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Mexico fails revision to regain FAA category 1 status

Mexico has been trying to regain FAA category one status since being downgraded to category 2 (the FAA’s lowest category) in May last year, with the FAA citing that the country does not meet International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety standards... ( More...

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EMK69 2
Yep and once again they are coming out to inspect our RS. We currently hold an RS license with them. Amazing they pick us apart yet the FAA passes me with flying colors.
btweston 17
I can tell you’re upset about something, but I don’t know what that is.
Scumhook 1
He seems to be upset about being passed?
Maybe he's a sentient kidney stone?
Fred Toombs 1
AIFA AND AICM don't have enough budget, Mexico's president has mental problems

[This comment was deleted.]

Larry Doench 2
Brian - that is unfair. Uvalde had nothing to do with Hispanics and everything to do with the On Scene Commander not doing his job, partially due to lack of information. Hispanics are a great addition to our country.
Martin banos 1
Uvalde was among Americans so what is the connection?
Brown skin and Hispanics names?
Doris Fankhauser 0
Pero ni mantenimiento le dan al AICM Y EL AIFA no cumple con los mínimos!


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