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Japan and Australia's Plans for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel is growing in popularity amid ongoing plans by the aviation sector to decarbonize. Japan and Australia are cooperating to expand the production of SAFs. ( More...

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Larry Toler 4
I'm all for less pollution and new technologies for us to live comfortably. To demonize ourselves over resources Mother Earth or God gave us is ridiculous.
Jackson Franco 6
There is no climate crisis. Thousands have not been forced to live underwater due to rising seas. Thousands have not been killed by giant hailstones nor warm ocean currents nor even receding glaciers. The climate fascists have taken power and are costing the rest of us $$$$. There is enough oil to make jet fuel for hundreds of years. Stop the lies.
linbb 2
How true it is a chunk of ice covered rock called earth slowly heated, created oceans has re froze and thawed again covering cities. Yes things are melting yes the oceans have risen some but thats earth and its weather patterns. We have no idea that there will not be another ice age like was predicted just a few years back. Right now there is more snow falling than in years where there has been an ongoing drouth.
linbb 0
And at what cost? And will there be enough to sustain current levels of jet travel? When will it come on line with proof of concept? One not far off from where I live in Oregon never got finished and was sold unknown if it will ever work.


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