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JetBlue Still Planning To Launch London A321LR Flights Next Year

Despite the incredibly difficult times being experienced by airlines right now, JetBlue remains committed to its eagerly anticipated London launch. Contrary to speculation that the routes could be delayed by quite some time, the airline has today confirmed that it is still targeting 2021 for the start of these game-changing services. ( More...

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Ruben Rios 2
Great to see this company make a move like this. I can see potential in merging with a European company to expand it's international lure. Shout out tona special friend that works at JetBlue (EW).
aurodoc 2
As a kid and then teenager I remember well flying 707 and DC8 narrow bodies to Europe from the East and West coast. Also from our home in Phoenix to New York on TWA Convair 880's. West coast flights stopped in Gander. I guess it was survivable since that's all we knew in the 60's and early seventies. I do believe there was more legroom then now.
I flew from klax to kbos with JetBlue. There was NO service the entire flight, one attendant was asleep and the other stood against the bulkhead with arms folded and stared at the rest of the plane.
I can't imagine flying over all that water with JetBlue.
patrick baker 1
this A321LR works best as wet dreams for airline accountants who never sit in coach. This plane is not big enough to space seats far enough apart to creat comfort for the 6 hour or so flight, no matter what fancy name is give to the seat configuration, or the mood lighting, or the fashions worn by the cabin crew.
Torsten Hoff 3
The cabin is wider than the 737 and seat pitch is up to the airlines -- they can make it as comfortable or uncomfortable as they want.

While in your seat there isn't much of a difference compared to widebodies, the only issue is when needing to move around the cabin -- the single aisle is a bottleneck. Trying to go use the lavatory while a meal is served? Too bad, hold it in.
ADXbear 1
I cant imagine canned up in this airplane crossing the Atlantic.. drug everyone
pilotjag 1
Didn't Norwegian Air Shuttle at one point operate flights across the Atlantic (can't remember from where to where)? They used a Boeing 737 MAX I believe, so I wonder what flying transatlantic was like in a narrowbody
Norwegian Air Shuttle to KFLL
Andy cripps 1
That was a 787. The Norwegian 737s going into FLL were from the Caribbean.They flew the 737Max transatlantic to NY.
Andy cripps 1
Yes they did, to NY. Air Canada too, into LHR.
OMG! Try LAX to SYD. It's a LOOOOOOOOONG flight.

What's worked for me is Lunesta, and 3 glasses of red wine. I wake as breakfast is being served, and it's amazing. Highly recommended. *shrug*

On the return flight? Not so simple.
Frank Harvey 1
LAX to SYD, and MEL to LAX in the back of a Quantas 380 was fine for me. Service was excellent, and relatively frequent, in Economy. Transatlantic Economy in the 1960's in Bristol Britannias between Gatwick and Seawell, Barbadoes (refuelling in the Azores) was also good.

For a while in the 1970s and early 1980s BOAC/BA Economy wasn't too good (I called them Air Arrogance) but they improved dramatically later in the 1980s. More recently Economy on Delta, Virgin, BA and American transatlantic has worked fine for me.

My absolutely worst overwater experiences were always overnight eastbound Aer Lingus KPHL to Dublin which used to stop at Limerick. After "dinner" there was no morning service, not even coffee. And the cabin crew, who would make and drink their own coffee and snacking in the rear of the Economy cabin were actually quite nasty in refusing when I asked for a cup. It seemed that after "dinner" the back end of the Economy cabin, including the toilets, on those Aer Lingus flights, became exclusive Cabin Crew Country and even though the aroma of their coffee and snacks was wafting around the passengers in the back half of the cabin the coffee and food was reserved for the Cabin Crew. I learnt that if I wanted a morning coffee I had to disembark into the Limerick Transit lounge, line up, buy a cup, and then reboard.

I'd rather fly Quantas between LAX and Oz than Aer Lingus between PHL and Dublin !

Trans-atlantic wasn't a problem. It took me a few minutes to sleep, but I woke up for breakfast, and landing. It was surprisingly painless, and if you leave early enough, going back isn't a problem either. Well, except for the time change. Having it be sunny almost the entire time of the flight is strange. But it was wild. ROCK ON!!!
Robert Cowling -6
I'm wondering if JetBlue will survive this. Boeing is practically promising that a company is going to die. Might as well be JetBlue. *shrug*
Matt West 5
I wouldn’t trust Boeing’s ability to foresee the future. If they could, the MAX debacle would never have happened.
bentwing60 2
Boeings 'magic eye' is buried in chicago.


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