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World gets first peek at Boeing '797'

The world has been given a peek at Boeing's plans for a new small twin-aisle aircraft, unofficially dubbed the 797. Boeing (BA) released the first image of its new "middle-market airplane" at the Paris Air Show on Tuesday as a teaser for what will be the company's first new airliner since its 787 Dreamliner. ( More...

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Brian Wilkes 9
Nice 757 replacement. Should sell a nice number of these!
canuck44 6
Maybe they should have called it the 787 light or 787-7 for I suspect many of the development costs and manufacturing glitches have already been incurred with the 787 program. The only question I have is what took so long.
Now if they were really smart, they'd design it such that it could share a type certification like the 757-767. Might not be possible at this stage, but it's something to hope for.
sparkie624 5
That would be a good idea... Look how long the 737 certificate has been running!
MultiComm -2 with the 787-1000, in comparison with the proposed size of the 797, they don't seem compatible but then again technology has come a long way so maybe it could be engineered to 'fee' similar in the critical areas of flight.
I hope to god they get this one right. This could make or break Boeing.
sparkie624 4
Remember the 747 almost bankrupted them, but became a very powerful icon... Remember they were trying to build the SST and was not giving the 747 the attention or resources that it needed!
bbabis 3
Its really not anything new. They've bet the company on every new model since the 707.
Torsten Hoff 1
They are still $30 billion in the hole from the 787.

Not only do they have to get this one right in the sense that the development program can't afford to have any unforeseen years-long delays, but it also needs to be very successful in terms of sales and profitability.
canuck44 5
The deferred costs have dropped dramatically and the profit on the larger models is much greater. If they ramp up their numbers they will reach break even after 1300 units. As I pointed out this aircraft's costs will be less as they have already expensed many of the development costs on the 787. Likewise with the 787-10 except the unit profit for that aircraft should be huge.
Pete Lehmann 1
It begs the question, the next airplane is going to be the 7107? Seems a little clunky from a marketing standpoint. Or maybe they start with a new convention, something like Boeing 710 and then Boeing 720. Or something. HEY... BOEING... You use that convention you better pay my buttocks!! Genius ain't free...bro
Larry Wilmott 1
7A7, 7B7 (may want skip that one), 7C7, ...
joel wiley 2
Yup, just switch from decimal to hex.
Andy Adams 0
I've wondered this for a while. I vote 808.
NX211 0
Ain't gonna happen. Boeing loves to have the lucky '7' in their model numbers.. even if it's 9-2.. ei B-29

Maybe that's why Boeing pilots don't wear parachutes on first flight day.. Where Airbus bus drivers do... :)
canuck44 1
Seven is not a great number in China...They love eight so there is every market reason to go that way.
How about B350? Or DC-12? ;^}
srobak 0
No more clunky than L-1011
Pete Lehmann 1
No way!!! Saying "El Ten Eleven" is way easier than saying "Boeing Seventy One Oh Seven" or "Seven Ten Seven"....It just doesn't flow like "El Ten Eleven"....Try really,give it a go.......there ya go.......see?
It's like my tongue is floating in butter!
btweston 1
They put the quotation marks in the wrong place. Should be around "peek."

This is a drawing and some numbers that people want to hear.
Mark Thomas 0
Looks like an A321Neo!! Artists renditions usually never come to fruition, remember the shark fin tail for the 787? Can't wait to see what they come up with!
SmokedChops -1
Sounds like a 757-if only they had kept the tooling..hey, wait a minute. Nah, its too easy to clean sheet a design than give a tried and true platform a makeover and an update.
Highflyer1950 6
I think the 737-10 with 230 seating would qualify as the new 757. Besides the 797 has two aisles.
djames225 3
And again Boeing isn't listening...customer survey they sent out returned great results..76% said narrow body was fine to seat up to 250 2-class pax BUT increase the range to at least 5k nm..of that percentage, 26% said over 5k nm range would be great..22% said 200-230 pax narrow would be great but with added range...their "squashed round tube" shape looks like it will need narrow seats in it.
They may have dismantled the 757 tooling, but Im betting they still have the schematics and could easily CAD a 757-400 composite with 230+ seats and use a GTE or Leap engine or both on it.
djames225 1
It very well could Highflyer...but as I stated earlier, I don't think Boeing is listening too well...its range the customers want in an NMA..why do they have to go twin aisle..757-300 was 243 seats in a 2 class configuration or 280 in 1 class and Im betting a making it's fuselage and wing out of newer lighter materials and more modern fuel efficient engines, it would get an additional 1600-1800 nm range
djames225 -1
SHHHH..don't tell Airbus that with all their NEO options
Colin Seftel 0
Read this before drawing any conclusions:
"No, we still don't have a Boeing 797 despite all the hype."
Great. Just what's needed, a new wing-and-tube cattle car for the 21st century.
Boeing better watch it. Someone's going to come along with a whole new design that people will actually want to fly in.
21voyageur 0
This is the Paris Airshow after all where sales BS can be found by the truckload in such a dog eat dog business environment. What is that old saying . . . . . "words are cheap." Until engineering has developed firm specifications its all barnyard cover!
I thought the 797 was to replace the too early retired 757 single aisle. Why a new twin aisle to compete with the A-330? The 787 already fills that role. I wished Wall street wasn't running airframers.
Jesse Carroll -1
Heck with the new 797/798/799/800/801 whatever, last airplane I flew on that was comfortable was a Airbus! Get rid of the 29" seats and think about us poor slobs that save up all year for one vacation week and then get stuck in between two stinky whatever's!
Not a Airbus fan but thats what AA was using!
When will the Airlines realize that with EVERY stinking flight is at capacity, build something comfortable for a change!
Wished I still owned our Cessna 182! May be slower but at least I could arrive able to walk. Just saying!
Ant Miraa 1
Manufacturers seat suggestion is made to be optimal for pax. Airlines use their own ideas and cram more seats etc. That is the main reason the window seats dont alway line up properly like the manufacturer intended
I'd try it with a good pilot, is it double decked?
Art Pauly -1
The video shows the 787-10 and the 737 Max 9 but no 797.
Steven Rhude -1
What a misleading 'headline'. There is no 797. Those are stretched existing designs.
srobak -2
Sorry - I don't see a need for this. The 737, 767, 777 and 787 already crowd a pretty tight space. There is also no need to kill the 767 vs. refining it a bit, like what has happened so many times to the 737... and there isn't much that this 797 can offer that the newest 737 variants can't do already. this is an exercise for the sake of doing so.
Joao Ponces -1
Absolutely agree! Plus for me, as a passenger, the B767 is still the most comfortable airplane from Boeing! And the best ride in turbulence! As much as the 777 is now the worst!


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