in a 100 yrs the Temperature of the earths Atmosphere will be the same with or without the human race existence.
These kids likely have links to the GSoros funds or maybe OWG orgs like the WEF.
Rob Harrison 6
Michael, of course you are absolutely correct. There is no climate change crisis, the climate has been changing on earth for 6 billion years, that is the best estimate of the age of the planet. The crisis we face is an ignorance crisis, engendered by the likes of the Democrat party and their acolytes, The WEF, and the legion of nihilists who stand to profit immensely by destroying the lives of all but the ordained.
jetjocknj -3
You substitute your political leanings for science. The best climate change science is that published be the Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a UN-affiliated group of about 100 of the the world's most responsible and respected climate scientists, who say in their recent reporting that human-caused greenhouse gases are responsible for virtually all global surface-temperature rise since 1850. Other possible or potential causes add up to virtually nil. The IPCC is calling on global leaders to recognize the gravity of the climate crisis and to institute greenhose gas policies to alleviate and mitigate the growing crisis, (the Paris Climmate Agreement being a start).
Mike Monk 11
100 scientists out of several thousand around the globe?
Most of the 100 are mostly engaged in paid research for businesses that will benefit from the global spread of false climate ideology? And most of them again are not climate scientists anyway.
The IPCC report on climate change is therefore hardly representative.
Real scientists know that climate change is a natural cyclic event over which man's activities have very little effect.
Guy Rovella 4
Take everything you said and reverse it. Then you'll be dealing with reality.
David Kozlowski 1
The IPCC does not do research; it summarizes the latest peer-reviewed research on the climate and the causes and effects of the current accelerating warming of the oceans and atmosphere on the physical planet, the biosphere, and the economies of the world.

As for the scientists who do the research:
John Taylor 1
You mean the IPCC that got caught with doctored and falsified numbers? That bunch? I trust them about as much as I trust Dr "I am the science" Fauci.
Ken Jackson 0
There is no possible way to reach climate deniers. They are cultists who cheer on their fantasized Resurrection. More Rolling Coal will speed up the process.
John Taylor 0
There is reaching you climate zealot's who have been screaming the sky is falling for too many decades and still have been wrong. That is called cognitive dissonance.

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jetjocknj 1
@Mike Monk. Scientists and geographers tell us the earth is globular, but you think it is flat, right?
Ken Jackson 0
Downvoted for being factual. Awesome.
jetjocknj -1
Rosomak 2
Aaaand… there it is.

The republican war on education, paying off in dividends.
Joe Serdynski -6
Had no idea so many pilots were flat earthers . . .
dmedders 3
Since you cannot debate facts, you attack the author. Brilliant!

How does it feel being in the mindless mass?
TWA55 3
Want to save the climate, find a place for these _________ as they are using up oxygen others could put to better use.
Mark Kortum 3
Hope it was Algore's.
dmedders 5
THIS JUST IN: The climate is changing! The climate is always changing. Every climate scientist with a pulse agrees -- otherwise they would not be climate scientists.

Where there is NO SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS is man's contribution to climate change. Unless, however, you are climate scientist in need of research funds, THEN you absolutely see everything is man-caused because that is the only way to get funded.

There is even less agreement that man can do anything about the climate changing...because the climate is always changing, even before man turned up on the earth.

In summary, our governments -- though incapable of keeping spam out of my inbox and telemarketers off of my telephone -- are going to "fix" the weather. I suggest a review of governments' success at "fixing" anything before signing on to this insanity.

While you are aiming for that down-vote icon, I worked in weather research in US government and non-government labs. I know how data have been punished to reach mandated conclusions.
David Kozlowski 0
dmedders 1
Thanks for making my point.

These are organizations and scientists with financial incentives to find humans as the source of all climate change. Deviating from the message will cost your career.

I have friend working a NASA, for example, who cannot dissent for fear of his career.

Science requires dissent and dissent is no longer allowed.
John Prukop 3
These are ECO-TERRORISTS who've bought into the UN "environment program" LIE that Sea-Levels are rising and we have to stop our carbon foot print. BAH HUM BUG! The Plymouth Rock of 1620 is STILL at Sea-Level today, despite the UN prediction on June 29, 1989 that entire Nations would be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea-levels if global warming wasn't checked. The UN was WRONG in 1989 and they're STILL WRONG in 2023. Imagine, if you will, a world where OBE (Outcome Based Education) people actually believe that the temperature of the planet can be controlled by giving more money to the goverenment! That's bat-shit crazy!
If they catch them they should body paint them w non-breathable paint and then open their mouths and spray a whole can of paint down their throats
Gloria Johns 1
msetera 2
And how much air pollution did these little brats generate with this cowardly act?
Soren Schnack 2
These folks are clowns. Instead they should spray paint the Kremlin, demanding Putin to stop the stupid and unneccesary war against Ukraine, if they have enough courage.
John Taylor 1
Or the Black Stone in Mecca...
James Simms 2
Damn good way to either get shot dead or a behind full of buckshot

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loubearr 1
Do I envision some jail time coming to these people?
Randall Bursk 1
I’m all for technology that reduces carbon. Airlines have been working on it for years with success. As an airline pilot, figured I added 180 tons of carbon to the air every year. Enjoy life without impacting others. Good Flight
Ken Jackson 1
50 years ago, before becoming a pilot, I worked as a hunting guide and packer in the Idaho Primitive area. One December 2nd I had the last load of camp gear loaded on 7 horses and mules. It was 17 miles, mostly downhill, to the ranch HQ in the Middle Fork Salmon. The mercury thermometer in camp said -52°F.
One uphill stretch was a long north facing and steep grade that was a sheet of ice. My lead mare was the most experienced of the string but when she slipped, fell to her knees, and refused to get up I was forced by circumstances to get her attention or watch this dangerously exposed situation unravel quickly. I procured a 4” chunk of seasoned lodgepole windfall and cracked her right between the eyes. She jumped to her feet and we resumed our ride down to the ranch. The story reminds me of the need to get the attention of climate change deniers. 2 x 4’s can also work.
The flight out of Mahoney that afternoon was memorable to say the least. Especially the T/O.
Anna Gray 1
If they wanted to disable jet they should have taken it apart instead and taken parts to a recycling facility. Graffiting it will not reduce its environmental impact.
Bob Turner 1
Shame they didn’t do this to John Kerry’s or Al Gore’s private jets, I guess they only target private aircraft used for real businesses. What a bunch of dorks wasting time and money destroying property instead of using their resources to really helping the environment.
Derek Vaughn 1
Complete losers
Juan Jimenez 1
gaggle of idiots. The paint comes off easily.
robert cook 1
if you take care of the little things the large things will take care of them selves. just send them into the Coal mines with no sight of sun for twenty years and they will get the point that harming other people's property is not a nice thing to do.
Andrea Gentilini 1
I hope these criminals will be charged the cost of returning the aircraft to the original livery.
Andy Ridings 0
Mr Yentzer is absolutely right
Remember when they told you that you would die of a cold unless you submitted to an experimental RNA jab?
What a success that has been
How about we all take our refridgerators outside and run them with the doors open. That should help cool the atmosphere....Zero emissions too of course as they are electric!
MrTommy 1
This is the mindset taught in today's schools. Kids 'learn' that we are killing the environment, that our country is a terrible place, and that no one should have to work. Indoctrination and brainwashing on a monumental scale.
John Taylor 1
Some of these little commie bastards need a good beatdown. Protest all you want but start damaging private property or blocking traffic so emergency vehicles can't get through, you deserve a good ass-kicking.
Ken Jackson -1
Thirty one years in the left seat taught me that most pilots are narcissistic nutjobs who deny the science of climate change.
John Taylor 4
If that's what you've learned, I hope I never fly with you at the controls.
Ken Jackson -1
You didn’t. Wrong demographic.
dmedders 4
Well, Captain, you got the first part right -- especially 31-years-in-the-left-seat captains spewing the approved narrative.

Perhaps you can tell us what 31 years spent mostly watching the autopilot fly taught you about "The Science" of climate and climate change? I much prefer actual science, but give us your best shot with "The Science" message.

I only spent part of my professional life in weather research...watching data being inhumanely tortured to produce a mandated result. I'll be sure to tell you where you are wrong in your response.
Ken Jackson 1
Bush pilot. Mostly in N hemisphere. No autopilot until we got a T206H in the fleet in 1999. Flew it for 2000 hours before retiring. Quite capable which broadened the mission and exposed me to more adverse wx. But, you go ahead and be a sanctimonious twit.
Chris B -5
That’s a pretty old story regurgitated by the internet.
Ralph Torres 8
Why do you say it's an old story? It happened June 6, 2023. That's not a "pretty old story".

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dmedders 17
Forty years ago? When the next ice age was coming to kill us? I,too, remember that prognostication.

What about 20 years ago when all polar ice would disappear in 12 years?
Mike Mohle 2
Yet Algore still flies private, he is very worried.
Mike Mohle 2
Yet Algore and Lurch still fly private, they are obviously very worried.
John Taylor 2
Not one single prediction has come true. The climate zealots have been right about as many times as the religious zealots have said God's end of the world is coming on a specific date.

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Greg S 16
Uh oh, a climate apocalypse cultist has entered the chat.
victorbravo77 -9
...could be tomorrow, could be 2 million years. It's coming. Don't hasten it.
TWA55 3
LOL omg


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