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China Eastern Black Box Points to Intentional Nosedive

Flight data indicates someone in the cockpit intentionally crashed a China Eastern jet earlier this year, according to people familiar with U.S. officials’ preliminary assessment of what led to the accident. ( More...

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Roger Anderson 24
Another story if you can't read it
Randy Barron 5
Thank you! Why FlightAware is posting a squawk with a link to a paywall site is beyond me.
srobak 4
flightaware didn't post it - a user just like you did.
Mike Williams -1
Or bad editors?
John Yarno 2
Thank you, those were two very straight forward reports. No filler, no padding, no unsubstantiated speculation. Just the facts as we know them at this point.
Kerry Brandt 22
If it was one of the pilots (likely but unknown yet), then it’s one count of suicide and 122 counts of murder.
So let’s call it what it is: mass murder.
srobak 0
domestic terrorism and a hate crime, too
Sean Awning 20
Unfortunately, China may not allow Boeing and NTSB to assist in future investigations, with the risk that sensitive information will be released directly to the WSJ before the CAAC can prepare its news briefing.
Michel Montreuil 7
It's not sensitive information, Governments make that way to hide the truthful facts about occurrences. It happens everywhere... Not surprising or shocking that this is the case with this flight.
Greg77FA 18
Didn't need a black box or any experts to tell us that the nose dive was intentional. Anyone who flys knows planes don't go straight down like this.
Chris Bryant 28
The saddest thing, IMHO, is that there are other ways to commit suicide that doesn't kill 100 or more other people. This indicates more than depression involved.
bbabis 3
It's self centeredness. They could care less that there were 131 others on board. It was all about poor me.
John Redmond 18
I pointed out this possibility soon afterwards, and several of you guys busted on me. Not sure shy, since it was just a thought. I don't get why people are so emotional on posts.

This is the only explanation that makes sense.
John D 4
With you there. I go with the saying that 'planes don't just drop out of the sky'. If it were a bomb or explosive decompression, the bits of the plane would have rained down over a wide area. This one went into the mountain like a missile.
cyberjet 2
Go to Wikipedia and search “aircraft structural failures”. There you will find plenty of examples of crashes that started with an airframe failure. Given there were early reports of wing parts found away from the main crash scene, it was completely premature to conclude this was an intentional act at that time.
John Eliopoulos 1
However, you can apologize to all of us now.
zuluzuluzulu 9
Well, that is news no one wants to hear. It was a likely conclusion but you dont want to hear it is possible after 9-11. And, you dont want to be reminded that pilots are human and not super human and suseptible to depression.
sparkie624 11
The difference here is that this was the Crew that crashed the plane (Crew Suicide), here 9-11 was a hostile take over of cockpits by terrorist.
Cleffer 8
You have to go back to 1999 and EgyptAir Flight 990 for a crew suicide.
laferrierem 9
It has happened a few more times in recent history: :-(
Cleffer 4
Yep. I missed two (plus a suspected) commercial incidents all within about a year and a third of each other. Odd they were so closely clustered.
Mark Kortum 5
Statistically, it is NOT odd they were clustered. All random events appear to the human mind occur in clusters much of the time. If they were not clustered, that would be odd.
Bob Harrington 3
There is also a phenomenon known as the 'suicide cluster', where public awareness of an incident can tip the scale for other troubled individuals. This is more common with young people.
Chris Kephart 2
Common phenomenon know as copycat crimes. The incident gives the potential copycatter the idea.
pjshield 10
Germanwings 9525 in 2015 - suicide by co-pilot into the Alps
zuluzuluzulu 1
It said someone in cockpit....could have been an intruder.
Derek Vaughn 7
This is news that most aviation people likely expected to read. MH370 and 4U9525 similar.
Ken McIntyre 14
I had suspected as much. Either a bomb or suicide. Looks like China is not immune to craziness, either. So sad.
sparkie624 12
If it had been a Bomb, the plane would have fluttered all over the place, I always felt that this was Pilot Suicide.
anthony geinopolos 4
I guessed this
sparkie624 -1
Explain? Pilot Suicide?
o 艹 4
I hope the investigation goes well. It's good to have progress. We can't let these 123 people die in vain.May the dead rest in peace and the living live well.
Kevin Keswick 6
What was on the CVR? Was it recovered? A playback of the CVR would be conclusive.
sparkie624 6
It was stated as both recorders recovered... I too would love to hear that one.
cdkeeka 6
Having worked for a Chinese transport company, admittedly not aviation, it is almost certain any investigation into crew participation into this accident-if done at all-the result will be strictly internal & will not be made public. My experience is that no Chinese person can be seen to make a mistake. It would not only be "loss of face" for the person & their family, but even on the people who instructed, chose or authorised the person for the job. It is easier to blame a "foreigner" as western tradition is to admit to our mistakes in the hope of learning from them.

I have a similar take on Covid-19 in Wuhan. There is a high probability the Chinese government DO know what happend, and lessons MAY have been learned, but nobody would DARE make it public. At the risk of starting a conspiracy, I feel the recent hard lockdowns in Shanghai, etc are because they know something about Covid-19 that they haven't told the rest of the world. I repeat that is only a theory that occurred in the middle of the night. I could be wrong.
pilotjag 7
Just the way the plane was positioned in its final moments when it was captured on one of the cameras,, I figured this would be the reason for the crash. Definitely tragic. I wonder what the crew member(s) was dealing with outside or even during work that made them want to do this. Mental Health has become a serious matter these days. I’m curious, when was the last time a crew member deliberately crashed a passenger jet? Germanwings?
Doug Haviland 2
Said that from the beginning.
sparkie624 4
What I was saying all along.. crew Suicide! A Bomb they would have found residue in most cases, An internal failure would have been on the FDR. Would be interesting to hear the CVR! To come that straight down, they would have had to hold the controls full forward point it down!
bbabis 3
In the future, when aircraft are autonomous, a pilot bent on suicide will not be able to take hundreds with them.
Charlie Roberts 11
Except when some deranged controller or hacker commands the aircraft into a nose dive and NO ONE can have any physical control
bbabis 7
Suicide is one thing. Someone bent on blatant murder of others can do many things beyond anyone's control.
sparkie624 11
There will always be someone somewhere that will circumvent the situation,,,, Electronics can do a lot, but a human being can do more to get around it.... Just like prisons. They still have escapes no matter how escape proof they are!
sparkie624 5
Anyone that is a Crazy enough to Crash a plane intentionally, will find a way to circumvent any system to prevent it. I would like to see a fool proof system, but I do not think it will be anytime soon. You would need a system that a Pilot could not disable and then have it a reliable enough to never fail, or if it does fail a monitoring system over that system. The perfect solution does not exist and we are not even close to that technology.
sparkie624 3
and once it does exist, what about the time to prove it works... Anyone want to volunteer to be a crash test dummy for the proving runs/functional testing the system. It could turn into a short life time carreer!
Michael Zantow 1
Have to start using MANPADS, will be quite a few available on the black market next year
The Rx 1
This is not first incident of this kind. There was an episode on Mayday that featured a pilot that owed serious coin ....and nose-dived his jet for the life insurance. Locked the rest of the crew out of the cockpit and turned off transponders. Uggggh
Chris B 1
Had a nasty feeling this was going to be the reason.

Just like Laura Air.
Chris B 1
Lauda Air
The Rx 1 sad.
Brian Freeman -9
Perhaps the pilot was trying to create a graph that demonstrates what Joe Biden is doing to the U.S. stock market. Not sure why a Chinese pilot would do such a thing, but you can't argue with it's uncanny accuracy.


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