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Texas Governor Flies 120 Migrants to Chicago to Protest Federal Immigration Policies

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made a controversial move by flying migrants to Democratic-led "sanctuary cities" in protest of the Biden administration's handling of the border crisis. The first flight, carrying over 120 migrants, landed at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport (ORD) on December 19. This came just a week after the Chicago City Council passed new regulations for receiving buses transporting migrants, prompting accusations that the flights were a direct… ( More...

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Colin Seftel 4
This is not an aviation topic. Let's keep politics off FlightAware.
Chris Maguire 3
Excellent - you elect liberal officials who give "the bird" to conservatives ... well, now, be liberal, embrace the results .... be caring & sharing - shoulder your share
linbb 1
Great idea as TX and other boarder states cant afford Bidens failed policies on immigration. So let those blue states take up the slack. And so far nothing about where all of these illegals are going to find work either. But ever where they end up will be a huge burden on the US taxpayer. Thats already taking place. Biden needs to somehow think but old Slow Joes behind the scenes string pullers dont keep him up on those little items.
Well said.
Send them all to NY CA & IL!!
If all the blue states say to welcome them than let them bear the brunt of all the illegals, why should all the border states deal with them & there crime.
btweston -7
Wow. You’re dumber than I thought. And I thought you were really dumb.
Please enlighten us all as to how my comment was dumb?
I think it’s prettty simple.
Brian Freeman 1
I'd much rather see these flights go southbound for about 2000 miles.
btweston -5
This is disturbing behavior. The people of Texas (and Florida) don’t want leadership. They just want to be mean to brown people and make it someone else’s problem.

crbascott 6
Trash is someone that thinks that all “people of Texas (and Florida)” think the same. Such simple mindedness and generalization is disturbing behavior indeed.
Most migrants are not brown.
You’re just a hater.
We all love our true real leaders who don’t play favorites or politics.
Just try to put yourself in their shoes for a few days and see all the migrants trampling thru your lawn/farm- you would be pretty happy to send them to the people who want them here.
It’s very simple, there is no life for migrants in Texas but in NY they get free healthcare, license free housing etc.
belfer70 0
Is still parked a Quantas A380 at DFW? 😏😁


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