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REGENT Seaglider Achieves First Flight

This is a quarter-scale demonstrator of a float, foil, fly technology. It's explained in this Twitter thread:[er/status/1572556301762449410 but the basic idea is that it's a seaplane with a hydrofoil to achieve stable flight, and forced lift with distributed electric propellers. Once in the air it uses ground effect for economy of operation. If you run out of electricity, you just land on the water. Sure, you're stranded, but at least you're… ( More...

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coinflyer 1
I didn't understand the purpose of the thin black appendages that popped into view after the craft became airborne. My immediate impression was that this would cause a lot of drag underwater.
hal pushpak 1
Those are the hydrofoils (as in a hydrofoil boat) except they retract.
hal pushpak 1
(retract in the air, that is.)
coinflyer 1
Ah. But unlike other hydrofoils I've seen, this vessel never seemed to rise fully above the surface to ride on the hydrofoil itself while it was in the water. It only became apparent when the thing actually took off. But maybe it was the angle and spray that kept me from seeing it...
linbb -4
Wow just like the Rusans tried and didnt work out another dud to invest in.
Russ Nelson 7
Well, clearly, since you can see this one flying, "didn't work out" needs more details before I'll believe anything you say.


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