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He Bombed the Nazis, Outwitted the Soviets and Modernized Christmas

The B-17 he was piloting had lost two of its four engines to enemy fire, and as Si Spiegel surveyed the ruined landscape, he had one thought: We have to get behind the Russian front. ( More...

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bbabis 25
Non Paywall:
Allen Brailey 2
Thanks, that worked. A great story.
Merry Christmas and happy new year 22.
Heroes and sacrifices are always remembered.
Happy smooth landing.
“ it’s time to program the autopilot for peace on earth “”
Robert Neate 2
Thanks, much appreciated.
jack westwood 1
Thanks, Great Story!
Tim Dyck 1
Thank you for the link.
Wayne Schuman 16
Thanks for the link to the Non Paywall. It was a wonderful story!
Ed Schijf 6
What an interesting story and how lucky mr. Spiegel was to survive this Berlin raid.....
AWAAlum 5
A Jew giving Adolph what-for. Love it.
James Simms 1
On par w/Israeli F-15’s flying over Auschwitz-Birkenau back in 2003.
rbt schaffer 5
Interesting that they repaired aircraft and flew it from Poland to Foggia Italy over Russian held territory ... Which leads me to my uncles logbook as pilot in 15th AAF 2 BG, 20th Squadron WWII flying out of Foggia Italy.. Some stories just need telling and this is from his logbook ... Mission #49 July 27,1944 Budapest Hungary. Bombed armament works. Flak was heavy intense and Accurate. Many holes in ship. Lost #1 engine over target due to flak. Feathered #1. Flak also hit #2 engine knocking out supercharger and causing bad oil leak. Had to feather #2 engine 20 minutes off target. Crew threw out all possible equipment- guns, armor plate, flak suits, bombsight etc. Salvoed the ball turret in time to clear mountains in Yugoslavia. Flew at 115 mph. Was able to hold ALT. Made good landing. Much credit should go to Dittrich & Crosser. Dittrich stayed in ball turret while #1 engine was on fire + kept me informed about #2 engine oil leaking on hot supercharger. He got out of ball when I feathered #2. Crosser was key man in getting rid of ball turret. Ship was #118 SNAFUPERMAN .... This was one of the missions that earned him issuance of 3 DFC's .... Three of his missions were also 'Operation Frantic' where they flew from Foggia to Mirgrorad Russia then back to Foggia after staying in Russia. He went to Russia in 1996 to receive a medal for operation Frantic .... Never once did tell me a story from WWII.... His next mission #50 was his last with nothing but a piece of flak through the windscreen that nicked his neck which he brought home as a farewell souvenir.
rbt schaffer 4
Oh heck, since I'm now looking at it, he flew the same plans a few days later on his last mission. The repair crews sure could patch them up...... Mission #50 July 31 1944. Ploesti Romania. Bombed Xenia oil refinery. Flak was heavy intense + accurate. Flew SNAFUPERMAN again #118. 3 holes, one in cockpit glass. Saw no enemy fighters. Lost one ship. This was my last Mission....... One month later the entire 20th squadron was shot down over the White Carpathian Alps including many of the ships he flew.
WhiteKnight77 4
What a great story. Hopefully, he has the ability to get it told and printed before he heads to that big squadron in the sky.

As for those complaining about the story being behind a paywall, a simple change to your settings for your browser not allowing cookies from the site, will allow you to read the story.

If using Chrome, go to chrome://settings/cookies and add to sites that can never use cookies. Problem solved.
Gene Poon 4
Today's Bovine Scatology: New York Times paywall.
WhiteKnight77 1
If you had read the previous comments, you would have found a way to get around the NYT paywall, and any others you wish to add.
Mark Henley -1
We shouldn't have to find a way to go around it - not on FlightAware.
AWAAlum 4
Perhaps it's just fine to let the folks here decide if they choose to pay for it or not. Personally, I don't feel it's a Flight Aware issue. It's an issue of its members.
James Simms 6
He needs to write a book ASAP before it’s too late. My late Father was finally going to learn how to use a computer & write down all of his stories abt his WW2 unit. Sadly he had a stroke that night & passed away the next day.
John Buckler 6
This Was I thought going to be a good Read however it was blocked because it came from the NYT and that’s BS having to pay for a Article that Flight Aware posted! Merry Christmas 🤔☹️🥲
AWAAlum 1
Did Flight Aware post it, or did F.O. Krupke post it?
Mark Henley 1
Your answer belongs up with the replies to Bruce Schimmel...
John Succop 6
Thanks for the link to a paywall....
Click-bate to a subscription, waste of time. Thanks bbabis.
Rick D 3
I was a member of a flying club and one of our members had flown for the Luftwaffe during WW2. If you google "the missing ten minutes - Franz Stigler" you will find a story of uncommon kindness. In our lounge we the the original painting which depicted this event. Heroes and compassionate people wore both uniforms.
awesome story with a breathtaking panorama of history, culture and flying.
Allen Brailey 6
Please don't include posts we can't read without paying.
Bruce Schimmel -1
respectfully, why not?
Mark Henley 7
Because FlightAware has up to now been a free information exchange, that's why!
Les .. 4
find it here:
Tim Smith 2
Thank you!
I have no interest in seeing an article like this in Flightaware where you have to pay to read. It's BS having to pay for a Article that Flight Aware posted!
Joel Kampa 2
Les, thanks for the free link.

Great story indeed. Many brave people didn't live through the war to tell their story. Thanks for all that protect us.
Russ Brown 2
Wouldn't mind if the money went to Si.
Bill Butler 2
The non-paywall link crashed my computer. Oh, well. One day one of the grandkids will figure it out for me :)
avionik99 5
Why link us to places that require a subscription? Just stupid....
Alan Fudge 4
Don't waste our time with NY Times links EVER.
John Valleau 3
Not going to subscribe
Henry Hughes 2
Fricking NYT pay wall.
Tim Smith 2
Can you expect anything else from the Times? Bastards, one and all.
steve sf 1
Tim Dyck 1
A very interesting story. It includes the way Jews were treated after the war, I’m glad those days are behind us. But it doesn’t take long to find hate on social media and we all need to be diligent that it does not take over our society
Jack Ziegler 1
Wow! Terrific story. thanks for posting.
David Hopkins 1
Couldn't read the article. They wanted to charge me for it.
AWAAlum 1
Read comments ... there are links to non-paywall to story.
David Hopkins 1
I did. I wanted to read the story then check the comments. Perhaps I should have checked the comments first. Thanks for the help.
AWAAlum 1
You bet.
F. M. 1
Unable to view article due to paywall barrier.
Nelson Smith 1
Thanks for the link to be able to read the whole article.
Fascinating life lived well in spite of racism.
Carl Staib 1
Thanks for the Website Les.
Scott Sample 1
I don't think you have to subscribe to read this wonderful WWII aviation story. The NYT allows reading a few articles each month without a subscription - but you have to register I think. Worth it for this...
ddieterich 1
New York Times paywall. Can't read article without subscription.
David Loh 0
This is not the first time flight aware saw fit to feature a squawk that links to subscription required site. It is an insult to members that it does not see fit to Also Warn right up front that it is in fact nothing more than an affiliate advertisement.
AWAAlum 3
I've heard it said, people who work for free know their self worth.
Gregory Zack 3
I've heard it said that those who subscribe to news outlets that continuously call them fools are really fools after all. New York times, Washington Post, and AP regularly diss 55% of the population, and some of us are not willing to pay for the abuse!
Alan Glover 2
So who else should work for free? Your doctor?

No wonder China is handing us our hats.
Randy Brown 0
Paywall garbage
Randy Brown 4
Free link
Worthwhile story
Dennis See 1
Thank you, Mr. Brown.
Randy Marco -3
“I never thought that fascism was a possible threat to our nation’s democracy until now,” Mr. Spiegel said.

How quickly society forgets, it's so sad that Right Wing fascism is front and center as proved by trumpf and ALL those supporting the repugnant agenda of anti-democracy attempting to undermine our elections AND democracy.
Alan Glover 4
Your TDS is showing.

Ask any media outlet, left or right. Who has been the best (free speech) for their business?

Who has been right about almost everything (defund police, energy independence, ME peace,
blm/pantifa ) and who has made each of these worse?

Now, who are you claiming are the fascists? smh.
Don Jones 2
Or socialism; extremes are always bad, not only in flying but in life


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