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Ground Agent Injured After Falling From A320 Doorway

A ground agent attending to a Transnusa Airlines flight at an Indonesian airport ended up in the hospital after falling from the door of the Airbus A320-200 aircraft. ( More...

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Larry Toler 6
While pushing a pallet onto a C5 from a K loader, I almost fell between the two onto the ramp. The loader wasn't close enough to the aircraft and we were in a hurry. I learned a bit more about safety that day and luckily none of us got hurt. Falling from an A320 is a pretty good drop. It goes to show that if one isn't paying attention or using faulty equipment, bad things can happen.
Dale Ballok 3
That’s very true!
chugheset 6
As a former agent, I think I'd rather fall from the loading bridge than take the blue shower.
Neil Ward 4
I'm glad they put a big red ring around the poor guy, otherwise I would never have seen him !
Andy Cruickshank 6
Being an Airbus at least there was a door attached to the aircraft. I hope he was not badly hurt and recovers quickly

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ChrisMcNeil 2
See the FAA report of a similar incident earlier this year:

RE: FAA Disclosure AAE-EHL-20230627-082

FHWISE2C <[email protected]>
Jan 4, 2024, 8:47 AM
to me

Dear Christopher Mcneil

The FAA’s DFW CMO completed their investigation of your allegations in case AAE-EHL-20230627-082. The investigation substantiated that a violation of an order, regulation or standard of the FAA occurred related to jet bridge removed early. Accordingly, the FAA is taking appropriate action to address the matter.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Federal Aviation Administration | Office of Audit and Evaluation | Washington, D.C.
Dale Ballok 2
One of my fellow rampers decided to jump from the cargo door opening, since the belt loader had already been moved away from the plane.
opening, since the belt loader had been moved away. Unfortunately, his foot got caught in the webbing of the door net that was hanging down, upsetting his jump, and making him land awkwardly, hitting his head in the process. He had a severely broken leg, and a head injury. He ended up having to retire after his recuperation.
Thank you Mr. Mc Neil , here’s someone who understands.

Like I said , The Ramp Agents Are the safety of Airplanes on the ground.

Use of radio communication, Wing walkers ,loaders , pushbacks and guidance of Aircraft’s To the gates.

Keeping up with bad weather conditions, rain , snow and fog at odd hours and Exposure to jet fuel and other hazards.
Unpredictable accidents can happen at anytime on any type of Aircraft’s.

Ramp and crew members are trained, equipped and taught the risks of what can happen if one is not Alert or Follow the rules exactly.

We have seen many unpredictable incidents and injuries on jet bridges, A/c doors , stairs leading to the Tarmac
And Around engines .

Our big shoutout and appreciation to our dedicated Ramp Agents who must of the time do not get credit for their outstanding job.
ChrisMcNeil 3
I agree; and I apologize if my post made it look like the ramp agent did something wrong. In the incident that I witnessed, the flight attendant gave the ramp agent the thumbs up, indicating the captain had approved retraction of the jet bridge - without that actually being the case. The flight attendant had been preoccupied by a humorous video he was watching on a smart phone at the time. The captain was not pleased. So I echo the shout out in support of the ramp agent.
Dale Ballok 3
There ya go! Lack of awareness and attention got someone hurt. (Luckily not critical)!
MmJan Coopman 2
Looks to be another example of technology initially supposed to be helping us actually harms us many times.
godutch 3
Damn unsafe A320's...don't fly on them they are dangerous. (sarcasm intended)
Nooge 1
goboeing ....made in America
Peter McGrath 1
The ground guys pushing the stairs away is reminiscent of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown! With friends like those guys, you don't need enemies!
Dale Ballok 1
Ya, except the ground is a lot softer, maybe, and closer when standing, than a paved area, and that you’re standing about 15’ above!
I over heard Many times over the radio Airport Communication The Ramp Manager saying: “ Today is going to be a good day”( with operations ) That Can be heard by Customer Service and Airport.

As you know The daily shift for the “ Star Flights “ begins with a Briefing.
( A star Flight is The first Flight of the Day, That cannot be late otherwise All the flights will be late day that )

Eventually, Safety is Always mentioned first .
Daily plans, flights and strategies are discussed And gates are Assigned.

When a passenger or a traveler book a flight or Arrive at the airport , 99% of them do not realize the work and the dedication of The Ramp Agents, they only notice an Aircraft is at the Gate.

It’s a Race Against Time., They do not like Ramp delays So, The Ramp Agents are there before anyone to prepare provide , Protect and Support The crew for a successful “ good day today “
It cannot be done without The Ramp Agents.
No Ramp no Flights .
“ please prepare for Take off “
Garry Nielsen 0
Look before you leap!

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Roger Anderson 12
Learn to read.

7th paragraph "Unfortunately situations like this are slowly becoming more commonplace on the ramp, and can be fatal in some cases. In April 2023, a security agent working for Air Asia lost his life in similar circumstances."


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