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Small Plane Crashes Into Marietta, Ohio Car Dealership

The accident sparked a fire that took 30 minutes to extinguish ( More...

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James Simms 6
Link to ATC:

DracoVolantis 3
Thank you. Also this one with some commentary as to conditions, probable causes etc.:
Tom Bruce 5
small plane accidents common... get attention when one crashes in an unusual location or an unusual situation. ... worked tower at So Lake Tahoe for a couple of summers... crash every 2 weeks.. usually Sunday PM departures with density altitude 9500..turb and downdrafts over last third of runway....
Tom Bruce 3
oh...and they seldom made the local news...let alone major media
mary susan watkins 5
how tragic..the news reports said the pilot was coming in for a landing and they were close to the
Jack Textor 4
So sad…
Ren Babcock 4
Probably icing. From all reports the aircraft was in excellent shape with updated avionics and mechanically sound. The pilot on board was professional and experienced. The air temps were right and aircraft was slowing for the approach. But we shall see in about a year what the experts say.
SmittySmithsonite 2
3 years, with the way our government works.
James Simms 1
From my understanding, the entire flight from Columbus was in icing conditions
Leander Williams 2
I wonder if sometimes those conditions in icing develop so fast the pilot doesn't have time to react.
John Taylor 2
Sad story but at least it wasn't another major food production facility.
Paul Miller -9
RIP to both on board. The Aircraft was I noticed a 1974 model, and I wonder just how much had happened to it over the past almost 50 years or so?
David Rice 4
You would have to check the aircraft logbooks to see the extensive list of maintenance items addressed at each of the past 50 annuals presumably done to that aircraft. Paul, I'm sure you're a nice guy, but perhaps you don't know that aircraft have extensive annual inspections in order to be legal to fly. The fact that it was a 1974 model likely had NOTHING to do with the accident, but of course, we don't really know yet.
David Rice 4
And yes, in case anyone else is wondering...I felt the need to post my comment below after spending several thousand dollars on my annual inspection YESTERDAY (1979 C182). Ha!

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Adigun Samuel -4
Ouch 🤕


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