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Flight Attendant Threatens No-Fly List to Passenger Over Catering Mishap

A United Airlines elite frequent flyer was threatened by a flight attendant after an incident relating to an extra serving of Manicotti. ( More...

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Boris Biggins 38
Ahhh, another case of a little person with a little power and a huge Napoleon complex.
matt jensen 30
"Sam" will win this one - by being the opposite of the purser - polite.
Alan Glover 10
Especially now that the media is involved.
srobak -8
aeroexplorer is not the media.
Alan Glover 3
"Media" is the plural of "medium" a means of transmitting something.

In this case information, the thing you and I would not now be discussing UNLESS a medium had transmitted said info.

Hopefully you don't think that if it isn't on an alphabet network, it doesn't exist.

Long gone are the days of 3 TV networks and a captive society of media slaves.

So yeah Aeroxplorer is media.

"AeroXplorer (previously TheExplorerBlog) is an aviation photography and news source based in Washington, D.C."
srobak -5
They have no reporters, conduct no interviews, do no research, are not otherwise involved in the aviation industry in any way. They do not host, sponsor or participate in any aviation or media industry expos, trade shows or events and for not generate so much as a single letter of original content. They instead copy and reprint or sometimes slightly reword stories and information from other media sources, without giving any credit to the sources - and dump it into a website that is absolutely drowning in unrelated, embedded, inline advertisements to the point that it makes their 'article' almost unnavigable for some people. The links to those 'articles' are then spammed on aviation fora like this one by a handful of posting accounts which excessively post squawks (links) only going to aeroxplorer.

So you can call it anything you like - regardless of the medium it is conveyed over - but don't you dare call it "the media".

It's an advertising hub used to generate revenue, and nothing more.
Alan Glover 3
It's a good thing that what you call media isn't in the business of generating revenue. :)
Alan Glover 2
...and it is ipso facto media. Don't you dare say it isn't. ;)
srobak 0
Oh it is - but there is a very clear distinction between a revenue-generating "aggregator" (and I use that term just as loosely as "media" when it comes to aeroxplorer) and an actual news agency which sells ad space.
srobak 0
Sorry - "which exclusively post squawks to aeroxplorer". But I guess excessively works too, lol.
Alan Glover 1
If you insist that an aggregator of media (newspapers both digital and print will use for instance Reuters or AP) isn't media, we'll have to disagree.
But however you wish to see it, we are talking about it because of Aeroxplorer which in turn makes it more likely that the Airline in question will hear the story and act on it using the PR aspect of their industry to mitigate the damage.

Additionally, what is a woman?
srobak -1
My mother.

Anyhow - neither the airline nor the aviation industries have aeroxplorer very high on their read list. Actual major and industry media outlets are far higher on the list - and contain the same material that aeroxplorer is stealing their reprints from - and often done in a far less clickbaity fashion.
jeepien 2
Nobody is forcing you to be here. And should you decide to leave, you will not be missed, so don't continue to post on our account.
Alan Glover 1
Certainly but WE are reading Aeroxplorer and WE are the customers.

I'm sure the article aggregated or not generated at least a few protests and that is the kind of exposure the airlines (or any service provider) dislikes but nonetheless to which it responds.

Hi to your mom that while I'm sure is a wonderful upstanding and loving person nevertheless does not embody ALL womanhood.

I was going for the heretofore unexceptional yet currently radical definition, adult human female.

srobak 1
She's long gone, and yes - she did embody womanhood... everything it was ever intended to be by God, science and biology, not what it has been radicalized into. But that's another discussion, not at all suitable for this venue.

Aviation industry trade media (read: NOT aggregators) and mainstream media will generate far more exposure and protest than aeroxplorer ever will, even on its best day.

YOU are only reading aeroxplorer because YOU keep clicking the link spam back to it being posted here on this forum by literally only 2 people... correction - accounts (Ejaaz Cadinouche, Dan Mena). WE are not reading it, and neither of us are the customers. Their customers are their advertisers, and if you think you are their customer and if you are reading their 'articles' - then not only are you with the wrong understanding and perspective as to what your purpose is on aeroxplorer (you are a revenue generator... and in reality - an un-paid employee), but you are also not getting the full or correct story for any of the 'articles' there which you read. You are actually perpetuating the problem in your blindness by having fallen victim to the ruse and are trying to give them validity in the media realm in the process. This doesn't make you a customer, and in fact it doesn't even make you an un-paid employee. It makes you a pawn.

Now, the content you are reading there is all reprinted (often times only in part) from other actual sources, and with no credit given to those sources. But - they are easily locatable and if you want the full story for literally ANYTHING you see linked here in FA back to their site - a quick google search will yield the legitimate results and sources (read: NOT aeroxplorer).
Alan Glover 1
I am grateful to the medium Aeroxplorer for initiating this conversation with your esteemed self regardless the means. :)
Kikutwo 29
Purser should be fired.
Bill Hinze 22
Fire the purser, as a frequent flyer, we don't need flight attendants like that.
Dale Ballok -2
Never knew airlines had “pursers”! Are you referring to “flight attendants”?
victorbravo77 7
Purser is the leader of the stewards.


the purser is the officer responsible for all administration (including the ship's cargo and passenger manifests) and supply.

NB Captain (or Master) is the final authority.
Christine Smith 12
This reads like clickbait, even if it’s not. I’ll pass on future Aeroexplorer stories.
Kevin Holly 6
If this actually happened, I hope that purser is suspended or fired. They lied to, threatened and mistreated a passenger who did nothing remotely wrong... forget about the 1K status, doesn't change anything. Really bad look for you, United. Address it.
Alan Glover 1
Oh yeah it changes everything.

The very last people any business wants to alienate are their frequent customers. You can see it in the percs.

And especially airlines that as many are flagships for their respective nations, get tons of we see right here in our little corner of the "interwebs" :)
Tom Bruce 6
something doesn't sound right.... wonder if it's all "true"...
Chris Wiggins 11
I’m skeptical that UA did this to a 1K customer. If this is real, I hope the purser is fired for cause. They know better than to harass a 1K member. Not that any customer deserves poor service, but 1K members are an important revenue stream.
srobak 1
There are many 1k's - they wont miss one and he can easily be replaced.

That being said - it should not be at all surprising that UA did this. Their customer service has gone as much down the tubes as AA's has, and Delta is not far behind. Yes - the problem might be the individual purser having a case of 40lb badge syndrome in this case - but it still reflects on the airline.
Alan Glover 1
Although unsupportable, this purser's over-reaction probs is at least partially a response to the significant uptick in poor behaviour in the traveling public.

Kinda like cops.

Although extremely important that they do not abuse their significant (immediate at least) authority, it happens and in no small measure to what they have been programmed to expect due to the kind of people their job demands they encounter.

Also the prevarication upon which most of the rest of us rely when dealing with minor LE situations.

avionik99 12
Conclusion......United sucks
Alan Glover 11
Not that FA.

That Purser? Yes.
Paul Ipolito 3
Not 100%. They are flying empty planes to Maui to get folks back to the mainland.
James Simms 5
They also break guitars, kill loved pets, & beat passengers senseless before taking them off the flight for one of their own.
Alan Glover 5
ALL guitars, ALL loved pets and beat ALL passengers?

Seems excessive.
Charles Henry 1
Just ask Johnny "the goat humper"....LOL
Dale Ballok 1
They’re not the only airline flying, so you don’t think these same things happen elsewhere?
Charles Henry 1
American is worse....BY FAR!
Alan Glover 2
Is that you, United CEO? :D
Lloyd Sharp 8
That Purser, is both a lier, and a tyrant and needs to be fired. United Airlines can not allow a person such as this boil of a human being to work on their aircraft.
And as a special little surprise, put them on the No-fly list.
Merry Christmas 😎
Relics 10
This story sounds completely far fetched.
Alan Glover 9
Considering what's going on with legacy media today, what story doesn't?
Charles Henry 7
She doesn't have the authority to place ANYONE on the no-fly list. I doubt she has ever even SEEN a no-fly list...

Power hungry people....
k1121j 6
Reprimand the grump "Customer service agent" praise the nice flight attendant.
Thomas Harlan 2
Yes! Agree totally!
Guy Rovella 8
This is crappy reporting. Only one side. No mention if anyone asked for United's side.
It doesn't even say if the source was the passenger, a flight attendant or anyone else.
We assume it's the passenger but there's no way to know. Zero follow through.
Just more click bait.

How a real journalist writes it:,fly%20list%2C%20Business%20Insider%20reported.
Gayle Woods 2
This was just part of the story. Did you click on the link to the rest of the story?
srobak 1
Did you read the link he posted?
Alan Glover 2
No such thing as a "real" journalist just like a real lawyer or a real doctor.
Ya got yer gooduns and yer baduns....AND at least with the latter two, there are standards. A journalist is someone who says they are. We have the choice to consume their content or not.

Remember, it was "journalists" who told you you needed to be vaxxed to be a good person.
People STILL listen to what those people have to say.
Nooge 1
Wow I had hope..

After 10 posts on this subject I was relieved of no mention of Marxist and or writing like THIS

Oh well ...
Nooge 0
Remember, it was "real Doctors and scientists " who told you you needed to be vaxxed to reduce your chance of death

Al ? he gets his opinion from politicians and political entertainment preference "News " shows that are not "real "journalists" The COVIDIOTS are lucky to have survived but I cant say that we are

Scientific American

Another way to think about the protection vaccination provides is to compare the ratios of death rates among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. For the month of March, “unvaccinated people 12 years and older had 17 times the rate of COVID-associated deaths, compared to people vaccinated with a primary series and a booster dose,” says Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service commander Heather Scobie, deputy team lead for surveillance and analytics at the CDC’s Epidemiology Task Force.* “Unvaccinated people had eight times the rate of death as compared to people who only had a primary series,” suggesting that boosters increase the level of protection.

It is also important to consider the ages of those who are dying. People 65 and older make up the group that is both the most likely to be vaccinated (and boosted) and the most likely to die of COVID. (Being older is one of the biggest risk factors for severe COVID because the immune system weakens with age.) So when you separate the age groups, it becomes even clearer that vaccination reduces the risk of death. And because immune protection from vaccination wanes with time, and because some older people do not mount a good immune response to the primary series, being boosted reduces that risk even further.
woody marvel 1
Tony Cecchi 3
Purser KAREN onboard alert.
Greg S 12
Since the "no brakes on Russian western jets" story, I'm treating every story from aeroexplorer as bullshit until proven true. This one even sounds like bullshit.
srobak 4
Part of the problem is that the OP (Dan Mena) looks to be an agent of aeroexplorer. With the 160 squawks he has posted - all of them except for one has been a link to an aeroexplorer article.

This is of course a site that has no reporters of their own, is not attached to the industry in any way and only reprints articles from other sources.

He is either a stakeholder, an employee or otherwise involved where he is making money off the clicks and ads on the site. Might be time to get FA involved.
This was originally posted on reddit (r/United) over the weekend. Below is the update post from the original poster.
Greg S 1
Thanks for the link, I bit more inclined to believe the story after reading this.
Eric Rindal 2
Clearly the lead had claimed the extra meal and was pissed when it went to a passenger:)
lakemountain 2
Who knows what inspired the cabin supervisor to behave like this, but the thing that concerns me is whether they are level headed in an emergency. Will they treat all humans as equal or will we have a "Titanic" situation where 1st class is given preference over steerage, etc.
Well, that's overstepping a bit too much. Oy!
John Preble 2
It's another example of our current overall society, and a Shame it is. During my business travel days I worked up the Delta chain of frequent flyer status and perks with one being that on more than one occasion where some SNAFU had occurred, a gracious FA would slip me a mini Jack Daniel's. ho ra !!
Debbie Travis 4
Purser was out of line and should be public ally reprimanded. The status is not a “free perk”. That passenger spent a lot of money with United and they profited accordingly. Some flight attendants are just power hungry. I’ll bet the nice flight attendant was written up. Shame on United. Terrible brand
David Jensen 2
I haven't flown United or American in 40 years and have no plans to change. Paying more and expecting more is a recipe for disappointment and frustration.
coinflyer 2
Paywall clickbait BS
James Simms 6
Gee that’s funny. I’m not paying for anything & I can see it just fine.
Alan Glover 3
It's called advertising.

It's permitted in a free country.

Except as already noted, this one's free to read.
s s 2
And the moral to the story: it never happened.
cw cl 1
Typical United. Awful airline.
woody marvel 1
guy, good reporting
stratofan -1
I work in the auto biz, and deal with customers daily. Some are great, some are downright obnoxious! Especially, the ones who start off on the phone with their FULL name like they are some kind of GD royalty. I suppose that we are suffering from Gen Millenial that have grown up,LOL! and feel they are entitled to most favored status. FYI, you are just one of many. and the needs of many outweigh the needs of the few. OR THE ONE!
laundryczar 12
I'm genuinely curious. Why is starting off a call with your full name obnoxious? I was always taught to introduce myself and then use Mr./Ms./Dr./Capt./etc. for the person until I am told otherwise, either directly or indirectly and whether they used the same with me or not.
What man I missing?
Charles Henry 7
Agreed. I always give my name and who I work for during the day and just my name and ask how their day is going if in the evening or on a day off.
Tim Dyck 3
When callin any company I start off by giving my name and then the reason I am calling. That is not obnoxious it's just good manners to let the person on the other end know who I am.
David Restrick 0
This is Non-News. Who cares about manicotti? This is gossip, not aviation news.
Bill Overdue -1
Why is this "news"? Wokeness, gone amok!


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