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Southwest CEO Shares Some Bad News for Passengers

While customers have come back and covid's impact has receded, the discount airline still expects some turbulence ahead. During the early days of the covid pandemic, airlines went into self-preservation mode. Flights were slashed, employees were furloughed or laid off, and the entire industry went into a sort of hibernation. Southwest Airlines (LUV) - Get Southwest Airlines Company Report handled the unprecedented situation better than most of its rivals. It avoided layoffs but did see a… ( More...

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mary susan watkins 3
southwest was formed under the premise of being a low cost/low fare carrier ,and at the time flew only in has "morphed" over the years from "the little airline that could",to a major competitor in the aviation industry,and their fares are NOT the cheapest as their route structure has grown,they have added to their fleet,and just expanded in general..a lot of people have "loved" southwest because they liked the "folksy attitude,friendly service,no bag charges,etcetera..that has gone by the wayside..
patrick baker 3
many have not noticed, including the author of this blurb, BUT, southwest is no longer a discount carrier, and their service has slipped quite a bit over the last year in particular.
Geoff Rowe 1
Their service offerings has slipped A LOT. I’ve recently had the misfortune to fly two trips with them and there were issues on both.


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