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Alaska Airlines places the largest Boeing aircraft order ever in its 90-year history

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Alaska Airlines announced today it is exercising options to purchase 52 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for delivery between 2024 and 2027, growing the airline's confirmed 737 MAX fleet from 94 to 146. ( More...

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Owen Grzanich 10
Good for them
EMK69 9
Great news
Michael Ragsdale 3
Great airline. Happy for the crews.
satfromak 3
I remember their 1st jet. A Convair 880M. 1959, They started pilot training in Spenard, Alaska at my aunts' catering room.
Joel Rugeno 2
Leander Williams 1
Kudos to Alaska Airlines for returning to an all Made-in-the-US fleet. No offense to Airbus, but American-owned and operated airlines should fly AMERICAN PLANES on domestic routes. Our economy wouldn't be so bad if our businesses would stop subsidizing foreign industry.
bob elmar 1
30% of Boeing parts come from overseas, perhaps you should do some research before posting:

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John Ward -5
Speculate to expand, but, this is a bit over the top!
James Cox 7
They're retiring the Airbus so they gotta replace it with something.
Peter Fuller 3
Yes, and Alaska might also be planning to replace some of their older 737 NGs with MAXs.


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