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FAA was supposed to relax masks rules today, so did it?

“I have decided to extend the FAA’s unruly-passenger zero-tolerance policy as we continue to do everything we can to confront the pandemic,” Dickson said in a statement provided to Fox Business. ( More...

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Phillip Lamm 29
This is why I fly my own plane...
David Loh 4
Most of us poor people here can't afford an intercontinental Private Jet. So we have to fly with the airlines AND FOLLOW THE *** RULES!!
tom mcdo 11
Can't see me getting on a plane for a very long time, if ever. How much is UBER from houston to tampa anyway?
w2bsa 31
Frankly, the unruly passenger should be removed from a flight no matter what the reason is for their unruliness. They are a potential danger aboard the aircraft. Besides, since the aircraft is private property the flying public must follow their rules no matter which airline you’re flying. No one has a constitutional right to fly just like we don’t have a constitutional right to drive a car. Your PRIVILEGE to do either CAN be revoked.
Same here. This is why I fly my own bird. Don't have to put up with this BS
mikeenderle 16
Crowder had a great line about the guy next to him on the plane, "Ya know, if you order a drink you're no longer a risk and don't have to wear the mask." "Rum and Coke please!"
William Downs 3
Who's making trillions of dollars? Names please.
John Yarno 6
It all depends upon what the definition of "unruly-passenger" is. At this moment in time it seems to be anything the cabin crew feels they don't like. So my feeling is no, not until there is a clear and reasonable definition.
You will know unruly when they sit next to you.
David Loh -1
There IS a clear and reasonable definition. It is in all the crew's manuals. As long as the crew "Considers" the pax as unruly for any reason, the Pax is Unruly. No debate. For example, a boarded pax, who is a doctor going to a scheduled surgery, sitting in his allocated seat waiting for departure can be ruled "Unruly" and dragged off the plane merely for refusing to give up his seat to a "Positioning" crew due to a cockup by the airline.
Anthony Allen 6
Violent & obnoxious passengers are not just an unwanted distraction & annoyance for the other passengers, they endanger the safe operation of the aircraft, but returning to the departure airport or diverting to another airport is expensive for the airline & a major inconvenience to the other passengers, especially those who may have a short time to catch a connecting flight.

It's only a fantasy solution to be sure but the pilot could just bring the aircraft down to 8000 feet or so & "deplane" the passenger/s engaging in loutish behavior.

I mean don't be cruel or inhumane: put them in coveralls a bike helmet & googles, strap them into a static-line opening parachute & give 'em a bottle of water.
Right on
Are we just going to wear masks forever now? ENOUGH already!!! Let people friggin breathe.
David Loh -1
In my country we all wear masks because we trust our govt (do YOUR people trust YOUR govt?) when it tells us wearing masks helps to REDUCE (as much as possible) the spread of the virus. It helps us protect ourselves and people around us from the virus. I NEVER EVER once had problems breathing, or fainted, or anything, even while going on a brisk walk (I don't jog, bad for the knees). So, why do you say you can't breathe through a mask? How about a surgeon operates on you Without wearing a mask because he says he can't breathe with a mask on? He wears the mask to protect YOU!
Ed Schijf 2
As an outsider (non American) I did not believe my eyes what I read in the various comments. It started off with mask rules and before long some people became aggressive and called other people names. Shame on you.....
Tom Morris 2
There is no reason for anyone to be disruptive on a commercial airliner. And if they decide to do so they should be carried away to jail plain and simple.
Tony Becker 3
Let’s use some common sense here. If a small child refuses to wear a mask it’s because they don’t understand and may be frightened by it. They are NOT UNRULEY passengers.
Lloyd Sharp 4
I do believe that an "Unruly passenger" for WHATEVER reason(s) they become Unruly, should be permanently banded from flying. They should loose that PRIVILEGE, and be placed on the No fly list. They endanger not only themselves, but everyone on-board the aircraft. I am very intolerant of passenger(s) becoming Unruly. There is no room allowed for anyone who doesn't feel that they are subject to the rules that the rest of us follow-- Not on-board an Aircraft.
If any passenger(s) give my Flight attendants any sort of grief....they are off the aircraft.
Think about this....If a passenger doesn't feel / believe that they are subject to the rules of normal behavior...How do you think these people are going to behave in an Emergency?? They endanger everyone's lifes!
No room for people like this on an Aircraft.
Robbin Lynn 3
500 cases of non-compliance?

How many cases of CV are from commercial airline travel? And of those, what is recovery rate?

FAA says they will follow the data.
Where is the data??
Actually, since the American people bailed out the airlines, they own them.
Good Job, FAA! It's not that hard to wear masks, so thanks for keeping it mandated!
chiefaviator 3
Well here is the issue.

Studies have shown the masks that are "mandated" have no significant effect in protection or any virus.

And the "mandate" specifically does not allow any real, effective protective masks to be worn on flights.

So while I do not fault the FAA for being strict with disruptive passengers, the mask "mandate" is far from a "good job". More like a political side show.
John Elliott 8
Stay home if your afraid.
Anthony Allen 2
Stay home if you don't want to wear a mask.

See how easy that is?
Ah. Presumably then, if you should ever require surgery, you will demand that the surgical team not wear masks because A) your a manly man who isn't afraid of anything, and B) FREEDOM!
Anthony Allen 2
I never cease to be amused at those who insist a medical team wearing a mask during surgery is somehow "different" from wearing a mask in public to limit the spread of an airborne pathogen.
Carl Hoppe 10
Study medicine, then you’ll understand there is a big difference. And surgeons don’t go into theater with a virus. Bacteria is something different that masks do help. Read the studies by Dr. Blaylock, neuro surgeon
Edward Loebl 1
Blaylock was a thoracic surgeon. He developed the so called blue baby operation.
Hey Carl, you don't need to study medicine, you just need to look at the scientific literature. Here, I'll help you out:

I'll give you a short version of the review of the literature: N95 masks are approximately as good as surgical masks are better than cloth masks, with effectiveness of cloth masks varying in effectiveness (not surprisingly) by quality.

Now, if you are arguing that cloth masks are not 100% effective at preventing viral spread, then you are of course right. But they are clearly not 100% INeffective.

If you persist in claiming that masks are useless because they aren't 100% effective, then let's test the logical limits of your argument in a way that is relevant to this forum.

Pilot training does not prevent 100% of air crashes due to pilot error. Do we therefore declare pilot training useless?
chiefaviator 2
Well the obvious question is why do NBC personnel not just wear an N95 mask when dealing with viruses instead of expensive suits and masks?

And why doesn't the FAA allow the use of actual protective mask be worn by passengers?
Daniel Gless -3
Neuro surgeon? Far cry from an epidemiologist. Can a flight attendant fly the plane then too? Naaaa, wear a mask or get out!
Brad Webster 2
masks are like trying to catch a mosquito with a hula hoop
JvdBBBB -1
Not that hard indeed.
Just pointless and annoying.
ImperialEagle 3
It's a good thing the illegals crossing the border aren't trying to fly across, because what would they do? It's a conundrum.
The President says "come on in, who cares about COVID (or Polio, for that matter)", and the FAA say's you will go to jail without a mask.
We are a nation of 330,000,000 people. To think we will be destroyed because of a handful of illegals cross over is like saying we are in danger of drowning because there is a drip in the kitchen faucet.
darjr26 0
I don’t know how they are getting over Trump’s wall.

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Anthony Allen 5
If they're arriving to the U.S. from another nation they will either possess documents allowing them legal entry into the U.S. or they will be put on a flight right back to where they came from.

Don't bother to answer.
Actually, NO illegals arrive by plane. They become illegal when they overstay their visas.
srobak -5
Your missing the point
Robert Cowling -3
You're missing the point too. We are ALL descended from immigrants. I'm sure the American Indians are furious with their ancestors who had the power to ban European refuse from setting up their perverted ideas of 'living on the land'. If only, huh... They sure missed the opportunity to stop the steal of their land, and death of their culture. Instead, they allowed those people to stay, and they spread like a virus... Yikes...
Robert, he said “illegals” not immigrants. Illegal means that a law has been broken.

Also, why do you hate yourself and this country so much?
Robert Cowling -3
Oh, you are so witty...
Well, who did the Indians get the land from? Did they just spontaneously appear one day and say this was their land? Yeah, I know about the one time land bridge between Alaska and Russia. My people were all legal immigrants who did it the right way!
I’m sure the indigenous people who predated the Native Americans willingly shared the lands with them before being exterminated.
Alan McCoin 3
Offered free RT airfare on a recent travel.
Drove the suburban instead and enjoyed the sight-seeing along the way without any unruly passengers!

No thanks on being crammed into a tube with idiots for 3 hours...btw people...masks don’t work.
Meredith Going -2
Said the "idiot"
Masks are the critical part of opening. Wear one
Larry Martin 1
Fox News? I refuse to click it.
srobak 3
Your loss

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Do not relax the mask rules. Its hard enough to fly with coughing or sneezing people around you with colds, or obnoxious loud people and crying babies, but COVID is not something to get relaxed about. Let's act like adults and just do what is the best for everyone until we can get through this. People who don't follow the rules need to be taken off the plane.
Carl Hoppe 4
Take a greyhound if you want to live in fear.
Conti540 2
Hah, Greyhound is way more risky.

But, Carl, it's easy for you to be glib about it -- but it's real tough when I meet you in the ICU and you're ready to intubated.

Most folks don't imagine they are going to get this -- but there they are in the ER anyway.
At this point, I'll take my chances.
Flora Brands 0
Being unruly is not acceptable. But the forced farce of a pandemic is also unacceptable. This is only so a few can make their trillions of dollars by forcing compliance to a ridiculous scam. Maybe the unrulies at this point have had enough!!
Ro Gal 1
Covid has spawned many new businesses. Instead of traveling by land vehicle or train, is there an Uber/Lyft version for aviation? I don't particularly mean charter airlines, rather private individuals or flying clubs that want to generate revenue?
Carl Hoppe 1
I think I’ll drive, rather than fly in fear of coodies. The airlines can sell my seat to another sheep.
Daniel Gless -1
I'M GLAD you're driving. I don't want to be anywhere near you!
Thomas Francl 1
So, they extended the rule. To when...2099? Poorly written story from Fox
I am shocked, shocked to hear....
Todd Cory -3
"Poorly written story from Fox"

like that is something new? ;)
Matt Reardon 1
Its a matter of protesting forced compliance with BS that is unnecessary, never scientifically verified as necessary, and where there have NEVER been any data that air travel has ever resulted in meaningful disease transmission except in very small sporadic case reports. The Covid numbers absolutely clearly show that in the aggregate masking and all the other forced requirements did NOTHING to stop the epidemic. The paradoxically caused the US to have the WORSE numbers. You would think that would raise questions. No the government burocrats dont want to be questioned. Could masking actually make things worse - absolutely, you get a mild case and keep rebreathing your own infested air, then of course it might very well set you up for severe pneumonia. Furthermore it is crystal clear that in exceptionally well ventilated places like airports and planes the risk of transmission even without masks is extremely low. The danger is vastly greater in minimally ventilated homes and apartments and in ICUs with heavily infected coughing covid pneumonia patients. The rest of this is ineffective unnecessary BS to placate the irrationally narcissistically fearful and the childishly compliant that apparently believe everything they are told and whose imaginations are too constrained to imagine thst there might be far better far less intrusive focused solutions.
Rex Bentley -9
Masks were a good marker to see how many folks they could fool today. Next, the second amendment. There's always two reasons for everything, the one they give and the REAL one.

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Engal Hafner 3
If you follow actual science, when a virus mutates, it becomes weaker.
A virus is already dead. It needs help to “infect” you. Something has to help it enter your system.
You have a wealth of information at your fingertips, but obviously you prefer to be spoon fed the narrative from MSM.
darjr26 -1
A virus is alive and mutates to stay alive. You need to go back to delivering pizzas.
Robert Cowling -3
You are an idiot. Where did you get your degree in Immunology? Trump University?

Virus mutations can go either way. Just the fact that the South African and UK variants are more contagious, and infecting younger people put a bullet in the head of your statement.

All this virus needs is a higher degree of lethality, and it could be the end of humans on this planet. And if it's not this virus, it could be the next one. (There will be a next one)

I guess the best part of the deaths from this virus is that people that think it's a fraud are likely dying at much higher rates, and those that have severe cases of it, and 'recover', are less likely to follow the illogical and insane bleating of the 'pro-death' crowds.
Ro Gal -1
Said the 6 year grad from Hunter college...
mikeenderle 3
Funny man. 100 years of research since the Spanish Flu said makes don't work and yet here we are. And about the same time restricting gun usage and possession with a direct correlation in "gun violence". BTW the murder rate should be 400% higher but modern medicine keeps it down. Enjoy your useless gun control and masks. Idiot.
Randy Brown 2
The love of freedom is what you cry against. Lemmings marching onto today’s box cars. Be a man stand up against illegal immoral and unconstitutional restrictions. Definitions are important. When a gang banger shoots more than 3 people it gets on your “mass shootings” list.
Do you trust the Federal Government and it’s bureaucracies with your life? Do you trust that their policies won’t destroy your livelihood. Are we losing “free speech” is religion under attack. Are “warrantless” searches a concern to you?
Wow, you have problems!

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And, apparently, a small brain. OUCH!!!
david lomax 0
anyone that continues wearing a mask is attacking the USA and should be charged with treason it destroys the USA so a few scammers can get rich .covid was never a risk we were lied to. do your homework in 1947 virus hit the USA what did we do nothing its just flu people with the pre-existing condition might die but that life .no one wants to see anyone die. but I do not want us to become, a third-world country because our government is lying to us about this covid. take caution but after two weeks it should have been bus as usual. i hope the pharmaceutical companies are happy for destroying so,many people lives
DUMB!!! The reason passengers are unruly is BECAUSE they are made to wear a mask.....there is the deeper reason of control control control
George Pepe 0
Just wear the mask. Or, you can get a giant bag of m&ms and suck on them all flight and claim that you are eating.

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Greg S 6
Your stupidity and authoritarianism should be your most immediate concern.
Look at you. Using big words you have no clue of the meaning. Fox News is calling for an authoritarian leader of America. Look at Syria, and Myanmar. Look closely. You think you won't be targeted? Once the real authoritarians take charge, your kind will be some of the first against the wall. They can't trust you. You helped them destroy America. The irony will be rich...
Syria is led by a communist-nationalist.
Robert Cowling -2
That Trump loved. He was Putin's only friends outside of North Korea and China. Oops... Trump is an authoritarian. Oh, and a nihilist...

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srobak -4
You have clearly been smoking too much of your own product
So does China, but you watch the other MSM regardless.
David Rice 1
You know what others watch? Let me quote you from your earlier post about you being a holocaust denier...” were there?”
Actually, you are the Holocaust denier. I denied that YOU were there. My brothers in Arms, in the Army, were there. But you hate the military because we protect the people’s rights. Typical communist. You shall not pass.
Robert Cowling -4
Rupert Murdoch figured out how to market hate to stupid people. It used to be that 'sex sells', but who knew that hate sold better. Hat sells people out of their jobs, out of their homes, out of their healthcare, out of their place in the economy.

While you absorb Fox News and their lies, the ultra rich laugh their asses off. You are making their job of upending the country so much easier, and you are too full of hate and false self righteousness to even see it! Congratulations. For everyone that thought that Trump was the 'useful idiot', they underestimated the 'uneducated people' that Trump said he loves so much. They are so blinded by faux rage, they will escort the new aristocracy in, and willingly walk themselves through the door of the slaughter house they setup.

Enjoy your hatred, the heady rush of screaming at people smarter than you that they are 'Nazis', and 'elites', as the country crumbles and falls on your neck.
Because CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS are owned by middle-class Americans, not corporations.
Mr. Cowling, That says it all. You are one of the very few who understand the big picture. Unfortunately, you are arguing with brainwashed morons. You'll get nowhere. The U.S. has the highest disparity between the wealthy and the poor; the highest maternal mortality; the worst health care; the worst education; the highest rate of its citizens incarcerated than any other advanced industrial nation.. But the Fox brain washed idiots, who for the most part have never read Karl Marx (or likely any other book) are the firs to call any attempted changes in the corrupt kleptocracy of the rich as "Socialism," or, God forbid, "Communism." As for the morons who refuse to wear masks on aircraft or anywhere else, think of it as Dawinism in action. More of them will end up in ICU's (on the public dollar) and die. Perhaps Covid is God's way of improving the gene pool. It desperately needs it. Unfortunately, there's a lot of collateral damage.
Randy Manning 0
Listen here moron , there is no proof or data that said that the mask protects you, even the box that it comes in will tell you that the mask dose not protect you from covid 19, or any virus for that matter, and theirs plenty of doctors that will tell you the same thing stupid! and the flu has killed as many people!
This covid 19 has taking more freedom away from people than any thing, and that's there purpose! Continue to act like a sheep you fools!!!
darjr26 1
The stars are bright
The sky is blue
You’re an idiot
And a moron too
Do you think surgeons wear masks to protect themselves from their patients?

A silent fool is half a genius!
Ed Schijf -1
Is over 550.000 American deaths still not enough proof of something being wrong with this "mild flu"?
Ed Chapman -1
Fox headline misconstrues the actual story as usual.
John Prukop -1
The only PANDEMIC that exists, it in your mind. COVID-19 is a cartoon character that lives on the TEL-A-LIE-VISION. The FAA and the airlines promoting this COVID JAB program will ultimately be sued for crimes against humanity. Better spool up on Dr. Sherry Tenpenny's warnings on Bitchute.

The latest figures from the CDC 'VARES' website (as of March 26th) show over 2500 DEAD now and more on the way as the JABS increase, not to mention permanent paralysis and over 50,000 adverse anaphylactic responses. And YOU want to trust FAUCI, BIRX and GATES?

For a frank, no bars hold discussion of what you're dealing with, check out Amandha Dawn Vollmer. This gal doesn't mince words concerning the 'MASKED MORONS' and other assorted 'COVIDIOTS' and holds two degrees as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology. This video is from 7-months ago.

And for a NEW warning against getting the jab, check this:

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[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

You mention Myanmar. But not a peep about China, Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.
Carl Hoppe 1
Awe, your not rich? Must be some else’s fault! Blame the capitalist leaders of the greatest country on earth. That’ll fix it.
What does my having money (or not) have to do with anything?

Would you trust me more if I lived in a $100,000,000 mansion, rather than living in a $30,000 mobile home? I read an article that had a surprising minority conclusion that I found amazing. Undereducated people tend to trust, and believe, what 'rich people' say more than the same ideas coming from 'poor people'. So it was an interesting moment of clarity for why so many uneducated people were blindly following the most corrupt, and corrupting, person to ever run for president. I was stunned, actually. What a bizarre effect in the human psyche.

And people without a 'pot to piss in' continue to show him with money and attention. People committed federal felonies based on the outrageous LIE that the election was 'stolen' from him.

Wow... Just amazing... The 'sheep' trusting the fox. They are less than nothing to the rich, and yet they worship the rich. Stunning...
I already have a seat at the table. You can have my scraps if you want.
Which table?
Randy Manning -2
And the Airlines don,t have a constitutional right on our health either!! you sheep's!!


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