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Kalitta Air 747 from Anchorage veers off Ningbo runway

A Kalitta Air Boeing 747 freighter operating from Anchorage (ANC) has veered off the runway on landing at its destination in Ningbo, China earlier today. ( More...

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Sean Awning 1
She didn't quite clear the only RWY so the airport was closed and several flights diverted.
Stuart Barkley 1
Didn't a Kalitta 747 break apart after overrunning a runway in Brussels?
Sean Awning 1
Per wiki, 2008 May 25, Kalitta Flight 207, N740CK B742, on a "technical stopover". Engine #3 ate a kestrel and failed during take-off, RTO decision above V1, ran out of runway and headed downhill. Poor bird!


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