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Roman Abramovich’s Private 767 P4-MES Is Up For Sale. Here’s What It Looks Like Inside

Romain Abramovich's private Boeing 767 BBJ, best known as 'The Bandit', is up for sale. ( More...

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tlfys1 5
Poverty sucks...
Lewis Tripp 2
JW Wilson 2
I had no idea who this was, but I'd have to live on that plane. It is certainly gorgeous!
Chris Croft 1
Paul, check yourself into a clinic
Paul Miller -3
....and it looks loke the flight deck crew were sit sitting in their seats, I bet that got their attentions really quick ha ha ha. "Hey all you guys on the team that are still here, RUN to the front and get this thing back to level once more" !!!!
bentwing60 2
should somebody say 'Wrong squawk boron'.


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