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Boeing applies for FAA certification to fix 787 paint peeling issues

Boeing applied for FAA certification to fix the 787’s paint peeling issues affecting the aircraft’s wings and horizontal stabilizer. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been suffering from paint peeling issues for some years due to ultraviolet radiation exposure... ( More...

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jeff slack 7
Clearly, there is a problem.

Kudos to Boeing (in this instance) for being proactive and stepping up to the plate and admitting a problem; unlike its Euro counterpart, which thinks everyone is being difficult.
David Ingram 0
The wing photos showing all the tape remind me of all the patches on the carrier based planes in the 60's in SEA. No time to replace sections. Slap some tape over the holes and put it back in service.
Jaime Terrassa 0
make sure that you put good strong gorilla clue
Proactive? This has been an issue for years and Boeing is finally admitting to the problem.
After all the press and the lawsuits they are finally doing something besides duct taping the wings...
Stefan Sobol 2
Airbus has the same problem on their composite aircraft. Qatar airlines is suing Airbus because of this problem.
D Rotten -4
When one cannot even get PAINT right!! There is no way I'd ever set foot on a plane. I stopped flying when they started making people take off their SHOES! NO THANKS! My FREEDOM (and LIFE) is worth WAY more than a plane ride.
harold smith 1
Enjoy the walk. Cars have problems also


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