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Engine maker Rolls-Royce reuses spare parts amidst supply chain crunch

British engine maker Rolls-Royce is repairing and reusing spare parts in light of supply chain issues that are causing issues for the aerospace industry. ... A lack of spare parts is already impacting airlines. Latvia-based airBaltic revealed on August 3, 2022, that six of its Airbus A220s are unable to fly because regular maintenance can’t be carried out. ... ( More...

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Kevin Keswick -1
Confusing article. How does supply chain issues affect the A220? Last time I checked the A220 C-Series has PW engines.

Notice they don't mention the cause of the supply chain issues? Titanium is a critical material in the manufacture of jet engines and who are the main suppliers of Titanium? Russia, China, and Ukraine!

No doubt the US engine makers will be facing the same "supply chain issues" since the US is also dependent on Russia, China and Ukraine for Titanium.

Really bright idea to start a proxy war between Ukraine and Russia while ramping up tension's with China. The west is going to be paying a very high price thanks to the ambitions of people in Washington D.C. with names like Blinken and Nuland. We haven't seen the worst of it! Buckle up!
bentwing60 0
We may rest assured that Bombardier, Dassault and GWhiz aircraft will have no interruption in service!


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