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Let's remember: Southwest Airlines flight 1380

Let's just remember that day when SWA1380 went on the news April 17th, 2018, after an engine explosion. The captain, Tammie Jo Shults, managed to safely land the bummed 737-700 with God's help. Read more about this in the link below. Have a great day. ( More...

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boughbw 24
Captain Shults did a great job.
Tyler Barr 9
I'm highly impressed by her actions and decisions. She did a great job. I agree with you 100%
Guy Gregoire 24
This why two pilots are needed in the cockpit and why they both should be able to hand fly the airplane…
Tyler Barr 4
Right... This is where I get a little worried about longer haul single pilot operations.
Guy Gregoire 12
This why two pilots are needed in th cockpit and why they should be able to hand fly the airplane…
Leander Williams 8
Though this was a sad and tragic event, Captain Shults did a superb job of airmanship in getting the plane and the passengers safely on the ground. Rest in peace to the deceased passenger.
Doug Haviland 6
Referencing the article above that airlines want a 1 person flight deck, this article would be tantamount in the case against EVER doing something stupid. Thank God this flight was piloted by someone who knew how to fly. God bless you Tammy Jo Shults.
MSReed 7
She did this with the help of skill, intelligence, training, and nerve (though an extra helping of good luck isn't to be totally ignored).
Peter Fuller 6
….and with the help of the first officer.
Bandrunner 7
What a badly-written article that was.
I'm just glad the Spaghetti Monster was there to sort it out for them.
Doug Parker 2

"Debris from the damaged engine impacted the side of the fuselage shattering a passenger window and causing the loss of cabin pressure. Parts of the left engine inlet and fan cowl separated from the airframe, and fragments from the inlet and fan cowl struck the left wing, the left-side fuselage, and the left horizontal stabilizer. One of the fan cowl fragments struck the left-side fuselage near a cabin window, and the window departed the aircraft, which resulted in a rapid depressurization."


"Debris from the engine hit the wing, fuselage, and left horizontal stabilizer, breaking a window and depressurizing the cabin."
Donald Randolph 1
Do you mean Richard Dawkins' "Flying" Spaghetti Monster?
Tyler Barr 0
What was wrong with it?
Stephen Donnelly 5
Nice to remember. A very detailed well done article!
Tyler Barr 2
Thank You so much!
jeff slack 4
Came here just to read the comments; I will not read anything written by Sam Chui.
Tyler Barr 1
Alright! Thanks anyway!
John Gibson 6
God's help? Nonsense. Kudos to Tammy Jo Shultz for her skill and the trainers who trained her.
Donald Randolph 9
And God who gave her the ability to learn and utilize those skills proficiently. She believes this according to her book.
Bayouflier 1
So what you're saying is, without god's help, she and the passengers were toast.
Tyler Barr 10
Yes, that is correct. She agrees with that also. see below:

1.) Have you ever read her book, "Nerves of Steel"? That'll explain the entire answer to your question a whole lot more than me trying to explain it to you.

2.) Also, listen to the flight recording. After she lands the airplane, what does she say? In the article I redirected you guys to, it says Thank God X3. But in the actual flight recording, listen to what she actually says.

Have a great rest of your week! 😊
Ronald Berry 1
Thanks for mentioning the name of that but I didn’t know it existed. It’ll give me something to read as I fly over the Pacific Ocean at the beginning of the year.
Tyler Barr 1
I wish I could fly over the pacific. Not yet though, maybe I'll go to someplace like New Zealand in the next couple of years. Be safe on your trip!
Bayouflier -6
I suppose you have corroborating evidence that god was in any way involved in the landing of this airplane. OF COURSE YOU DON'T.
Blue Withrow 1
an equally valid question might be phrased this way, "and I suppose you have evidence to prove that God wasn't involved in any way?"
Tyler Barr 1
Hmmm. I see. Sounds like there's one person here who didn't bother to go through the evidence I offered above.

You know, it makes me laugh that even though I offered evidence, you still say that I don't. Well, no, not even that, you yelled "OF COURSE YOU DON'T". C'mon man. The evidence is right there!

You know, honestly, I don't care. Go through it or don't. Believe it or don't. Thats you're call. But if you end up stirring mud pies, I'll just ignore you. Just be warned.

Be Blessed.
James Simms 1
Bayouflier & others will be praying to God as they’re dying their last breath, stuck in a lousy flying situation w/no obvious way out, or have a family member in dire straits.

I think it’s safe to assume many non-believers stuck on the 9/11 aircraft, towers, & Pentagon were praying for a way out that never came, & called out to God as they took their last breaths.

It was God that created a man & woman, w/the women's ability to bear children (yea, I know it’s non-PC, but they’ll have to just face the hard, biological facts) & bring us into this world.

Without the above & the God given ability bestowed upon the Wright Brothers to develop & create heavier than air aircraft & other modern conveniences, we’d still be stuck in the Stone Age.
Tyler Barr 0
That goes double for me... I'll be praying.

Well said James. Be blessed
Tyler Barr 0
Sonny Shattuck -1
And you also believe that the southwestern boarder is secure despite the evidence, You also go around barriers that say "Flooded road. Do not enter".
Tyler Barr 1
Say, what?

How do you know what he does or believes? hmm?
Leo Cotnoir -7
The promotion of religion in this item is inappropriate.
Tim Dyck 3
If the pilot involved feels that God had a part in her landing the plane then who are you to say any different?
garritt -2
what does god have to do with it...if she cared then it never would had the engine explosion
NEW DANGERS AS THERE IS A RISK THAT ONLY ONE PILOT WITH BE ONBOARD......Backroom deals to make certain people more money and drop the safety of being a passenger on a commercial flight...Only one pilot? Fake food, mystery injections, and now this?


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