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The TSA is worried about the suicidal thoughts of its airport screeners

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is concerned about its employees’ emotional well-being following the suicide of a 40-year-old officer who jumped to his death from a balcony inside the Orlando International Airport earlier this year. ( More...

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El Kabong 6
I think if I had to work for the TSA, I'd want to off myself, too. There's easier ways to make money than to stand around all day and occasionally fondle people's junk.
Hirouchida 1
I was thinking that too and I am having a great life.
Larry White 0
Right on. McD's won't let you stand around and do the 'dirty'. Grant you, some I've noticed are actually working,, doing a job. They are aware that there are video cameras all around the area and have to behave and act respectful to the public they are serving. Also the TSA agent who watches the scan of people in that booth(back-scatter comes to mind),, TSA reports that no images are saved or seen by any other agent. I don't believe that statement. How would you like to sit there and look at passenger images?? I myself would be 'super-horned' and have to be relieved ASAP.
iflyfsx 0
Don't forget, another part of the job is that they have to treat you like ****.
sharon bias 3
Suicide rates are higher in all high stress professions. Physicians make a lot more money than a TSA agent, and they have a high suicide rate too. There is some correlation between income and suicide, but it may also have to do with access to mental health services. If a person has to chose between food and prescription, food will always win. I went through SEA on Tuesday, and the TSA agents were friendly and very efficient.
btweston 2
I must say I’ve never seen a TSA agent in a hurry to do anything. They kind of just wander away from their post whenever they feel like it, the others kind of pick up the slack while moving slower, and somehow we all make our flight without having to worry if the guy sitting next to us has a large tube of toothpaste in his bag.

Sounds stressful.
James Simms 1
Not a suicide, but a poster in a blog I belong to had his wife’s fellow practitioner die of a heart attack @ age 47.
Tim Haight 3
One more thing, when you hire young people for a job that takes complete dedication and devotion to, pay them less than a livable wage,put them into the stressful situation every day of having to make a completely rediculas system of security function in a manner that appears in our best interest, they should be concerned.
linbb 5
Who they hire is not the cream of any crop from what I have seen. They get paid what they are worth. Demos figure every one should be paid six figures no matter what. With there beinifits and such they make good money. Not much pressure either from what I have seen. Most look like they could really care less just get there eight in and skate.
Kobe Hunte 5
It is true. People that care about their job are noticeable and kind to travellers. Others that don't are all too visible. No such thing as a smile and act if they aren't living for anything.
bbabis 1
So...We’ll have TSA thought police now?
Mark Weiser 1
I traveled weekly, domestic and int'l for the entire life of the TSA, they have always seemed distant, disengaged and looking in all the wrong places. I had a Bi-Laterl TKR (Both knees replaced) in 2004, was then subjected to humiliation and examined like a felon ever since. I'll drive, the airlines can jump in the lake. A TSA Agent in LGA once insisted I was "...hiding something..." inside my knees, made a big deal, missed the plane, no apologies, just more rancorous attitude from the NYPD and TSA Managers.

And NO we are NO SAFER THAN before 9-11!!! So if they want to apply the sincerest form of self-criticism, let them!
Tim Haight 1
Sorry to hear about the humiliation you have had to endure at the hands of the children who think they are out to save the world. These idiota have NO idea what security is let alone how to go about implementing it. Until someone wakes up, seals off the very obvious holes we have in it now, not a single thing will change. But personally, I think their lack of interest is covering up what they already know and want the rest of us to worry about so they can carry out their plans in the background.

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