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Alaska Airlines orders eight new Embraer E175 jets for operation with Horizon Air

FARNBOROUGH, U.K. — The U.S. full-service carrier Alaska Airlines announced plans to grow its regional fleet with an order of eight new additional E175 jets and options for 13 more. The E175 aircraft will fly exclusively for Alaska Airlines under a Capacity Purchase Agreement (CPA) with Horizon Air. ( More...

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Yassine Cherfouni 5
Eventually, it is a matter of choice and different opinions to fly or not fly the E-175.
As long as the crew and passengers are safe when landing at a the destination.
avionik99 4
"All guests flying on the E175 will enjoy a window or aisle seat."
That will be awesome!
George Scholes 3
That's exactly the way the E-175 is configured now in coach, two seats on each side, in first class it is 1 & 2
George Scholes 4
Oh dear, I hope Alaska saves a Q400 just for you. It's so quiet and comfortable 😙
George Scholes 1
oops, meant to reply to Elaine below.
Ed Crist 3
My hope is one of the first routes will be between EUG/SEA so I won't have to fly on those crappy Q400 any more. I know there are Delta jets flying that route, but we have more miles with Alaska. Come on Horizon, grant my wish.
fireboy63 1
I’m with you! We are just starting to see our Q400’s replaced with the 175s on the PSC/SEA route. Same as in Eugene, Delta has been flying the 175s out of here for quite a while already, and I usually fly with them for that reason…but if Horizon is going to do more 175 ops out of my airport, I’ll go back to them!
J.J. Reed 3
Personally, I don't mind the E-175 even on long legs (i.e. SEA-ANC or FAI). I guess its just a matter of individual preference.
Elaine Scop 3
I am not normally a complainer but I just can't help myself after flying in this plane several times.

I hate the Embraer E-175!

I moronically paid for first/business class, I need to stretch. 2 knee replacements. Not like we can walk around anymore.

This plane is so loud you can’t even hear the announcements.

The seats are extremely hard and uncomfortable.
I need some padding on my seat. Felt more like sports car seats.

Tried both the 2 seat side and single seat side.
Maybe okay for a 1 hour flight but no more. Not good when stuck in the plane for 3 hours which is not unusual these days.

I am happy the airlines love it, so many have ordered them.

I don't.

I will avoid whenever possible but the more there are of this plane, the harder it will be to avoid.

The seat placement IS great just need better seats.
Michael Dendo 4
Elaine Alaska has one of the nicest / newest fleets in the air. With that comes these new horrible interiors that look nice, weigh less (fuel saving theory) and are generally not that comfortable. Welcome to the new passenger creature comforts. Still better than a Q400.
paul trubits 3
Piedmont replaced their Dash-8 with E-175 out of KSBY. Wanna fly in a Dash-8 instead?
Bryan Opalka 1
I don't think Piedmont flies the E175... you might be thinking of the E145.
paul trubits 1
My bad!
John D 1
I think of it as a regional workhorse, literally riding on a horse. With you on the knee-replacement issues too.
Jeffrey Magnet 1
That's because the US unions rejected the Embraer E2 175. Newer and quieter. The Scope Clause did Embraer in along with Boeing's lobbying (l0l). Boeing supposedly has the Max -7 coming out. Embraer should have thought about that. They "assumed" it would be approved in the US.
Peter Fuller 1
Scope clauses haven’t been modified to allow regionals to operate the E175-E2, the Bombardier CRJs are out of production, and the Mitsubishi Spacejet program is effectively dead. That leaves the first generation E175 and the slightly smaller E170 as the only scope-clause-compliant regional jets now in production.

Embraer has a monopoly for now in that market segment, the monopoly would continue even if scope clauses were changed to allow the E175-E2. The problem for Embraer, still recovering from being left at the altar by Boeing, is that demand for all its Ejets, E1 and E2, is anemic.
Michael Dendo 1
Confused here. My research and understanding is that Boeing was going into a $4.2B acquisition of Embraer to get into this market and compete against the Airbus/Bombardier joint veture. That fell apart due to COVID and the Max grounding which both created a cash issue. This clearly has nothing to do with Boeing being reactionary and in fact, that acquisition under the circumstances could have thrown the company into BK.
Dan Chiasson 1
Sounds like another example of Boeing being in react mode and not leading. Sad.


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