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DC air traffic disrupted after American Airlines flight stalls near runway

Emergency crews at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. are responding to a jet that has been stopped in the middle of the airport's main runway. The jet sat on the runway for about 10 minutes before fire and rescue crews arrived, according to a video taken of the plane and posted to social media. ( More...

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EMK69 23
Does anyone proof their work anymore? Breaking=The act of breaking something

Braking: Using a device to stop something or reducing the speed of an object
Gary Eldridge 3
Is this considered Braking News?
Nick Abate 2
No they fixed it. the news isn't broken anymore
Cibrut Turbic 3
Braking/breaking, hangar/hanger, yoke/yolk ... Some people, especially native english speakers, don't really care much about their language :D
Cleffer 2
LOL. Literally just posted that.
sparkie624 8
LOL... I guess I have Emergency Breaking at work.. Sometimes I just have to go get a refill on my drink with little or no notice... :) LOL!
Cleffer 1
Speaking of coffee!
Make that a lite coffee, whilst on Brake.
David Loh 0
Not the first time I have seen BREAKING=the act of applying the brakes (the breaks?) . Even on YouTube. Doesn't bother me any more.
Nick Abate 3
your wright. I mean, you're right.
GraemeSmith 5
Mike Monk 5
… flight stalls on runway?
roman fedotov 9
whats with the garbage topic title. Man i hate media writing about aviation without having a clue about it. Did he stall near the runway, slam into the ground hard and thats what blew the tires out?
That’s a more coherent story that involves breakage.
sparkie624 1
LOL... You expect the news reporters to check for Accuracy in now day times... LOL
sparkie624 8
This one will prove interesting... 2 Totally separate breaking systems and still no brakes and basically had to use the parking brake to stop as it sounds looking up All 4! I would love to see the FDR and better yet listen to the CVR to see what really happened. 2 separate Hydraulic systems for brakes and still could not stop it... Something is really wrong here... Someone goofed somewhere!
Frank Harvey 5
Who handles mx for Brickyard ? There must be common points between the separate E75 braking systems, I imagine the failure might have occurred at one of these. However one question would be : Did the tires blow on touchdown or in response to crew action to remedy the main brake failure ? If tires blew first then debris may have disabled both hydraulic systems - look at what tire debris did to AF4590.

sparkie624 2
Brickyard??? As for the Braking system the Inboard and Outboard systems are driven off of different systems, but they did not have a flight control issue. The Tires did not blow on Touch down. Captain said that the Brakes did not activate and had to activate the Emergency Brakes, so some how they got Hyd Pressure to the brakes as that would be the only way to activate them, and when they did, they completely locked up and blew all 4 of them... Personally, I am thinking something got goofed up in the Anti Skid system... I would not be surprised to see an AD come out over this incident assuming the crews did mess up something on landing and it does not sound like they did.
Jim Smirh 2
Frankly, after the 'editorial' comments here, I haven't even read the "news" article...

"Emergency" brakes normally bypass the anti-skid system and they usually work off stored hydraulic pressure. They are often a 'one-shot' deal; apply them gradually and don't try to modulate the deceleration. You must be "gentle" when applying them.

Another possibility is that the "Emergency" brakes they applied were actually the "Parking" brake, which can be applied even if the aircraft is moving. Applying the parking brake will generally 'lock' the wheels. Period. If they are applied while the aircraft is moving, the best you get will be some flat spots on the tires. If you are moving at a higher speed (Is that the end of the runway?!), you can easily blow several tires.
Frank Harvey 1
Hi Sparky, I thought Brickyard was the callsign for AA's Embraers. I was just wondering who did their maintenance.

Thanks for the explanation of the possible problems with this braking system. In a non-aviation case years ago I had a problem when an "anti-skid" module on a 1990s Chevy pick up (that had just come out of the shop from a brake job) decided not to activate any of the brakes on a downhill highway stretch at 60 plus. Luckily there was then an uphill stretch which, with the parking brake, allowed the truck to stop.
dkenna 1
Brickyard is Republic Airlines call sign. Nothing to do with AA
Jeff Steiner 4
It's not all that relevant to the actual story, but you're kind of both right!

"American Eagle flight 4965, operated by Republic Airways, with service from Memphis to Reagan National Airport experienced a mechanical issue upon landing at DCA..."
Ken Riehl 2
Makes sense since Republic is based out of Indianapolis
Sparkie, I’ve flown many planes over the years and not one had a separate emergency brake system, so how exactly did they apply the emergency brakes?
Flight stalls near runway? Great headline.
Patrick Smith 4
Not to nitpick, but this was a Republic Airways flight, not American Airlines.
Cleffer 4
My favorite part.

"We had to use emergency breaking to get the airplane to stop. We were, we were not gonna stop."

OH I GET IT NOW. They had to break the tires in order to get the plane to stop. Oh did they mean "Braking"?

Ladies and gentlemen, our national media.
ray hughes -3
No, that is FOX news.
And from across the Pond, on a slow Friday afternoon.

Reading through the "breaking/break" (wrong) and braking/braked/stopped discussion, it was a joy to see the English language at work, followed by an "unbroken" string of breaking jokes.

So, back to the headline. How far from the runway did the 'plane stall? one foot above? one hundred feet above. Makes you wonder what constitutes a "near miss"..
Greg S 3
It was going to land and go to the gate unbroken, we can't allow that as it will raise expectations for the next flight, so we had to use emergency breaking. Thankfully the aircraft finally broke.
Mike Mohle 3
Had an incident once @ KILG where main struts were serviced when A/C was loaded prior to departure. On landing, much lighter of course, WOW limit switches did not close, no T/Rs or brakes (or breaks depending on your college), had to use emergency brake system to stop. Can't wait to see how this shakes out.
themold 1
How can an aircraft stall when on the ground?
I towed you it wasn't write
Jesse Carroll 0
Are we discussing, slowing something down, tearing something up or dancing? I'm confused!
Oh and I used 100 proof for this post!


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