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Russian passenger aircraft with 220 onboard goes off radar, crashes over Egypt

A Russian plane carrying over 220 people has been lost from radars, according to sources in the Russian and Egyptian air traffic controllers. It's been reported that the plane crashed over Sinai. Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail confirmed that the Russian plane did go missing over Sinai and said a cabinet-level crisis committee has been formed to deal with the incident. Kolavia Flight 7K9268, an Airbus A320, went off radar 23 minutes after taking off the Sharm El-Sheikh International… ( More...

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Chris B 5
Crash Site video. The tail is conspicuous in its absence. We can wonder whether this was as a result of terrorist action or structural failure, this aircraft did have a tail strike repair.....
Brian Lager 1
From the video it appears as if the aircraft stuck the ground like a pancake landing. There doesn't seem to be any or little in the way of high speed impact. The silhouette of the wings and fuselage show catastrophic fire. The tail is some distance away from the main wreckage but the nose and cockpit area show little impact damage. You can clearly see the radar antenna and the area where the radome would fasten. One of the initial pictures showed the nose upside down but intact. The latest shows someone has righted the front, presumably to recover victims. My thoughts and prayers go to the families of the victims..
First reports of claims by ISIS they destroyed the aircraft are coming in. IT's not in their usual way to claim things so quickly, let's see what the investigation will show.
Ian Narita 1
I would doubt terrorism. The aircraft was above 30000 when it had problem and that is above what a man portable surface to air missile(SA-7, Stinger) is capable of.

Also a columnist from Daily Beast wrote the aircraft had a tail strike many years ago whilst flying for MEA.
Richard Rael 1
ISIS could use the terrain as its advantage to gain altitude. The area near the plane crash can range fro 7 to 10 thousand feet. Plenty of room for a SA-16 or IGLA model s manpad to do the job.
Ian Narita 3
10,000 foot elevation and an 11,000 foot ceiling from launch still does n or add up to 30,000 feet.
joel wiley 2
According to a couple google searches the max altitude of the SA-16 is 3500 meters, seems still a bit short for FL300. Too soon to tell. Thoughts and prayers for the families.
Derek Thomas 2
Now apparently confirmed down - god rest their souls.
The Islamic State jihadists are claiming they destroyed the airplane, according to this report. (In French)
Chris B 2
Ian Narita 1
Tail is EI-ETJ. I could not find any current data on flight aware. Flight tracker' s Twitter site has ADS-B video of flight track, altitude and speed.
The last info shows a ground speed of 98mph and a 4000fpm descent(I don't think an A321 can do this in controlled flight).
As to claims that the aircraft was shot down, the flight was flying above 30,000 ft in level flight. No man portable system(SA-7, Stinger) has a missile capable of this altitude. The other possibility is an attack on departure that went unnoticed.(unlikely).
Personally I'll wait until investigators play the data and voice recorders.
Ian Narita 1
PS I think this is about a 20 year old A321.
the story as of today is that more and more it appears to have been an explosive device,possibly in a piece of luggage that caused the plane to fall apart..the terroist group isis is taking credit for it and a reporton cnn today said there was "chatter" monitored stating something big was about to happen..empty planes are eing flown into the resort are from Britain to bring home their citizens,but they must depart without their luggage..this is awful...
The is a picture of the site showing a burned wing WITH THE FLAPS DOWN !! Tha means the pilots had time to react to some emergency. Isn't that significant ? How come nobody has noticed nor mentionned that fact. I am unable to show it here, but if anybody is interested pls contact me at [email protected]
kurtgavino15 1
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Airbus A320 from Russian Airline Kolavia/Metrojet has disappeared and probably crashed in Egpyt

An Airbus A320 from Russian Airline Kolavia/Metrojet has disappeared and probably crashed in Egpyt.
Flight ‪#‎7K9268‬ took of from Sharm el-Sheikh at 03.50 UTC and signal was lost at 04.13 UTC. Just before signal was lost the aircraft started to descend with about 6000 feet per minute.
Joseph Howes 1
BBC now reporting the aircraft broke up in mid-air
Looking like an explosive device, russia definatley has not made any friends in that region as of late.
Colin Seftel 1
For latest updates, see
matt jensen 1
Reportedly the "black" boxes have been found
kurtgavino15 1
Correction its not Airbus A320 but Airbus A321.
AWAAlum 1 (out of Sweden) has further detail.

Deep deep sympathy for pax, crew and families.
Chris B 1
Follow here for constant updates: BBC reporting caution as to unconfirmed reports.
Tom Lull 0
The departure airport has a record of lax security. Putting something in with the luggage should not have been that difficult. Also ISIL isn't the only group with an axe to grind. The Muslim Brotherhood could be a player.
miles wohl 0
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Russian Passenger Jet Crashes Over Egyptian Sinai Peninsula

A Russian plane carrying more than 200 passengers from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is believed to have crashed in central Sinai.
Kevin Brown 0
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Russian Airbus A321 crashes over Sinai


A passenger plane belonging to a small Russian airline, which was flying over 220 people from an Egyptian resort to Saint Petersburg, has vanished from radars over Sinai. Authorities in Egypt have confirmed the plane has crashed.
Devid Thomas 0
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Russian passenger plane with over 200 onboard crashes in central Sinai, confirms Egypt PM

A Russian passenger plane with over 200 people on board crashed in Sinai, confirmed Egypt PM.
Egypt’s air accident chief said on Saturday that a missing passenger plane on its way to Russia had safely left Egyptian airspace and made contact with Turkish air traffic control.
Glen England 0
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Egyptian rescue team at scene of plane crash -aviation ministry

CAIRO, Oct 31 (Reuters) - A Russian airliner carrying 224 passengers and crew crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Saturday, the Egyptian prime minister's office and civil aviation ministry said.

The Airbus A-321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia with registration number KGL-9268, was flying from the Sinai coastal resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg in Russia when it went down in a desolate mountainous area of central Sinai soon after daybreak, the aviation ministry said.

There was no immediate word on casualties. Egyptian security sources said there was no indication that the plane had been shot down. Islamist militants are active in parts of Sinai.

Sergei Isvolsky, a spokesman for Russian aviation authority Rosaviatia, told Interfax news agency that the plane took off from Sharm el-Sheikh at 6:51 a.m.(0351 GMT) and ground contact with it was lost with it about 25 minutes later.
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Images: Metrojet flight 7K9268 wreckage

Egyptian officials has confirmed that there is no survivors in the crashed Metrojet Flight 7K9268, whose wreckage was located in mountainous region in the Sinai peninsula.
ride click 0
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Russian Airbus 321 goes down over the Sinai

Report states was at altitude when contact was lost
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Metrojet Airbus A321 crashed in Egypt

A Russian passenger jet operated by Kolavia/Metrojet has crashed shortly after taking off from Sharm el-Sheikh International airport in Egypt.


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