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sparkie624 5
This is truly a bad event that happened and was preventable based on this report. Pray for the Family, especially the children who are now fatherless... this needs to be a lesson to everyone who works around A/C, Small and Large... If you get in the wrong place around them, they can be just as lethal as a loaded gun! I think that it is a good example and reminder to everyone about being Complacent... Aviation is a very dangerous industry if you don't pay attention - Sending Prayers to the Family.
Highflyer1950 10
Small point but I think you mean “motherless”. Tragic in every sense. May seem to be a moot point but sometimes in wearing headsets for noise protection, one forgets to keep one’s head on a swivel and eyes wide open, especially around the business end of a jet engine.

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djames225 8
Sometimes, thou few and far between, you have some very intelligent responses. This is not 1 of those times
"The dummies who got wacked by them were broken and couldn't be fixed is the reason and this proved it." SMH
godutch 6
All it takes is being in a hurry, trying to do a good job, and a bit of inattention resulting in a needless death. Sorry for the family's loss.

linbb, you're a heartless AHole.
Shenghao Han 1
I saw a video on YouTube, appears several years ago another American Airlines E170 sucked a cone into the Number 1 engine, very similar to this incident. That ground crew was lucky only the cone was sucked in.


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