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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Outpaces Airbus A350 in Sales

WASHINGTON — The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has surpassed the Airbus A350 in terms of sales, according to recent data. Despite the A350's high performance and reduced maintenance costs, airlines are more inclined to choose the 787 due to its better overall performance and lower price. ( More...

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Roy Hunte 13
Not surprised, it started building years before the A350. Before the A350 performed its first flight, 787s were selling...
mbrews 3
Folks are overlooking the key paragraph of the article. Only engine option with A350. is Rolls Royce. B 787 offrrs GE nx or Rolls. Some purchase decisions may reflect a preference for GEnx powerplant.
Charles Lindbergh 5
Now is the time for Boeing to announce a 737 replacement based on a composite structure. The 787 has proved the concept and economics. None of this flying wing stuff for the new plane, just a similar looking design to the 737 with a higher landing gear to allow for future expansions.
Michael Foster 7
I agree, and the 737 replacement should be along the lines of a 757 in size.
Composite body With double truck landing gear.
It was a mistake to stop selling and improving the 757.
The 757 was ahead of the market at the time.
David Beattie 2
Yes. A wonderful airplane the 757. All it needs is an updated cockpit!
Pete Pereira 1
Stop selling? You make it sound like airlines wanted to buy the airplane, but were deprived. Huh?!!
Brian Chandler 4
Exactly this. Sunset the MAX, and bring out a 737 sized 787 design. They need to address the A320/1NEO dominance of the most important segment of the market.
SkyAware123 1
What exactly IS Boeing working on these days ? Are they still able to build a new plane from scratch?
Mike Boote 11
What a strange article. The 787 has always outsold the A350 due to its introduction years ahead of the A350. I think it's a fake comparison. IMHO the A350 does not compete with the 787. It is more a competitor to the rumored 777X.
srobak 8
Agreed - this article is an apples and oranges situation. The 350 was not intended nor designed to compete with the 787 - but instead against the 777. With over 1000nm more range and 50-100 more seats depending on configuration, and ~35k pounds more payload capacity - it easily hits many transpac and longitudinal routes that are simply out of reach for the 787. The target markets for these aircraft are not the same and consequently makes the article a bit pointless.
Peter Fuller 1
And, some airlines operate or plan to acquire both the 787 and the A350, for example, Lufthansa and Air France.
SkyAware123 1
Yeah, that makes no sense. The bigger the plane, the smaller the market gets.
pat prendergast 4
it states that 787 sales are outpacing the 350 not that it has sold More! as for the 777X as a rumor why then compare the 350 to it?
Mike Boote 1
Then what in the blazes does "outpacing" mean then? It goes faster? Silly.
Brian Chandler 1
" The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has surpassed the Airbus A350 in terms of sales, according to recent data"

It says quite the opposite
mcrossbow24 2
Sort of like the AB NEOs introduced before the MAX? The A350 is a good A/C AND, per AB was introduced to compete with the 787. BTW, how's the weather in Europe?
SkyAware123 2
lol. That's like asking how's the weather in the USA. Any answer would be correct. and useless.
mcrossbow24 2
Sort of like the AB NEOs introduced before the MAX? The A350 is a good A/C AND, per AB was introduced to compete with the 787.
Chris B 4
Got to wonder why Airbus doesn't have two engine options.
Victor Hugo -1
After FBW, always ahead in new developments, Airbus launched a single engine range of aircrafts ?
srobak 2
he means two engine choices, like B often does.
Brian Chandler 3
It's not really up to A or B directly on how many engine options. It's up to engine manufacturers who wants to go through the R&D and testing ($$$$) to create or get certified an engine for a particular airframe.

B or A can financially incentivize engine manufacturers but it's not in their direct control
HP Baumeister 1
Well, sales quantity is not everything. Best I can tell the A350 is being sold with much better margins.
Plus the 777ER had to be discounted heavily to sell against the A350-1000
Stephen Gordon 1
This is a nothing burger.
John Brooks 1
The 787 will outpace the 350 in the future to become the dominant aircraft in the world.
Mike Boote 1

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Roger Anderson -7
He was desperate and took up a job trying to market the A350
James Simms -7
Weeping & gnashing of teeth in a dark room somewhere
Greg S -6
He's here, reading and downvoting your comments and weeping uncontrollably.
James Simms 0
You’d think he’d be brave enough & defend the Airbus, any Airbus; guess not.
Sheldon Lang -5
I'll take an Airbus product over a Boeing any day of the week. I wouldn't trust Boeing if they told me the sky was blue.
Ethan65 -5
Because Airbus is so honest right? Open your eyes. I bet you believe everything Biden says too........
Nooge 2
Its actually ByeDon who won

I bet you believe everything Trump says too........ lol the jokes on you
SkyAware123 -1
but the idiot is you
HP Baumeister 1
Well, at least Airbus didn’t let aircraft go out the door withholding critical flight characteristics from pilots, resulting in hundreds of deaths and being forced to stop production. Memories are short ( or very selective)!


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