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Global Warming Could Result In More Turbulent Flights

A new study predicts that instances of clear air turbulence will increase over the next few decades as a result of global warming. ( More...

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patrick baker 3
soon the frequency and intensity of clear air turbulance will necessitate new seats. Ones with enveloping folds and straps for legs, waist and chest and head designed to prevent expulsion from the seat during extreme bouncy events. Passengers will be willing to comply with "remain in your seats with straps and seatbelts on" as the publicity of the photos of Lufthansa in eastern united states and the reported death of the lady in the private jet not far away from Lufthansa become the first of many such incidents. If anyone is a foolish to deny climate change, how about explaining clear air turbulance in an increasing number of occurences.
linbb 0
Wow and since its been colder this winter in many places in the US and this was in the winter months not summer how can it be from warming? Yes the climate is changing and has been before records were kept and will keep on no matter what. We could in the future have it change to a cooler one again just like in the past.


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