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American Airlines mechanic pleads guilty in airplane tampering incident

A former American Airlines mechanic pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a charge of attempted destruction of an aircraft that was scheduled to depart from Miami with 150 people on board. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, of Tracy, California, admitted that on July 17 he tampered with the air data module (ADM) system of an aircraft at Miami International Airport that was scheduled to depart for Nassau, Bahamas, the U.S. attorney's office in Miami said. Alani faces up to 20 years in prison. A… ( More...

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He knew exactly what he was doing.
James Simms 11
Oh, he’ll get extra work alright...making license plates or some other menial job in prison
djames225 8
Have to love the justice system...NOT! You do something purposeful to an aircraft to disrupt it's airworthiness, you are attempting to exstinguish lives!! US Attorney's office should get a huge kick in the ass for this screw-up!!
Kobe Hunte 4
Think he'll make it to 80 in prison? Thats a lot of unnecessary candles.
Mike Williams 3
He did not have a watching supervisior?
John Smythe 6
Plan “A” kill 150 innocent people.
Plan “B” if caught claim you are not a terrorist.
in the "good old days", aemerican was very selective about whom they hired to d any job..obviously this man either radically changed, or was not truthful or really ehecked when hired..he could have killed a lot of people..
Which brings up the question as to how he had been hired in the first place. If he has that much trouble with English, then how was he able to be taught his job and read repair manuals etc.? I've been wondering about that since this story first broke.
that is a mouth full of a name. Like to see how that was labeled on his ID :)
In aero industry vetting should be VERY random and continuous.
No loop holes at all.
I'm shocked. He lied the first time!
Relics 5
Faces up to 20 years in prison? Should be more like life or even worse, death. Had his plan succeeded the news would’ve been much more grim. More money, terroristic attack or anything else it doesn’t matter.
Stefan Sobol 2
Had his plan succeeded the plane would have never left the ground. The system would have indicated a compare error and the pilots would've returned to the gate (if they even got through the preflight).
James Simms 3
Doesn’t matter. Just the act of what he did deserves a free (for him), one way trip to the SuperMax facility in Colorado @ the very least.
ian mcdonell 7
hang him
cowboybob 5
Attempted Destruction? WTH is that? How about 150 counts of Attempted Murder for the jihadi...and that's the problem we have with all the bleeding hearts in this country...we catch some terrorist and then we treat them like some delinquent kid...
Atanu Dey 3
I couldn't agree more. Terrorists get the wrong message when they are treated like delinquent kids.
Mark Weiser 5
This is where the phrase " the fullest extent of the law". Comes into play, except this terrorist, yep, I said it! No coincidence or "ooops" applies, this was an intentional act to kill innocent people who disagree with whatever religion or silliness his name implies. I don't want to denigrate a particular religion, but the ethnicity kinda speaks for him.

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Richard Orgill 25
There are ways to debate an issue w/o using words you used here. Sadly, many in America have lost the art of debate and it appears you are one of them.

Mark Weiser clearly was pointing out several facts that many of us asked when this incident was first reported and to some degree, we still have to wonder if he intended to just slow down the workload since he appeared to be mad or is he now using it as an excuse after being caught.

The only scum on here is the gent who is now going to serve time in jail not someone for posting his opinion.

I'm not sure who you work for in this industry but I do know you would not work for me or my company with an attitude like yours.
djames225 6
While I agree with most of your argument and strongly disagree how rdlink went about his, both you and Mark are implying things that you should not. It's called "labeling" just because he has a name that goes along with a certain classification of certain individuals.
Mark did a great job denigrating a certain religion, intentional or not, and you went along with it. "this was an intentional act to kill innocent people who disagree with whatever religion or silliness his name implies. I don't want to denigrate a particular religion, but the ethnicity kinda speaks for him."
How do you know his religion???
Mark Weiser 1
I NEVER said I did, I mentioned an ideological conclusion, like PJ said" a rose is a rose is a rose" I believe there would be much less violence if we went back to profiling and real life rules enforcement, not being so worried about someone's feelings. If your that sensitive about it, don't get into the game, especially aviation
djames225 2
Excuse me but I AM in this "game" It's called life. The fact is most people cannot and will not properly profile. They would rather racial profile or would rather assume, just as in this case. Your own words "this was an intentional act to kill innocent people who disagree with whatever religion or silliness his name implies. I don't want to denigrate a particular religion, but the ethnicity kinda speaks for him."
How the heck do you know any of that?? You don't, you assume. Or better still how do you know his religion? My feelings have got nothing with the way people go about labeling folks. You think because this idiots name is Arabic, all of a damn sudden he's an Islamic extremeist Muslim. Ever occur to you that many Muslim are in fact Christian?? No it did not.
BTW, not all roses are of the same color or family, and not all ducks walk alike, quack alike or look alike.
Mark Weiser 1
Oh cry cry, wring your hands about "their feelings" life is not a game you moron, it's very serious and requires an ever increasing sense of situational awareness. If you do not believe that "profiling, or evaluating people based on their behavior" How can you possibly make that comment about me? You are no better, no smarter than I am, I just refuse to put myself and loved ones at risk when I even THINK there is danger. If that offends your delicate sensibilities, go live with them, elsewhere. Meanwhile I will take the precautionary steps I perceive based on whatever info I have whether you and your liberal whiners like it or not! If I want to judge people by the company they keep, by their ethnicity or whatever, it's my business- so I stand by my comment, you can just be quiet. You can trust that I will not be silenced by fools and idiots like you!
djames225 0
Grow up and stop with all the "throw the same folks in the same barrel" BS! If that is how you wish to treat others, so be it, but don't go off on an ignorant tangent against others who don't buy into a 1 train thought process! What you stated in your posts had nothing to do with your feeling threatened!
At least I have sensibilities, and they are definitely not delicate. I am no idiot or moron, but yes I am a fool to be arguing with the likes of a person like you!
Have a wonderful existence!
Mark Weiser 0
Sir (or Madam) the way I feel is how 99% of all pilots feel when it comes to issues about safety. there are no feelings, no forgiving stereotypes allowed, you make decisions at the drop of a hat, or a 3 pound change in oil pressure, no time for you and your sentimental nonsense. Think, then act, I have to be alive to be scolded by the likes of you and your ilk, liberal nonsense has no place in aviation. None, ZERO, Zip, so take your myopic ideals, go join hands with the other commune members, I'll fly safely over your head and wave.
pjshield -4
What kind of dumb brick are you? "Ever occur to you that many Muslim are in fact Christian??" Talk about an OXYMORON! Your are either one or the other, but never both. Change ur handle to Slowdownwolve so you'll have time to think b4 you commit stupidity to print. Merry Christmas!
djames225 1
I'm not any dumb brick, you idiot. Why don't you slow down a tad before you show your own stupidity. People throw the word "Muslim" out there to Arabic folk, when many, in fact "Christian" There...does putting quote marks around both sharpen your eyesight??
Next time you want to downtrod someone, THINK first before putting your own thought to print. Merry Christmas
pjshield -1
If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck - it's a duck. Just call a spade a spade. He's a muslim and nobody should be surprised or shocked that he'd do something like this. And he had an Arabic interpreter in court; did he have one at American Airlines that told him what to do at his work? This PC bullcrap is killing us.
Agree. It was the first thing I thought of. This is not the way to keep our country safe.
James Simms 1
Mark Weiser -4
Walk west until your hat floats sonny, you are clearly NOT a patriot, a veteran or any type of aviator. I'm not despicable, I am being clear and representing the natural suspicions of a critical thinker. Take your PC silliness back to your libby college.
Jan Smith 0
You miss the point. The most likely reason the Miami DA is letting him plea bargain to this lesser offense is that it would be extremely difficult to prove intent to kill. And if they couldn't the guy would walk.
For example, he could easily argue that with his experience he knew his tampering would only result in the the computers from allowing take-off, thus resulting in the slow-down he claims as being his motive. And accepting a plea bargain for an offense that involves 20 years jail time may well be the equivalent of a life sentance.
Those few of you that think that you can judge a man as being a Muslim, jihadi terrorist based on his name alone are bigots. Last time I checked we are still a free country where we are innocent until proven guilty. And you don't need to be a bleeding heart liberal or conservative fundamentalist to back that up.
mooki21 0
He should receive life in prison, or even the death penalty. He knew exactly what he was doing. He could have killed everyone onboard had that aircraft continued on.
jcw1953 -2
I know this will not happen... but take him to the Miami Serpentarium and put him in the enclosure with Cobras and Boa’s...
Jan Smith -1
I like that idea!! He definitely deserves that!!
pjshield -1
What do you have against Cobras and Boas? Biting or squeezing this Mooslime POS would likely kill either snake.

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Mark Weiser -7
Ahh another vet, or a policeman


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