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U.S. Demands Turkey Stop Russian Flights on Boeing Jets

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — U.S. officials have been putting pressure on Turkey to halt Russian airlines from using American-made planes to fly in and out of the country, according to sources familiar with the matter. This marks a new effort from Washington to ensure that countries comply with sanctions imposed in response to Russia's 2014 invasion of Ukraine. ( More...

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carste10 1
Does this include American made automobiles and trucks?
avionik99 1
So the US is saying it would be just fine if you did the same using AirBus aircraft? Makes zero sense.
Mike Bogue 3
No, you're inferring facts that don't exist.. The US doesn't have the authority to sanction anything dealing with Airbus since it's a European entity. But it can sanction Boeing aircraft and those who fly them since Boeing is US-based.
matt jensen 2
Boeing wasn't forced to sell to the Russians - but they did
Etienne Daniels 1
Yes indeed, it makes more sense to impose sanctions on Boeing for doing this.
matt jensen -3
"Demands" - when did America declare war? Another attempt to overthrow Erdogan govt
Greg S 2
The word "demands" was chosen by the headline writer. You'd think be 2023 people would be at least a little skeptical of what the read in the media but I guess not.
Mike Bogue 2
This has absolutely nothing to do with Turkey's government, other than attempting to enforce sanctions against Russia and Belarus. The US isn't threatening Erdogan in any way, shape, or form. They're simply doing everything possible to make Putin's war intolerable for Russia and its citizens.
Sani Erbilgin 1
Why don’t they stop other intolerable wars?
James New 2
ruZZia is a terrorist state. Whataboutisms make no sense.
matt jensen -3
when usa declares warm then they can "ask"


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