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VivaAerobus A320neo Almost Departs From Taxiway At Chicago O’Hare

A VivaAerobus flight almost departed from a taxiway at Chicago O'Hare after the pilots confused it for the runway. ( More...

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victorbravo77 6
VAS Aviation on Youtube has the ATC/AC conversation.
Cleffer 2
Thanks for posting.
Greg S 3
The good news is that taxiway N is very long, like 10k feet. They could easily have taken off in that distance!
Bayouflier 4
Sure, as long as nobody was using it to taxi.
Michael Yentzer 3
This is a training issue or a distraction issue by the flight crew. My experience is that all run ways are clearly marked at both end with the Run Way Compass heading, in this case 22. Also when you turn on to a run way and line up you always should check with both the Magnetic Compass and Gyro Compass and the Run way to see that everything matches. And Then the White Stips marking the end of the Runway. The entire Airline's Flight crews should be sent back to Ground taxing school to get refresh with taxing especially at major Airports where the Taxi ways can get confusing.
jwmson 2
Another foreign airline I would never fly.


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