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Thousands of flights are delayed or canceled following severe storms

Thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled Tuesday following a round of severe storms that hammered the eastern United Sates. More than 330 flights were canceled early Tuesday, with another 1,400 delayed, according to data from FlightAware. It’s a significant improvement from Monday when 8,200 flights were delayed and 1,600 were canceled. Delta Air Lines has 100 cancellations, roughly 3% of its schedule, and another 226 flights were delayed Tuesday. New York’s LaGuardia is the most… ( More...

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sparkie624 1
Oops... Guess Delta Stock just dropped... After what they did to Pinnacle.. No Compassion on Delta!
people to be sure,are and will be upset about cancellations and delays..they always are..after all of these years,you would think passengers might just understand the airlines DO NOT MAKE THE WEATHER PATTERNS AS THEY ARE,but they do try to be safe and not fly in or close to severe storms of any kind,whether its a blizzard,a hurricane,a strong thunderstorm,or front,or other non weather related things like a saharan dust cloud or a volcanic eruption!i once had a lady say to me,well its not stromy here,why cant we leave..i tried to explain the severe weather between where we were located and the destination and she wouldnt hear it..just wanted to be irate!i would prefer safe than sorry and a delay or cancellation any day to a pilot having to divert or attemmpt to fly through serious weather!!


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