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Close call between 2 planes at JFK

he Federal Aviation Administration announced it is starting a probe into how a commercial airliner taxied in front of a flight that was taking off from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport Friday evening. ( More...

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sharon bias 20
All the technology in the world can't replace a good set of eyes. Hope American reimburses Delta for the costs incurred by the delayed flight.
Greer Kemp 7
...and probably the replacement underwear!
...and brake linings!
Greer Kemp 9
Apparently, some confusion there - AAL106 was supposed to cross 31L at Kilo and then go to 4L as its departing runway, but instead crossed 4L at Juliet.
The controller was very professional as were the pilots - despite the error - as they all worked to avoid a collision.
Joe Keifer 7
But by the grace of God.
gene Larson 7
The released audio seems to point directly at AAL106 as the culprit. Clearly were told to cross 31L on Kilo and they proceeded on Juliet to cross 4L. I was surprised 106 was able to go ahead and depart after a chat with the tower.
ScottCurtis777 6
And because AA106 was allowed to depart, the CVR recording, that probably would have shed some light on how they ended up at 31L instead of 4L as instructed, was lost
Michael Hamann 1
I agree with ScottCurtis777, they should have saved the CVR tapes! The read back by AAL106 was not very clear in the tower recording; she may have read back incorrectly!
victorbravo77 7
ATC Audio:
Paul Koscheka 7
What is concerning is that the AA Boeing, involved in a Runway Wrong Surface Event, actually took off for its scheduled flight to London. What state of mind were those pilots in, was safety further compromised?
Charles Ensley 3
It was always more dangerous taxing around then it was flying in my 40-year flying career. They started the sterile cockpit procedures around the late 80's to help with ground safety. Stuff still happens and always will. Had a plane cross our active runway at San Diego after we had already touched down. Slammed on the brakes in the MD-11 and kept it in max reverse since it was too late for any other action other than aiming for the grass. Lucked out. Ground had given the other plane a clearance to cross the runway.
Close don’t count. We drive down the hwy by the millions at 65 mph meeting oncoming traffic at 65 with 3’ separation.
srobak 6
apples and t-bone steaks
Dale Ballok 5
But with a lot less than a couple hundred passengers!
Nick Lutwyche 4
And often a horrifying lack of traffic control!
D Rotten -5
Is the pilot one of those 'lets lower the bar'/'bottom of the barrel' new hires??


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