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Partisan dispute to partially shut down FAA

WASHINGTON (AP) — Efforts to avert a shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration failed Friday amid a disagreement over a $16.5 million cut in subsidies to 13 rural communities, ensuring that nearl . . . ( More...

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The beginning of the end . . .
Fleagle 0
Not so fast, Batman. Keep the Faith, Fly Boys (`n Aviatrickses,`n galley
Girls ). It's all Drama. Don't take the bait.
Compartmentalize; focus on what you love. There'll be a Time and a Place.

That's what Ekklesiastes sez.
Besides,there's a whole World out there beyond the spectacle, " grade B soap-opera " parody United States Politics has become to the rest of an older, more mature, and savvy World.Us, and London. What a joke.
sstuff 0
Those evil Republicans . . . !
Fleagle 0
Hegelian dialectic.
Labels; divisiveness to project an outcome.
No "evil" at the mainstream level. Pawns.
canuck44 0
Fleagle has it absolutely correct...there is plenty of money to keep most of these services going, but the plan of the Administration is to harm and/or inconvenience as many of the actual voters (the productive) as possible. These decisions are entirely Administrative. Meanwhile, don't expect funding to be cut to the supporters at NPR, ACORN etc or any of the programs supporting the non-productive (Democrat plantation voters).
Matt Comerford 0
Lol he said acorn
Donaldson, you missed the issue by a mile. Congress has to pass a funding resolution in order to spend the money... they didn't. Hence, it wouldn't matter if there were 100 times the amount necessary just sitting there, the treasury isn't allowed to spend it. Whose fault? CONGRESS
canuck44 0 are mixing up apples and oranges. The last CR signed funds the government through Sept 30, 2011 in return for "$6 Billion in cuts" which turned out to be smoke and mirrors. This is still in place. We are currently talking about the ability of government to borrow 47 cents of every dollar needed to fund that know, borrow from the Chinese so we can send foreign aid back to them.
The question will be "How will Obama and the socialists allocate the expenditure of the revenues which will continue to come in?". Debt service, SS, Medicaid, Tax refunds, the Military, the FAA? How they do this will be very instructive. In fact, if nothing passes, we have an automatic "Balanced Budget Amendment." Maybe then after 830 days the Senate Democrats can come up with a budget.
By the way, by law Social Security has lots of money in the form of IOUs from the government. The administrators can just cash them in as needed which lowers the turn, Obama borrows more money to offset that or prints which case the dollar dives again.
canuck44 0
Sorry, that should have been addressed to Grady not Comerford. ACORN or its successor organizations are a vital re-election cog for the Democrats. They are very busy under the radar, but we will hear more as the election gets closer but what you hear will not be from the plantation media.
Ah, Mr. Donaldson, you do understand that neither SS nor Medicare is part of the budget and neither is running a deficit? In fact, the SS trust fund has over $2 Trillion dollars in reserves, enough to last more than 25 years at current funding rules. You don't suppose the reluctance on the part of the GOP to let that pass has anything to do with their plan to privatize SS and maybe grab the trust fund? Nah, them is the good guys, right?
Acorn is out of business. They were supposed to increase voter registration, not Democratic registration or Republican registration, but voter registration. Now, a few of the lower paid workers filled out registration certificates to get more money. So, there are a lot of them with John Smith, or Mickey Mouse or Uncle Sam that were submitted. Now, ask yourself, what is the likelihood that someone will show up at a voting booth and claim to be Mickey Mouse? Right you are. Not one case of voter fraud in casting a vote has ever occurred.
canuck44 0
Grady: You are partially correct...neither is running a deficit at the moment...but the SS trust fund is part of the $14 does not exist, it has been spent, it actually equals zero, zip, nada, only IOUs from the Feds. Medicare is basically break even at the moment so it is a wash until Obamacare kicks in further at which point the system collapses from its own weight with 30Million new enrollees.
As far as privatization of SS goes, that would be good for future retirees as government has demonstrated no ability to manage the money which has essentially been blown on "investments" by government, all non-productive. At least the dollars, all or part, would be in the market and the "owners" might have a chance of getting something back.
Frankly, you need to be worried out Government seizing the IRAs and other forms of retirement holdings as in Argentina and now Europe. 40% of the market investment is currently held there...look for early signs by taxing ROTH IRAs etc.
The enabling legislation for SS requires that any investment that the trustees make must be in certain form. They are not holding a lot of IOUs of the government. Read the trustee's report. At the moment, the SS trust fund would run out of enough money to pay 100% of retirement and disability claims in the third quarter of 2036, and would then have to pay at the rate of 80%. They are NOT running out of money, they have nothing to do with the deficit and certainly have nothing to do with the debt ceiling.

You want to privatize SS. Ok, how are your investments doing? How have you done during the last two "corrections"? During the last drop, most mutual funds lost 40% of their value, an amount that has not yet been recovered. Is that what you want for your retirement dollars? Most SS recipients are not sophisticated investors and lack the ability to make informed decisions about their investments. So, they listen to some self styled investment guru and lose their investments, now what? Let them continue to work until they die at 90? Throw them under the bus, send them out on an iceberg to become meat for polar bears? SS was designed as a safety blanket for the masses. Leave it alone, it works very well.
Matt Comerford 0
"Medicare is basically break even at the moment so it is a wash until Obamacare kicks in further at which point the system collapses from its own weight with 30Million new enrollees."

ummmmmmmmmmmm "obamacare" puts 30m new customers into PRIVATE INSURANCE, not medicare. its a private enterprise capitalistic wet dream!
Larry Cooley 0
Maybe they can cut Medicare and Social Security to make up for the difference in $$$.
Great idea, Larry!
allan stanley 0
Do not get suckered in its not the dem,s and not the Repulsives its the entire gang of self serving phonies we have elected and now are suffering for it. Lets cut there salaries and benefits while they play games with our future instead of getting the work done.
Good discussions here! Keep the posts going. Lots to learn about health care. Does SS have $2T in cash or do they have the IOU's from Treasury. If they tried to cash in on some of them would Treasury give them the money? I think not. Does Treasury actually do the check writing for SS? Allan Stanley has it right, let's cut their salaries and benefits (he means our elected people with all their programs). In fact, be sure to evaluate and cut the sweetheart programs, too. In fact cut things down to size, haven't we lost control of the government? Federal, State, and Local? Remember the town of Bell, CA and the neighboring towns, too! And there are more, like, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles County. Today, July 29th, is yet another critical day in the life of our Federal Government! Good Luck America!
Jeremy Grigg 0
My goodness, what an unproductive and ideological debate.

My interest is in the sleazy reaction of US Airways, which has moved fast to raise fares rather than allow anything to trickle back to their customers. I am so glad I decided years ago never to fly on their wretched airline, as this is typical of the way they work.
Garry Parker 0
Before we hang this on the Republicans or Democrats, lets go to the source of the anti-union rider introduced into this bill. Word is that Delta, notoriously anti-union, got a friendly senator to attach the "Super Majority" rider. Delta can do what they want in their backyard, but they can keep their anti-union politics to themselves, and keep their fingerprints off those airlines and other businesses covered by the Railway Labor Act. By introducing the "Super Majority", any employee that doesn;t vote is automatically counted as a no. As it is, only votes cast are counted, comprising a simple majority.

Mind your own business, Delta, and let them fund the FAA.
I have this bridge that is being built across SF bay to be completed in 2013 an will sell you shares an tolls will cover the costs so you can never lose money ever because if cost increase we just in increase the fares an pass it on .( Note this bridge was going to be paid for a bout 50 years ago )
Clark Wiechman 0
Air traffic controllers will remain on the job. But airlines will lose the authority to collect about $200 million a week in ticket taxes that go into a trust fund that pays for FAA programs.
10,400,000,000 lost a year for FAA programs? How much do the programs need?
thor nibus 0
if PRO is the opposite of CON,
what's the opposite of PROGRESS ?


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