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Seattle Times (no paywall): After 4 tough years, can Boeing break through the clouds?

Production is slowly rising to meet that demand, and Boeing is hiring 300 to 400 machinists a month to gear up. It recently reopened its third MAX assembly line in Renton and is preparing a fourth in Everett. ... One central strategic decision is whether Boeing should get to work on an all-new airplane or instead keep a head-down focus on churning out existing jet models. ... With many tiers of its supply chain still shattered by the pandemic, parts shortages are delaying Boeing’s planned… ( More...

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Richard Phelps 6
Focus on the existing product lines to regain corporate strength then focus on new and innovative improvements. Otherwise you will likely run out of cash and it'll be too late to turn it around.
Michael Stansfield 3
Paywall for me.
Ron Slater 2
Try this link.
Ichiro Sugioka 1
I had no issues accessing this article. Thank you!
wx1996 1
No paywall but they want you to disable all your security so they can spy on you and sell the data. They call is advertising!

Why do they need to track my mouse movements and read all the cookies on my machine?
matt jensen 4
Why - because they sell all data. Use Brave browser instead
Sean Awning 2
I'm not sure why you get that. I have adblockers and cookie blockers and other security, and I don't get those messages. If there's an alternative, clean source for the story, and it routinely picks up these stories, let me know and I'll try to make the links more accessible. Thanks for the feedback!
bdarnell 3
Same here. Would not let me see the article without turning off adblocker or subscribing.
Sean Awning 2
Sorry for that. I suppose it's not worth posting here, then.
avionik99 2
You do not get those messages, most likely because your blockers are not working.
trentenjet 0
Boeing will go bankrupt soon and will have a new ownership watch the storm
linbb 0
Thanks for playing now go back to work instead of surfing.


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