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Video: CityJet attempting to land at a gusty Cork Airport

Amazing Video: By AMF. Strong, gusty crosswind was causing problems on November 18, 2015 at Cork Airport. Pilot of CityJet flight from London City Airport was forced to abort landing after touchdown and perform go around procedure. Plane landed safely a few minutes later. ( More...

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Scott Campbell 15
Preacher1 would've have liked this ! jus saying :(
sparkie624 3
He certainly would have.
Victor Engel 6
About the angle, from the end of the clip, you can get an idea of the vantage point of the videographer. He was positioned almost exactly due south of the control tower. The main runstrip is oriented about 20 degrees from N/S. That means he was crabbing by 20 degrees if he was pointing directly at the camera when the control tower was in the background. In fact, at that point, he's pointing to the right. So he must be crabbing by less than 20 degrees.

When the plane is still some distance away, the videographer's angle is much more closely aligned to the runstrip. Let's just suppose for sake of argument that it's perfectly aligned (the difference is probably insignificant near the start of the clip). At that point, and for much of the clip, the front of the plane seems to be offset about the diameter of the plane from the back. I think the fuselage is roughly 25m long (the untapered part) by 3.5 wide. So the crab angle is simply the arcsin of 3.5/25 or about 8 degrees with respect to the videographer's line of sight if the fuselage is offset by one diameter.

In other words, it looks much more extreme than it is because of the telephoto lens.
Stop it with all these "facty" things. We have internet conjecture and innuendo to spread.
Roger Blew 3
At time 1:04 you can see a windsock in the background and an "ASOS" tower in the foreground. They are very nearly lined-up from the videographer's viewpoint. From Google Earth, the bearing from windsock to the "ASOS" is about 169 degrees true so the videographer is pointing the reciprocal of that bearing. The runway is 160 degrees true. At 1:04 the nose is to the left of the tail from the videographer's viewpoint, so the plane's heading is something just greater than about 169 degrees true. That would all suggest a crab angle of about 10 degrees just before he powers up to go around. That is in agreement with Victor's analysis. But from a pilot's perspective, that is still a lot of crab.
brian Gaskill 2
I appreciate the great explanation...thanks!
sparkie624 2
That plane will need a landing gear inspection after that.... When he touched down, that was a huge side load on the gear.
I remember when I was doing crosswind training in a Traumahawk in New Zealand...we hit a bump so hard that my 6'3" tall instructor put his head through the glass.
brian Gaskill 2
What are you talking about..? When he finally puts in max thrust, he looks past 45 degrees...look at the gear when it touches down.
Victor Engel 1
That is foreshortening from the lens used.
bigbill3111 1
Yeah, that darn camera angle made for a plane flying sideways down the runway and made him go around. A lot of the "numbers" on here confirm the fact that many people have book smarts, but not much common sense.
william mora 1
me gusta
26Tiger 1
Very fortunate the PIC went around. Otherwise with almost a 45 deg. crab he would have broken the main gears. Hard to believe he did not at least try to sideslip after the crab to align the a/c.
Victor Engel 1
Not anywhere near 45 deg. crab.
Eric Schmaltz 1
the 4 engine regional jet ! I love it ! even though its lifespan is near the end.
I think he made a late go around decision - but even I have landed... when I should've
gone around.
Victor Engel 1
It looked like the winds subsided a bit as he approached ground level, but then they picked up again, which is what triggered the go-around.
more like a 22.5 degree crab :D
dtmknsn 1
Looks like at 0:56 - 0:58 the pilot is trying to correct/zero the sideslip just before WoW then another gust blew him away and he wisely aborts. Kool. I'll bet he has done this before at Cork.....
Jesse Carroll 1
Aww, I think he would say yapper's on here are just having a "crab boil".....just saying!
Jose Lauzardo 1
If the pilot"Would have tried to land"He would have sheared-of the landing gear"Or (And)The plane could have cartwheeled"On the runway"Causing a catastrophic mishap!!!
AAaviator 0
These x-wind vids come out about 3 or 4 times a year now. Nothing new to see anymore. Yawn.


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