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How data unlocks huge benefits in the aviation industry

From the inner workings of an airport and the surrounding airspace to passenger data and the information going back and forth from the flight deck to the airline operations center, the connected aviation ecosystem runs on data. The continuous flow of data is vital for driving progress in aviation. Technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics play a crucial role and enable experts to collect, monitor, and analyze vast amounts of aviation data worldwide. The power lies not just in… ( More...

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avionik99 1
Just seems like we have all this high tech data gathering systems and nothing to do with it so we create a fake need for it. Want to reduce boarding times? Stop all carry-ons except what fits under the seat in front of you! And that took zero bytes of data! Gate locations get changed all the time for reasons these systems cant fix or predict. Its like drug companies that create a disease that never existed before tells people they have it really bad then sells them a very expensive drug to cure that so-called disease!


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