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Bird Strike Causes JetBlue Flight to Return to JFK

We've heard it all before. Bird Strike on departure. Flight returns to airport. No passengers injured. The difference here? The bird hit so hard that not only did it become lodged in the nose of the aircraft, it left a gaping hole in the fuselage. ( More...

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walter martin 1
Thanks Brad . Re Bird Strikes : Over twenty years ago a C-141B , outbound from McGuire AFB (New Jersey) , was a near Class A due to multiple bird strikes . Unfortunately I've forgotten the structural specifics , but due recall the accolades given the stellar flight crew who saved both life and A/C . If you (or a comment reader) know where I can get the details on the incident I'd be yet again appreciative . wm
Chris B 1
This one Walter?
walter martin 1
Thanks Chris ! The dates are a bit off , but the damage is consistent . As I recall , the strike also resulted in two engines being lost due to ingestion . My wife and I reside about 16 sm from McGuire (now Joint Base Mc/D/L) , and the surrounding area , exclusive of Dix , is heavily populated . I recall the C-141B's flight crew being described as "heroic" and the fact that they managed to safely land as "miraculous" .
Whomever they were , I salute them still .
I'm yet again sincerely appreciative of your kind reply . Stay safe friend !
Apologies for the duplicate posting...


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