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Wizz Air set to resume flights to Russia

Wizz Air has announced it will be resuming flights to Russia starting in October... ( More...

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Bob Hamilton 14
Wizz Air does serve many cities in western Europe. These are countries that are concerned about Russian aggression not just against the Ukraine but also against them and their neighbors.

These are the nations that should ban Wizz Air flights if they are going to fly to Russia. And they should do it soon.
klicker 19
Money before morals, well done for giving Russia some good news. I hereby cancel my Wizz Air loyalty membership and would rather walk than board one of their craft again. Irrelevant if it is a subsidary or not.
klicker 10
Surprising that there were few comments when Turkey was talking about bailing out a Rus airline so Russians could holiday in Turkey. That's Turkey off my list, too.
gerald williams 0
Excellent Virtue Signaling!!
Guy Rovella 7
What would you know about virtue?
Caelin Orekoya 0
I bet you know everything about virtue
patrick baker 21
wizz air wants to fly to russia, well then, our government ought to deny them landing rights in the united states, and if our allies have any backbone, they would deny landing rights everywhere in the western world to Wizz, an fair name for this kind of operation. If we wish to pretent that we want to keep Russia as a world pariah, then do exactly that.
Torsten Hoff 19
>> our government ought to deny them landing rights in the united states

Wizz Air doesn't fly to the United States. What the United States could do is sanction Wizz Air, which would impede their ability to do business and also prohibit US citizens from flying on the airline.
Matt West 5
It's not the "True" Whizz Air. It's a subsidiary based out of Abu Dhabi "Wizz Air Abu Dhabi" and will only fly from the UAE to Russia.

The regular airline will still not be flying there.
George Bowen 5
I will definitely not be flying Etihad or Emirates as they both overlook Russia's slaughter of innocent men, women and children. All in the name of profits. Totally immoral people 😡😡😡
Leander Williams 4
I smell a rat. If Wizz is going to start flying to Russia, somebody better start inspecting some of the cargo on these passenger flights. I suspect Russia will be plying them with cash and Vodka to move contraband aircraft parts.
Tim Dyck 3
People may find this appalling but they should remember that the western world is not the whole world and many countries still do business with Russia.
Robert Laskoff 1
if we buy their oil[UAE] then why should we allow them to fly to Russia. Bet their will be a lot of black market Boeing and Airbus parts plus a few GE and P&W engines.
Caelin Orekoya 0
It's a big world people; many countries will choose to continue to do business with Russia within the context of their own relationship with Russia. Besides, the UAE is a non-aligned nation, so they do not take sides with either Russia or the West, and frankly, we need that factor as well in this big, complex world.
Leander Williams 2
It doesn't matter if the UAE is non-aligned. They still have flights coming to and from America and other countries that have sanctioned Russia. If somehow it is found that some of those non-aligned countries are providing middleman service to Russia for aircraft parts on Western aircraft, those sanctions could be extended to include THEM.
Tim Dyck 1
Remember that due to oil the USA needs the Arab world so getting into a pissing match with them will not turn out well.
Leander Williams 2
Apparently, you haven't been keeping up with the latest news. The top three producing nations (identified by the EIA [Energy Information Administration) in 2021 were the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Russia.
Tim Dyck 1
Well you won’t be buying from Russia and if you piss off UAE their cousins in Saudi Arabia will cut you off so you better hope you have enough domestic production to cover the shortfalls.
Leander Williams 1
Unless the US oil industry goes on strike, why would we need to import from the #2 & #3 producers?


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