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Lufthansa returns five additional Airbus A340s to service to add more First-Class seats

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — Lufthansa, the largest airline in Europe, is bringing back five more parked Airbus A340 quadjet aircraft to service in order to address a shortage of premium seats on high-demand international routes. ( More...

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Good news for this large, elegant and Amazing aircraft. LOVE the A340-600. Remind me last years flying with LH, Virgin Atlantic and Iberia. Welcome again magnificent A340-600. Danke Lufthansa!
Sensible decision; re-using reliable assets which are partly (or fully?) depreciated, with the space, quietness and comfort which passengers expect and hope for. Always struck me as a very elegant airframe.
Good news for this large, elegant and Amazing aircraft. LOVE the A340-600. Remembering last years flying with Virgin Atlantic and Iberia in the past years. Welcome again magnificent A340-600. Danke Lufthansa!
Andrea Gentilini 2
In my opinion the A340-600 is the most aesthetically beautiful plane ever built by Airbus.
Elliot Cannon 3
Just the right amount of motors for long distance/over water trips.
SkyAware123 1
When was the last time a 2 engine plane crashed due to having only 2 motors over water ?
SkyAware123 1
With less than 300 seats it makes no sense compared to widebody twin engine planes.
But I guess if you have the plane and it's been paid for I guess it will do in times of sudden demand.
SkyAware123 1
It might be that they need that capacity and have nothing else in storage. Ordering will take years.


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