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Zelensky Wants To Build Second An-225

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky says he wants to see a partially built An-225 finished to replace the one destroyed in fighting in Hostomel early in the war with Russia. It will cost about $800 million to finish the second aircraft, which has been stored in good condition since getting to about 70 percent complete in 1994. In a speech to students, Zelensky suggested the country can’t afford to not build the aircraft. “But in this case, it’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of ambition,”… ( More...

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mthompson218 32
It's callsign should be "Phoenix".
william baker 1
Now I want to watch that again. Curse you lol. JOKING
pjhhonda -5
Not funny and rather idiotic comment.
sparkie624 15
I look forward to seeing this, or another AN225, maybe they will update to current Avionics and call it an AN-225a
Ben Bosley 31
It's a national icon for them. It would be like if the Statue of Liberty got destroyed, we would rebuild it.
sparkie624 18
They almost can't afford not too... Not Rebuilding it would be a Victory to Russia!

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Leander Williams 7
No doubt they should rebuild the AN225. Then I will be able to in my lifetime have seen them both.
And the can name it mriya завершено. [dream completed]
ADXbear 21
Yes of course. It's an aviation icon and represents Ukraine, I look for to seeing her.
Andrea Gentilini 6
I hope they will rebuild it, it's an iconic aircraft.
Jawaralal Melvin 9
Ukr has a proud heritage in aircraft design and production. Russia wil have to pay for all damages. Lofus a sheguba.
Marco Murbach 3
Let’s hope that they can finish the second one. In my function as employee for the Swiss gouverment I had the chance to visit the first one at zurich airport.
o 艹 8
That's great! I hope an225 will come back to life soon! Looking forward to its return to the blue sky!
Michael Dendo 4
Great ambition - so long as the US taxpayers aren't footing any portion of the bill.
redsquare44 2
Obama and the State Department sponsored a gay film festival in Russia in '13, so any anything's possible without taxpayers being the wiser.
Jim Costello 0
No, that is a heart over head approach. Uncle Sam could sell some of those well used C-5M Super Galaxies to Ukrine instead as the cost of maintenance and spare parts would make the operation of that unfinished An-225 prohibitive. Getting a certificate of airworthiness might prove elusive if not impossible.By the way there is still no such thing as 'a free lunch'.
lynx318 9
Some loads will only fit in the AN225, that's why it existed.
Andy Cruickshank 2
I recall years back that Caterpillar shipped some large bulldozers on the AN225 oddly enough exported to Russia
I remember that - did they not leave the area of Peoria IL @ the Cat factory?
sparkie624 1
They should have delivered them to/over Moscow from 41,000 feet!
Leander Williams 4
Why would the US need to send C5's to the Ukraine when they already have the C5? It's called the AN124. There is not an aircraft in production in the world that can match the hauling capacity of the AN225. The closest competitor would be a freighter version of the A380. And I believe the A380 is never going to be retrofitted. The cost would probably be not far different than building a totally freighter airframe.
srobak 1
It's already happened - somewhat in one case, and is in process in another, courtesy of Lufthansa
srobak 4
They have their own copy of the C-5 - the AN-124, and plenty of them. What the US needs to do is start returning those C-5s to service, and I would go so far as to say start building them again.
Jesse Carroll -5
Unless you are a Bemocrat!
Everything is free for them!
garritt 2
no...... only free to the poor & the billionaires..
Harry Venison -4
It's better than being part of the Religious Alt Reich.
steve humble -4
He just got a $40B handout so of course he does
Andre Gervais -4
WTF, I thought this was an Aviation site! What's with all the political crap? Wake up America, smell the Avgas!!
Andre Page 6
Some may have "smelled" a little too much??? ;-)
srobak 4
you do realize this is literally about the largest aircraft of all, right?
jmilleratp -2
This site is close to becoming 4chan. No moderators or anything. Almost sounds like what Musk's version of twitter will be.
sparkie624 6
Everyone is a moderator... Note the Down votes makes it disappear at -10!
srobak 7
yes - free speech and everyone is allowed to have their opinion. how AWFUL!
RECOR10 -1
Poor baby. Did words hurt your wittle feewings? Who needs a safe space? I will send you a stuffed unicorn to soak in tears.
Harry Venison -2
Yeah, I'm guessing you guys don't have a PS3. I'm guessing you're more of a wooden horse with a wig kind of family.
Harry Venison -4
Because every change the Alt Reich gets they have to spew their hate, no matter the forum.
SmittySmithsonite 3
Name calling. The leftist's M.O..

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Dunno. While a waste of our money, they are the modern Vietnam. Plus, they SMARTLY gave guns to everyone with a pulse.
Jimbo Bleyer -2
Incorrect. Ukraine doing just fine and the US is acting in its own best interest. The only thing that needs propping up is what’s left of your cranium.
jmilleratp -6
"Best interest" = Shoveling out tens of billions for a proxy war against Russia. Pull your head out of your backside. If you can.
Patrice LLavador -6
He wants to land on the Moon, and next year go to Mars.
srobak -2
that's elon musk, you twink

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RECOR10 -8
Why, we can call 46 and if he is conscious he can offer to send a check and then beat someone up...then ask for Metimucil. Seriously, WTF does your TDS have to do with a big plane? Seriously, it is a mental illness for about 50% of the US population (in general, symptomatic only to undereducated degenerates).
srobak -4
Yeah - Brando loves giving our money away.
Dale Ballok -6
Dale Ballok -3
Good one!

[This comment was deleted.]

srobak 2
riiiight... because that is what the soviet state has time, money or interest in doing.... sending keyboard warriors to "troll" an aviation discussion forum.

do you even listen to or read your words as you speak or write them?

or are you just in that camp of anyone whose opinion doesn't align with yours is a troll or foreign agent?

smmfh... lol
paul trubits 0
Actually that is what Russia along with China, North Korea and Iran are doing. See Kevin Keswick's post. How hard would it be to post comments about the usefulness of an An-225 and whether from an Aviation standpoint it should be rebuilt?
srobak 1
In doing that would accomplish what exactly for any of those three countries? Nothing. Exactly.
Harry Venison 1
Blame Faux News. They feed them their daily fix of BS & lies. They live in fear of everyone coming to get them every day, can you imagine.
sparkie624 -2
language Please! Young eyes view these posts as well.
Dale Ballok -4
They wouldn’t be in this predicament if some Einstein didn’t have the ability to foresee this huge, national icon as being a ripe target, and arrange for it to be moved!
srobak 8
We've been over this already, and repeatedly so. It landed on Feb 5 and was undergoing schedule C maintenance - and an engine had been removed. When tensions started ramping up - obviously people's priority was to start getting prepared at home, or getting their families to safety. Not an airplane.

Lives and families should never be trumped by an aircraft. No matter which one.
Arne Heins 4
And how would you genius have moved it? Carried on your back?
It wasn’t ready to fly, otherwise they would have evacuated it, as they did with other aircraft.
Dale Ballok 2
The report was it was in need of a fourth engine, which someone suggested could have been swapped out with a dummy unit for weight balance. The report also stated someone in charge of maintenance logistics was fired over not trying to arrange to move it.
Dale Ballok 0
I don’t see the correlation between moving an airplane and what people are doing in their homes.
Chuck Pergiel 0
What do you mean? It has been flying all over.
Jan Strömbäck 6
It was under maintenance, some of the engines where removed, just check the pictures that is all over the net. But humpty dumpy russian military can't aim straight and just had to destroy it, I bet they didn't even know what it was. Like the US military blowing up one of the few remaining Lamborghini LM002 that the "kids" thought was an Iraqian bad copy of a HuMVEE!
sharon bias 1
Always wondered about that, since the Russian army began building up equipment and staff starting in March 2021. When did the plane start its maintenance cycle?
Jan Strömbäck 2
It landed there on the 5th of February, so I guess they where well on their way to refurbish it on the 24th of February when Putin did the unthinkable.
Andrew Vlasenko -9
It's just a words. Of course it's impossible. That aircraft was made in USSR. But now that "Dream"-"Mriya" is ruined and decommunized..
No, you're wrong
srobak 1
flatly false information
Patrice LLavador -2
Absolutely right.

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btweston 8
Uh… cool, Vlad. You’re, like, clever.
Cleffer 6
You're correct to be vigilant about such things as it's hard to imagine Ukraine coming up with $800m for a single project with no assistance. However, it's very easy to point fingers regarding corruption. Perhaps we should start with our own government and clean up our backyard before pointing out the dog crap in our neighbors.
Jim McGlynn 6
I think you are underestimating Ukraine's economy.
Last year, Ukraine produced about 33m tonnes of wheat, of which it exported about 20m tonnes, making it the sixth-largest exporter globally.6 May 2022
That's just one of the items they export, there are plenty more.
redsquare44 1
800M would be .5% of Ukraine's GDP. Sounds steep.
Matt West 6
Care to elaborate as to how Times #1 person of the year is a crook? Seems quite the opposite to me given how well Ukraine is doing as pushing out Russia.

But, back to what this site is about, I think building a second one will show the world that Ukraine is rising from the ashes...literally.
srobak 3
Yeah - try counting how many times Time has put a crook or outright degenerate on the cover of their magazine over the last 10 years..... you and your family will run out of fingers and toes.
Dale Ballok 1
And that statement has exactly what to do with a destroyed airplane???
srobak 1
about as much as the post I replied to does.... so.... yeah
Jimbo Bleyer -2
Funny, I didn’t see your mother’s pic on the Time cover.
srobak 2
That's because she's been dead and gone for will over a decade, you inconsiderate asshole lobbing personal attacks.
David Beattie 3
Boy, the pot calling the kettle black. You’re the one who called the Canadian guy a “twink” because his name did not sound macho enough to you.
srobak 0
wow are you misguided. I could give a damn less where he is from or what nationality he is, what his name is (I actually didn't even read/notice the name) or how "macho" or not it sounds.

Apparently you hold repressed bigoted thoughts in thinking that word has any connotation for someone's nationality or machismo. That's pretty sad for you to be like that.

I simply was looking for a slightly nicer way to say the commenter I was replying to was being a fucking dumbass - but hey, I guess we will do it your way, instead.

SmittySmithsonite 2
Didn't Time Magazine feature Hitler as "Man of the year"?
More important things than a plane...seriously...maybe a grocery store would be a good start. Sewage plant?
Greg S -1
Russia will be made to pay. That means a pay cut for you.
lynx318 0
Stop Trolling
Jim Costello 0
Look all 'ye conoscenti' we all know about the smaller fleet of An-124s' but I admit not knowing Ukraine had a C5 look alike and yes wasn't it great that the destroyed An-225 was alone able to lift that electric generator from Germany to that Australian town which badly needed it urgently. My point is do we really want to encourage and promote Russian design in aviation? I'm for total support of Boeing and Airbus, leaders in aviation in the 'free world'. (remaining free because of their other 'defence products')
srobak 4
While the AN-225 is Soviet-era funded - it was Ukrainian designed and built - and literally has been/became that country's "Statue of Liberty". The only thing people related of that aircraft to Russia is the fact that it carried the Buran many years ago and that Russia destroyed it.
Jim Costello 0
I respect and would defend the views of those who wish to see that yet to be completed An-225 proudly flying in Ukraine livery but on a strict basis of the economies of scale I would bet my latest Charvet shirt off my back that Santa Claus will not be leaving all that cash in President Zelensky's stocking next Christmas to further his ambition.

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Matt West 10
OK “Vlad”. Putin needs to send you back to school so you know how to hide your obvious biases.
rmchambers 3
garritt 2
the village idiot told me that 4 days ago WOW !
lynx318 3
Dude is just a troll.
Kevin Keswick -5
What most people don't realize is it wasn't Russia that destroyed the AN225 - it was Ukraine! In the early days of the war Russian forces took control of the Antonov airport. Ukraine shelled the airport to repel the Russian troops and in the process bombed the hangar the AN225 was in.

The AN-225 was the pride of the Soviet Union. Putin would never deliberately destroy such an iconic. You can blame Zelensky and the neo-Bolsheviks Victoria Nuland and Antony Blinkin who prodded him into war with Russia.
srobak 2
those bullet holes are not from artillery shells. there is actual footage from the combat on & around the field - which clearly shows commie soldiers firing indiscriminately in all directions, and using RPGs, grenade launchers, tanks and mobile rocket platforms wrecking the place. After it was obvious that it had been overrun and destroyed - yes, ukraine used artillery to push them back out.


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