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Boeing 747-8i Private Business Jet

See inside the the world's largest private jet: a Boeing 747 with an interior so large it took 4 years to design and build ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 3
This must be the ultimate business jet ever created. The stunning interior is both opulent and tasteful at the same time - not something that you see in private jumbo jets owned by Middle-Easterners which I suspect this one is based on the Arabic on the exit signs. Typically these jets tend to be very tacky inside with lots of gold and throne chairs but this one is a masterpiece of interior design. The upper level living room is cozy and intimate with its warm wood paneling. The main deck salon with its vaulted ceiling and wide open space is unlike anything I have seen on an aircraft before.
ToddBaldwin3 3
There is line between pictures "Pickardt was given carte blance by the owner who wasn't interested in gaudy materials and preferred a simple style more like a family home"

I'm not sure I'd call it simple, but I do agree that it's not tacky.

Years ago, I worked for a company that built and maintained "Head of State" aircraft, including the 89th Airlift Wing A/C. We had one middle eastern customer's A/C that we referred to as the "Persian Whorehouse" because of it's interior.
airuphere 1
I think the fact it wasn’t all faux gold gives away your first point ;) lol.
joel wiley 1
with all of the style and grace of the layout, I wonder what they have done for a commode. Or servants quarters.
bigkahuna400 1
Isnt this the one that was "For Sale" last summer/fall and also was painted with some Red? Some person from the middle east bought 2 and needed to unload one...
Mike Harbour 1
Yeah but try landing that thing in Aspen...not even a Global 7500 can land there!
sharon bias 1
I guess you can practice safe distancing in this aircraft.
Paul Miller 1
Now that's the Way to fly !!!! I could get from DFW to CEB with just One Stop for fuel. I am sure that the owner will love every single moment of being on that beautiful bird.
The overload on absolute ugliness is truly worth seeing and remarking as an example to design students of NOT TO DO once you are grown up.
It may appeal to oil oligarchs or similat, but it almost blinds people with a healthe taste for beauty.
Jim Myers 5
The design only needs to please the person paying the approximate $310 MILLION for it. By your "logic" the purchaser of this aircraft has no right to outfit it the way they want because the HIRED DESIGNERS have the right to overrule them. You win the award for the most inane comment I've read this week on the internet.
nightflyer182 -1
For those who like to trash "rich" people...

I have never had a problem with wealth, as long as it is attained legally, morally, and ethically. And I have NEVER dissed a person for buying something they can afford if they have the money.

If one wants to demonize another for achieving wealth, remember this, it is the consumer who made them that way. Yes, we Americans made the Saudis wealthy beyond belief! All because we bought their oil at their price!!! You did that! You did not have to drive and use their product. You CHOSE to do it!!!!!

Of course, I do blame our government for making it damn near impossible for us Americans to produce gasoline at a cost efficient price point. But not anymore since we have a Commander in Chief who is committed to America's interests and not any one else's!!!!

And if you don't like it, go pound sand and LEAVE!!!!!!!
Torsten Hoff -1
For what it’s worth, that is NOT the largest private jet in the world. There is at least one Airbus A380-800 in private hands.
There is someone with a 300,000 square foot 'cottage'. And some people who don't know how many homes they own.

I toured the Biltmore, and was disgusted at the excess. No one should have, at that time in history, had a 'house' that damn big. It was disgusting to walk through it. People were getting lost in it, and the catwalks and small passageways for 'the help', and their 'living quarters' were shocking. My bathroom is larger than most of 'the help's' living quarters. Sick...
Noktomezo 1
I've always found Biltmore to be underwhelming.
David Isaacs 1
It is good to be the king. And it is probably true that the owner earned every bit of wealth with hard work and fair dealings.
Ric Wernicke 0
It is really not known if the second article bought by a Saudi Prince is could be characterized as spec plane for resale or for his exclusive use. It does have some thoughtful touches like a prayer room with carpets that automatically orient in the direction of Mecca. There is a steam room, parking for a Rolls-Royce, and a 4 camel stable with room for the associated tack. Let me tell you, you don't want to be on the North end of a Southbound camel.

The A380 can only fly to a couple dozen airports, which I guess would be a problem for guys that roll at this level as they want to land close to the destination, and slip in and out with little notice.
Torsten Hoff 2
It's not as dire as you think. Airbus has a map of all the airports that can accomodate the A380. Also bear in mind that in a low-density VIP configuration, performance will be drastically better than in regular air carrier service with hundreds of passengers and their luggage.
Robert Cowling -4
It disgusts me to think that they came up with this because there are enough people that rich out there. Insane inequities between the working class and the parasite class is killing this country and many others across the globe. It's sad. Tragic...
Ric Wernicke -3
This interior reminds me of the interiors of private rail cars of the thirties. Nothing new to see here. I am reminded that this was paid for by Americans by people running a cartel that has sucked the country dry by price fixing a barrel of oil between 4 and thirty times what it costs to extract it from the ground. The bulk of that booty does not really help and large group of people, as it is all consumed by Monarchs.
James Simms 2
I see we’re a bright ray of sunshine today

[This poster has been suspended.]

pjshield 3
30west 2
FlightAware should block b.w. from posting his mindless drivel.
nightflyer182 -3
Clear the airways. Idiot operator flying blind and Dumb...
joel wiley 4
That's not a pilot's license he's using. It's his 'Certificate of Participation' in and IQ test.
geroldn -4
What an utter waste of this planet's and mankind's resources.


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