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Pilot rescued from small plane after it crashed into ocean near Huntington Beach pier

The pilot of a small plane has been rescued after crashing into the ocean near the Huntington Beach pier Friday. The crash occurred around 1:50 p.m. in Huntington Beach near 14th Street. According to the FAA, the single-engine Piper Cub crash was being investigated. Video posted to social media showed the plane tugging a banner behind it as it plummeted into the water. ( More...

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Lee Withers 2
Journalist at work again. Writer: The plane plummeted into the water. Witness: The plane glided into the water. Video shows a nice glide for “landing”.
Dave Mathes 1
...yea, you don't 'plummet' into the water dragging a banner...saw that happen in Daytona a number of times...gotta watch the altimeter instead of the binoculars!....
jbermo 1
A local newspaper reported that some of the rescuers later went to shower off the resulting jet fuel.
George Wilhelmsen 1
Jet fuel? In a Cub?
John Taylor 2
There aren't enough Cubs left for people to be crashing them into the sea. Pity.
bentwing60 2
About the most cheaply restorable airplane in existence.
bartmiller 0
Not a Cub. Had a radial engine.
Rob Wilkinson 1
Not a radial engine...definitely a Cub...
N204TA 1
Yep! N3666K, a 1946 J3 Cub.
bentwing60 1
Why didn't he jettison the banner?
Gary Justus 1
The banner tow line appears to have held tail preventing a total tip over. Why is "experimental" on fuselage if it's a J3 Cub?
Gary Eldridge 1
I think it says "RESTRICTED". Not sure what that means.
Gary Justus 1
Oops. You are correct. Thanks.
The FAAsays:
A restricted category special airworthiness certificate is issued to operate aircraft that have been type certificated in the restricted category. Operation of restricted category aircraft is limited to special purposes identified in the applicable type design. These special purpose operations include the following:

Agricultural (spraying, dusting, seeding, and livestock and predatory animal control).
Forest and wildlife conservation.
Aerial surveying (photography, mapping, and oil and mineral exploration).
Patrolling (pipe lines, power lines, and canals).
Weather control (cloud seeding).
Aerial advertising (skywriting, banner towing, airborne signs, and public address systems).
Any other operation specified by the Administrator.
Mike Williams 1
The pilot may do what I would do-stay away from all airplanes for the rest of my life.
That pilot may even get a desk job somewhere with the employer. Oner's Son?
EMK69 0
Glide'er Inn....................great little dive with a major history of landing in that area. Back in the good old days you could put it down on PCH and take a snip or two then fly off. Miss that little dive it was one hell of a bar.


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