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U.S. must address rise in aviation close calls - officials

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday the United States cannot wait for the next "catastrophic event" to address an uptick in aviation close calls that sparked alarm ( More...

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William Robertson 15
I’d like to know if there are really more “close calls”, statistically speaking, or has the public’s knowledge and monitoring of the systems increased due to readily available information from flight aware, Flightradar24, liveatc, ect…
Constance Lentz 2
My question, too
Doug Parker 4
And let's finalize the argument about whether it's a “near miss” or a “near hit!”
Bandrunner 1
A miss is as good as a mile, they say.
I'm not so sure about that, myself.
Ed Chapman 11
Thanks, Captain Obvious….
EMK69 1
Laughing, Good one.
Peter F. Hartmann Esq. 13
Those of us who have had courses in public administration, see a pattern. Let me explain. First & foremost, those who lead, should pick the most competent, most informed, most technically sophisticated to run an agency, an administration, etc. That's what we were taught. We were not trained as to the best and most efficient way to destroy an agency, an administraiton, etc....but it follows logically, if that is the goal, then you develop a pattern of picking the most incompetent. Anyone want to take a wild guess as to how many recent appointees in fields related to aviation safety, have a $%%*&# CLUE about aviation?
Tim Dyck 2
Not just the US. This is a problem that is occurring in several countries and we need to protect passengers regardless of which country they are travelling in.
W B johnson 2
Dr. Sidney Dekker has ome very interesting observations about human error and safety on YouTube ( which are definitely worth watching.
Tim Dyck 1
Thanks for the link
Joe Keifer 3
All those inventions like RWSL, etc., will never be able to outwit the incompetence or "lackadasicalness" of a human being.
Yassine Cherfouni 3
Do we go by the mind or do we go by the feelings?
Skies over the United States are the busiest in the world and sorting out take offs and landing is rather complicated at times .
It’s not a predictive measure that will come from a magic lamp or a fortune teller.
Let’s not vilify pilots or jump to conclusions.
No pilots have a desire or willingness to experience or be in those situations.
How can one predict the unpredictable?
What we can do Mr. Secretary is to reach out to pilots and ATC personnels and/ or leaders to see How we can take precautions , preventive measure and case studies to learn how such “ close calls can be prevented “ one should brainstorm, new and fresh ideas by coordinating case studies between the ATC , pilots and other experts in the airline industry.
It’s not luck . Each day(s) that has gone without a “ disaster “is a credit and an honor to our men and women in the cockpit.
Renee Jones 3
Larry Kreuger 5
Never ceases to amaze me how trollers will take any and every opportunity to state their misunderstanding of how our economy works in the 21St century and which politicians are accountable for the current situation. For example, it was just a few years ago that the Trump administration caved in to the railroad corporations by scrapping numerous safety regulations, slow playing oversight appointments and replacement of retirees…this stuff goes on and on throughout our entire K Street dominated Congress. At the state and local levels we get the same clash between the few gagging down most of our country’s wealth and the many being left behind by silly minimum wage standards, ignoring our polluted air and water, or lax building codes in Turkey (I mean Miami), It’s not about welfare for the poor anymore, it’s all about wealthfare for the rich. E.g., why are we subsidizing corporate and personal jets that are the most polluting form of travel per passenger mile? Answer as usual is that wealth doesn’t care and the Maga base doesn’t (want to?) know.
jgoedker -6
Amazing how you lefties never miss an opportunity.
Tim Dyck 7
Yes I agree. I would perfer politics left entirely out of the conversation but if we must discuss politics then leave the partisanship out of it. The current situation goes back further than Trump and has not been addressed by the current administration so signalling out one president is akin to ignoring the incompetence of the others.
Doug Haviland 5
It’s politics that has gotten us here. Sad but true.
Doug Haviland 3
The Government policy of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has brought this situation to the forefront. The Government has taken these policies way too far putting folks who may not be the most qualified in positions of great talent and skill.
Gloria Johns 1
What are you talking about? What does DEI have to do with a white pilot and white ATC doing stupid things.
Gene Poon 2
Buttigieg, an appointee with minimal technical skills, selected as a payoff to special interest groups wielding influence in the 2024 election, is the poster child for "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" which has replaced "The Best and the Brightest" as the criterion in the country today.
Vaughn Blue Jr 0
Buttgeg didn't give a rat's *** about horrible train derailment in Ohio, but all of a sudden he's concerned about air traffic? #hypocrite
Richard Phillips 1
The current Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, is obviously not doing his job. This was not an issue with the last administration.
David Purtz 0
He's not qualified or competent to do the job.
jgoedker 1
Like the DOT, FAA, or NTSB has ever been the solution to any problem. Does anybody really expect the bureaucrats to have answers? Especially when they are placed based more on their woke beliefs than experience and knowledge.
Tim Dyck 5
Woke beliefs? More likely past loyalties to the person or agency that appointed them. The fact that we are seeing the so called woke appointed is just a current phenomenon whereas cronyism, nepotism, partisanship, graft and corruption have plagued federal departments for decades, maybe centuries.
Bill Overdue 1
Huh? The FAA hasn't identified a trend? Really? Hint: Think SVB
jhakunti 1
With all the technology and charts and improvements. At this point I'd say it's safe to say the process has become too convoluted for man. People have a propensity for complacency and human factors getting in the way of successful outcome of a flight.

The solution is to simplify the processes with short and simple taxi instructions, having no runway crossings (AA/JFK) and reteaching compliance with the most basic rules (WN/AUS).

The ATC process relies too heavily on the goodwill of a controller. We might could use more AI to handle air traffic since computers can calculate more and more quickly than humans, and be programmed specifically with failsafe modes to prevent certain outcomes.

It'd make more sense to see AI controlling traffic before seeing AI handle the cockpit.


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